If human civilization continues to develop, what will the earth look like in 10000 years?

Mankind is the only intelligent life on earth. Since its birth millions of years ago, through continuous evolution and development, characters appeared 5000 years ago, marking that mankind has moved towards civilization and formed human civilization.

After the formation of human civilization, and after thousands of years of development, hundreds of years ago into the road of scientific and technological development, with the help of science and technology, human civilization ushered in a period of rapid development, only about 200 years, all kinds of science and technology continue to appear, people’s living standards continue to improve, at the same time, human beings also began to constantly understand the world, the universe, embarked on the exploration of the universe The secret road.

Human civilization is a miracle civilization with an incredible speed of development. Millions of years of development have led to the formation of today’s scientific and technological civilization. It’s really incredible. You should know that the 65 million year old overlord dinosaur has lived on the earth for 160 million years, and has not given birth to wisdom, let alone civilization. Although we don’t know the development speed of other intelligent civilizations in the universe, we believe that the development speed of human civilization is also very rare in the universe.


With the rapid development of human civilization, tomorrow will be better than today, so some people ask this question: if human civilization continues to develop, what will the earth look like after 10000 years? Some people may think that 10000 years is too long, but for the long river of civilization, this time is too short. Compared with the earth’s 4.6 billion years of development, it is a very short time.

No one knows how powerful science and technology will be in human civilization after 10000 years. However, we can make some bold conjectures through the current development direction of human beings. Human civilization is mainly based on the development of science and technology, so how the earth after 10000 is bound to be related to science and technology. First of all, let’s talk about the life span of human beings.

Since the day of human birth, life expectancy has been increasing with the passage of years. In ancient times, the average life expectancy of people was about 40 years old, but now the average life expectancy of human beings is basically over 70 years old. One of the reasons why human help is increasing is that people are eating and drinking better and better. Another important reason is that with the development of human science and technology, medical technology is constantly improving.

Science and technology can not only change the world and explore the mysteries of the world, but also explore the mysteries of human body. The biggest mystery of human body should be the problem of life span. There is a basic law of life and death, that is, life and death. Whether it is a simple life or a complex intelligent life like human beings, from the day of birth, the future will inevitably face the fate of death. In fact, the life span of human beings is not long in the biological world, and the life span of many animals is longer than that of human beings.


After 10000 years, human gene technology will surely make a major breakthrough, and even all the gene codes of human body will be cracked. At this time, the mystery of human body will be basically understood. At this time, gene technology can change some genes that affect human life expectancy, and human life expectancy can also be greatly improved. Maybe after 10000 years, the average life expectancy of human beings will be several thousand years, and a few people may live long live, which truly realizes the wish of long live of ancient Chinese emperors.

Of course, ten thousand years is not enough for human beings to work out a way to live forever. There are too many mysteries about human life. It may take hundreds of millions of years to challenge the whole law of life. Only by becoming the top civilization in the universe can we really break the law of life and death and achieve immortality.

The second major change after 10000 is the popularization and application of artificial intelligence. After entering the road of scientific and technological development, one of the greatest inventions of mankind is the computer. It is the emergence of the computer that makes a lot of complex data processing simple, and human civilization can achieve leapfrog development. And the development of computer is bound to run through the whole history of human civilization.


Now the computer has developed from mechanical simulation to artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence is an important development trend in the future. And the application of artificial intelligence is very extensive. After 10000 years, artificial intelligence has no difference from human beings except for its own consciousness and emotion. It has entered thousands of households and all walks of life.

Artificial intelligence in the future, just like mobile phones and networks, people can’t do without it. Every family will have an intelligent robot to help us wash clothes, cook meals and do housework. Every company will have intelligent housekeepers, artificial intelligence robots to participate in the operation of the company, and even the company’s top management will also have the participation of artificial intelligence, and many scientific research posts will have artificial intelligence to participate in the research and development.

After 10000 years, human civilization will develop by leaps and bounds because of the popularization of artificial intelligence, and the development speed may be far faster than that of modern times. In the grand cause of human exploration of the universe, artificial intelligence is indispensable. Artificial intelligence has become an indispensable part of people’s life and an important link in the development process of human civilization.

What will be the earth’s environment after 10000? Some people may think that due to the rapid development of science and technology, the ecological environment of the earth has become worse and worse, and it may not take 10000 years for the earth to be suitable for human survival. Is that true? Maybe the final result will not be so pessimistic, now the earth’s ecological environment is really getting worse and worse.


The reason why the environment is getting worse and worse is that the rapid development of human science and technology requires a lot of traditional resources and energy, such as coal, oil, natural gas and so on. These resources and energy in the use of the process will produce emissions, greenhouse gases, they will continue to damage the earth’s ecological environment. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, the traditional resources and energy have been unable to meet the scientific and technological development of human civilization.

In the future, there will be more efficient, clean and high-energy resources and energy, such as controllable nuclear fusion, which scientists have been studying. If it is realized, the traditional energy will be replaced by nuclear fusion, and the application of nuclear fusion will not produce any polluting gases, so it is a very clean energy. It may take more than 100 years for human beings to realize controllable nuclear fusion technology.

When controllable nuclear fusion is widely used by human beings, the process of ecological deterioration of the earth will stop. As time goes on, the earth’s ecological environment itself has the ability of self purification and regulation. As long as there are no pollution sources, the ecological environment of the earth will continue to improve, and the earth will be a more beautiful planet of life after 10000 years.


After 10000 years, the human civilization has entered the interstellar age. After the realization of controllable nuclear fusion, the nuclear fusion engine will also appear, which can make the speed of spacecraft achieve hundreds of times of improvement. At this time, human beings have the ability to leave the solar system, and can realize the dream of exploring the extrasolar sky.

Of course, in terms of human energy after 1000 years, controllable nuclear fusion is not the strongest. The realization of controllable nuclear fusion may be more than 100 years away, and thousands of years will be enough for human beings to take controllable nuclear fusion technology to a higher level. After nuclear fusion, antimatter is another direction of energy research.

After 10000 years, antimatter energy also began to be used in space exploration, and the speed of spacecraft has been able to achieve sub light speed, infinitely close to the speed of light. At this time, the journey of human interstellar exploration will begin. Although infinitely close to the speed of light is very fast, but in the face of the vast universe, it can only be regarded as tortoise speed.

Even so, the scope of the universe that human beings can explore will be greatly improved. A hundred light-years near the solar system has become the expansion goal of human beings. At this time, the new earth suitable for human survival is constantly discovered, and the life planet and alien civilization are also constantly discovered. Human beings have begun the road of interstellar colonization.


10000 years seems to be a long time. In fact, in front of the whole universe, this time is too short. Human civilization can be greatly improved, but it is far from the real dream of space exploration. Ten thousand years of development is not enough for mankind to realize the dream of exploring the entire galaxy. To achieve this goal, the speed of the spacecraft needs to exceed the speed of light. It may take hundreds of thousands of years or millions of years for human civilization to study and explore this technology itself.

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