If human science and technology develop rapidly, what will the earth look like in 1000 years?

The earth is a life planet rich in species. After five mass extinctions, human beings were born. It was about 2 million years ago that humans began to separate from apes, began to live on the ground, began to walk upright, and the brain was constantly developing and evolving.

With the continuous improvement of human intelligence, civilization began to form. This process has gone through more than one million years. It can be seen that the road from birth to development is full of all kinds of hardships. In such a long time, human civilization did not develop much. The real period of rapid human development was the industrial revolution millions of years ago, when science and technology first came into people’s view.

With the rapid development of science and technology, human civilization has also ushered in a period of rapid development, especially the development of science and technology in the past 100 years. I believe that many people over 40 should be able to truly feel the changes that the development of science and technology has brought to our lives. It can be said that science and technology in the past century is changing every day. If you don’t contact with the outside world for five years, you will be disappointed If you are out, you will be eliminated by this era.


With the rapid development of science and technology, human beings have realized the dream of flying to the sky. They go out of the earth and begin to explore the extraterrestrial world, explore the alien civilization and explore other unknown planets. I believe no one can know the extent to which human science and technology can finally develop. We can’t predict the distant future, but what about the next thousand years?

A thousand years is a very short time for the development of a civilization, so someone asked this question: if human science and technology continue to develop, what will the earth look like in 1000 years? Although we can’t predict all the development of science and technology after the millennium, we can still predict some relatively clear science and technology.

First, the comprehensive application of artificial intelligence. The greatest invention of human beings in the era of science and technology should be the computer. It is the powerful data processing ability of the computer that helps human beings realize the rapid processing of data, so that human science and technology can develop rapidly. Now the computer has entered all walks of life, whether it is daily life or aerospace, are inseparable from the computer aid.

The update of computer is very fast, and computer also has an ultimate development direction, that is artificial intelligence. In recent years, artificial intelligence has been developed in an all-round way, and the development speed is very fast. All kinds of robots equipped with artificial intelligence, big data statistics and other applications have begun to appear, and artificial intelligence will become more and more intelligent in the future, and will enter thousands of households and all walks of life.


After 1000 years, artificial intelligence is much more powerful than today’s artificial intelligence. At that time, artificial intelligence already has considerable intelligence, which can help people do a lot of things. In addition to having no emotion and own thoughts, it is almost the same as a person. It can help us process data, chat with people normally, and even participate in scientific research.

Intelligent robot, an important carrying tool of artificial intelligence, has become a fashion. You can see the figure of intelligent machines in various industries, especially the beauty intelligent robot, which will be more popular. Not only the receptionist of each company is the beauty intelligent robot, but also every family will have a beauty intelligent robot to help wash, cook and do housework. At the same time, beautiful intelligent robot wife will also become a fashion, many single men will choose to marry a gentle, can do housework intelligent robot wife.

Second, smart family doctors enter thousands of households. Birth, aging, illness and death are the law of life. Although human beings are intelligent life, they still have to follow this law. We can’t escape death, but diseases can be treated by developed medicine. Now that we are ill, we all have to go to the hospital to see a doctor, and then we can prescribe the right medicine.


But in the future of 1000 years, people will not need to go to the hospital for consultation when they are sick. Family intelligent doctors will be more professional than doctors. The so-called family intelligent doctor is actually an intelligent medical robot. Its chip carries the detailed information of all diseases known to human beings, and can scan the human body.

If you don’t feel well, you can let the family smart doctor scan to determine what’s wrong with you and give treatment advice. You just need to apply medicine or take other treatment according to the plan given by the intelligent doctor. Unless it is a need for surgery and other diseases, you need to go to the hospital to find a professional doctor.

The emergence of smart family doctors will make many doctors lose their jobs in 1000 years. At that time, the number of hospitals will be greatly reduced, and the number of people engaged in the medical industry will be much less. Doctors will no longer be very popular. Of course, medicine will always be an important industry. After 1000 years, medicine will be more used to study the potential of human body or the important issues of human longevity. Ordinary doctors don’t need any more, and even most of the technology is provided by intelligent medical robots.

Third, with the great development of space industry and the rapid development of human science and technology, the ultimate goal is to explore the mysteries of the universe. After 1000 years, the space technology has made a major breakthrough. With the mature application of controllable nuclear fusion technology, the nuclear fusion engine has been manufactured, which can make the spacecraft fly at the speed of sublight. In this way, human beings can finally fly out of the solar system and explore the world outside the solar system.


And every corner of the solar system, because of the sub light speed spacecraft, can be very easy to explore. At the same time, Mars has also established a base for human survival, Mars transformation has also made significant development, and a part of the earth people have migrated to Mars. At the same time, space tourism has become a popular tourism project. With the establishment of various space travel airlines, ordinary people can also go to space tourism exploration, and even go out of the solar system to explore other galaxies.

With the great development of space industry, human beings have discovered the existence of extraterrestrial life. Now scientists have speculated that there may be life on several planets in the solar system, such as several moons of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It’s just that all of these extraterrestrial life may exist underground or in the thick ocean under the ice. Human science and technology can not be further explored.

But 1000 years later, it is not difficult for human science and technology to go deep into the earth and explore beyond the thick ice layer, and the discovery of natural extraterrestrial life is also natural. Of course, there is no alien civilization in the solar system, which can only be discovered when humans go out of the solar system and explore other galaxies.


There is also a possibility that, 1000 years later, after mankind stepped out of the solar system, it finally came into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and the two sides also established a friendly interstellar friendship. With the help of extraterrestrial civilizations, mankind’s development of science and technology is faster, and perhaps the speed of light flight can be realized soon, so that the scope of human exploration will be wider and more extraterrestrial civilizations can be contacted.

These are just some of the changes that will happen to the earth in 1000 years. In fact, there will be many more changes. In a word, the earth after 1000 years is bound to be very different from what it is now. For example, there is no comparability between ancient times and modern times 1000 years ago. In the same way, the earth will be very different in 1000 years. For example, in the aspect of ecological environment, because chemical energy is mainly used now, the pollution is more and more serious, and the earth’s ecology is also constantly damaged.

But 1000 years later, human beings have already realized controllable nuclear fusion, which has completely replaced the traditional chemical energy in the past. Nuclear fusion is a completely clean and pollution-free energy. Without pollution sources such as chemical industry, the earth’s ecological products will naturally continue to recover, the temperature will gradually return to normal, and the scene of birds singing and flowers fragrance will appear around us again.

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