If human science and technology develop rapidly, what will the earth and human beings look like in 1000 years?

Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth. Although the earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, the birth of human beings is only millions of years. For the whole history of the earth, this human time is nothing at all.

Although the time of human birth and development is not long, the development speed of human civilization is amazing, especially after entering the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago, human civilization ushered in a brilliant scientific and technological civilization, and began to go out of the earth to explore the universe and explore many mysteries of the world.

In fact, the real explosion and development period of human science and technology is only a hundred years or so, to be exact, only 70 years or so. Such a short period of time can make such amazing achievements in human civilization. We have to say that the power of science and technology is really powerful. So someone put forward such a scientific theme: if human science and technology can develop steadily and rapidly, what will the earth and human beings look like in 1000 years?


Someone once discussed what human civilization will be like in 10000 years or tens of thousands of years. In fact, it’s too far away for us. The longer the time cycle is, the more difficult it is to predict the direction of civilization. For example, people in tens of thousands of years will not think what human civilization will be like now. However, if the time cycle is shorter, we can still predict the trend of human science and technology and the development of civilization.

1000 years is a very long time for people. Based on the average life span of 100 years, 1000 years is the development of 10 generations of human beings. But for the earth, for the universe, it’s just a moment. In fact, time goes by very fast. A centenarian will feel as if his childhood was yesterday. In the blink of an eye, a hundred years have passed and his life is coming to an end.

So how far will human science and technology develop in 1000 years? Some people have fantasized that since human science and technology are developing so fast, in 1000 years, human beings may have become the overlord of the galaxy or even the universe. For these people’s fantasy, Xiaobian can only say: you think too much, this is impossible.

Only when people walk out of the earth can they realize the vastness of the universe and the insignificance of the earth. So is it possible that such a vast universe can only be human civilization? Of course, it’s impossible. Although human beings haven’t discovered alien civilizations yet, we can’t deny their existence. Moreover, scientists firmly believe that alien civilizations exist.


Since the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago, the history of the solar system is only 5 billion years. Scientists believe that 8 billion years after the big bang, the universe began to stabilize. At this time, the universe had the conditions for the birth of life, so life began to appear in different corners of the universe. Some planets first gave birth to life, and gradually evolved into intelligent life, and then step by step out of the planet and began to explore the universe.

If so, there may be a powerful civilization that has developed for hundreds of millions of years in the universe. Such a civilization is beyond human imagination. Has such a civilization become the overlord of the universe and mastered the ultimate mystery of the universe? Not necessarily, the universe is not only vast, but also more mysterious. To uncover the mysteries of the universe, we need scientific strength that we can’t imagine, nor can we develop for thousands or tens of thousands of years.

From the universe back to the earth, human science and technology development is only a few hundred years, rapid development is only a hundred years. Although some achievements have been made, in the face of the vast universe, human science and technology have not been able to land on Mars, mine in space, and go out of the solar system to explore the outer space. Therefore, human science and technology is still very backward, we have not become the real master of the earth, at least in the face of the power of nature, human beings are still weak.


Once upon a time, some people divided the civilization level of the universe into four levels. According to this level, human civilization is now at most level 0.7, not even level 1. Depending on this standard, first-class civilization means that it can use all the resources on the parent planet to become the real master of the planet, including the power of nature.

The development of human beings depends on energy. There are many kinds of energy on the earth. We can not use all of them, such as combustible ice, volcanic energy, wind and rain energy.

Human science and technology are constantly developing. In 1000 years’ time, earth shaking changes will also take place in the earth and human beings. At that time, mankind may have become a first-class civilization and the real master of the earth. All the energy on the earth is used by us. For natural forces such as typhoons and earthquakes, we also have technological methods that can be restricted.

One of the most important applications in the world after 1000 years is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is an important development direction in the future. Although it is only at the initial stage and the level of intelligence is limited, artificial intelligence has changed a lot after 1000 years. They are very intelligent and can communicate freely with human beings except for their own thoughts and emotions.


Intelligent robots have also entered all walks of life, into thousands of households. Now we go out, an essential tool is the mobile phone, with mobile phones can travel all over the world, food and clothing do not worry. But after 1000 years, people will take intelligent robots when they go out. Their appearance is no different from that of human beings. They can not only protect our safety, but also have all the functions of computers, such as online shopping, chat and payment.

Thousands of years later, the earth is an intelligent era, and people’s living standards are getting higher and higher. Although a lot of work is done by intelligent robots, most people are not idle and have no work to do, but are very busy. The reason is that human beings have entered the space age.

After 1000 years, controllable nuclear fusion has been very mature and applied, which brings about the emergence of a large number of spaceships. At that time, human beings also initially mastered the gravity system, which can make spaceships have the technology to simulate the gravity of the earth, so the era of space exploration has come. Controllable nuclear fusion has changed the speed of the spacecraft, which may have been able to fly at sub light speed.


With the ability of sub light speed flight, the solar system has been unable to meet human exploration, and has been able to go out of the solar system to explore some nearby galaxies. At that time, due to the depletion of the earth’s resources, human energy needs to be obtained from space. Space mining became an important work for people. Many companies or individuals would go out of the earth, go to space mining or other exploration missions.

After 1000 years, Mars was transformed into a beautiful blue planet by human beings, and some human beings migrated to Mars to live, becoming the second livable planet for human beings. Isn’t the world beautiful after a thousand years? Although beautiful, human beings will feel crisis and insecurity. The reason is that alien civilization was finally discovered by us and began some contact.

When human beings have the ability to go out of the solar system to explore exoplanets, the discovery of alien civilization is not surprising. There is only human civilization in the solar system, but other galaxies outside the solar system may also have human intelligence civilization. The more we know about the universe, the more we will feel small. Especially when we learn about the division of galactic civilizations from alien civilizations, we will understand that human beings are so small.

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