If human beings were born hundreds of millions of years ago, it might have been an interstellar civilization. Why didn’t it happen?

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The earth is a living planet, is the home of human survival, but also a very rich resource planet. Life on earth was born billions of years ago, but intelligent life was born millions of years ago. Many people don’t understand why human beings were not born hundreds of millions of years earlier? If mankind had been born hundreds of millions of years earlier, it would have been a powerful interstellar civilization by now.

Is that true? It may disappoint many people. If human beings had been born hundreds of millions of years earlier, there might not have been the current development of science and technology, and it might not take long to disappear. The reason is that the earth does not have enough resources for human development. I believe many people know that human daily life and development are inseparable from resources. Before human beings go out of the earth, the only resources we can use are the non renewable resources on the earth.


Where do these resources come from? I believe many people know that they all come from the earth’s long years of change. As we all know, the earth has experienced five mass extinctions in billions of years. Some people may think that mass extinctions are unfortunate accidents. But if you study it carefully, it’s not that simple.

The earth was born 4.6 billion years ago. In fact, the newly born earth is very poor and does not have the rich resources now. Later, comet impact brought water to the earth, and asteroid impact brought part of mineral resources to the earth. However, these resources are far from enough for the development of civilization after the birth of intelligent life.

So nature gave birth to life on earth very early, and these life became an important source of resources after the birth of human beings in the future. Why do you say that? I believe many friends know that in addition to gold and other precious metal resources may have come from the early planetary impact, other resources such as coal, oil, natural gas and so on are all evolved from the geological activities of the earth. An important part of this evolution is life.

In the early days of the earth, a large number of trees and vegetation appeared. Later, all of these vegetation turned to the bottom of the earth in geological activities. After a long time of change, they have become an important resource of coal that we use now. Where does our abundant natural gas resources come from? In fact, they are also gaseous hydrocarbons produced by the long-term deposition of paleontological remains underground, through slow transformation and metamorphism. The reason why these ancient creatures can come to the bottom of the earth is that the violent geological activities brought about the mass extinction of organisms, and then the remains of these organisms were turned to the bottom of the earth.


At present, the most widely used petroleum resources are similar to the formation of natural gas, which are related to ancient organisms. It can be seen that five mass extinctions have taken place on the earth in billions of years, which is not so simple. They may be arranged by nature on purpose to enrich the earth’s resources and create favorable conditions for the birth and development of human beings.

Let’s imagine that if human beings were not born three million years ago, but hundreds of millions of years ago, then coal, oil, natural gas and other resources did not exist. After the birth of human beings, nature may not launch the mass extinction event, otherwise human beings will also follow the extinction, and the significance of the birth of human beings by nature will not exist.

If mankind had been born hundreds of millions of years ago, there would have been nothing but precious metals and other mineral resources at that time. Some people may say that without coal, oil, natural gas and other resources, human beings will not starve. Yes, even if human beings were born hundreds of millions of years ago, there were also other rich creatures on the earth at that time. With these rich animals and plants, human beings would not starve to death and could survive and develop.


However, without these resources, it will be very difficult for human beings to enter the road of science and technology. Even if they are forced to enter, because there are no abundant available resources, a lot of theoretical research is limited to fantasy. For example, some scientists have proposed various technologies, but to realize these technologies, coal, oil, natural gas and other resources are needed. But now without these resources, no matter how good the theory of technology is, there is no place for it.

The result is that human beings will be in the handicraft age for a long time, and can not really enter the era of science and technology. Some people will say that if we can’t enter the era of science and technology, we can’t enter it, as long as human beings can survive and develop stably. But in fact, when the number of human beings is increasing, without resources, all kinds of problems will arise.

I believe you can see that although there are scientific and technological reasons for the destruction of the earth’s ecology, the more important thing is the substantial increase in the number of people. This is the inevitable result of a certain stage of civilization development, and the number of people will only increase. With the increase of population, more resources are needed to survive. At the same time, the exploitation of resources will aggravate the destruction of the earth’s ecology.

Therefore, at that time, even without science and technology, the ecological environment of the earth would still be worse and worse. With the development of science and technology, there is still hope for mankind. When the earth can’t survive, we can go out of the earth and emigrate to other planets. But if there is no technology, we can only nest on the earth, with the continuous deterioration of the ecology and eventually die out. This is destiny.


Therefore, it is not a good thing that the earth was born hundreds of millions of years earlier. On the contrary, it will strangle the future of mankind. Human beings may not be able to enter the era of science and technology, go out of the earth, explore the universe, and explore the mysteries of the world. Only when nature has given the earth all kinds of rich resources through geological evolution can human beings be born.

At that time, the resources needed for human survival and future development of science and technology will not be worrying. Relying on these rich resources, human beings can also develop science and technology rapidly, until they can go out of the earth and use the resources of the universe. When human beings have the ability to use the resources of the universe, we will no longer have to worry about the depletion of the earth’s resources.

After reading these, many people may feel that the earth seems to be an intelligent creature? Yes, scientists have put forward the earth Gaia hypothesis that the earth may be a “living creature” with its own earth consciousness. From the birth of the earth to the birth of later life, the occurrence of several mass extinctions and so on, it seems to be a deliberate arrangement, the purpose is to pave the way for the birth of human beings.


After the birth of mankind, we will find that there are fewer large-scale geological activities on the earth, and there has been no mass extinction. Under the expectation of nature, human beings soon entered the era of science and technology and developed into space. At this time, the earth’s resources are also facing the problem of resource exhaustion, but human beings are not worried, because before the earth’s resources are exhausted, we have been able to realize space mining, the use of space resources, and completely get rid of the shackles of the earth’s resources.

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