If humans encounter asteroids 65 million years ago, will dinosaurs disappear or survive?

There are many threats to human survival on the earth. Throughout the history of the earth, we will find that there have been many extinctions on the earth. 65 million years ago, an asteroid fell to earth, and the dominant dinosaur disappeared overnight. Even if we have created modern civilization, we are still unable to cope with large-scale natural disasters. If humans encounter the meteorite of that year, can we survive?


Asteroid impact on earth


In fact, in the long years, asteroid impact on the earth is not uncommon. Even now, there are space debris and asteroids above the atmosphere trying to cross the earth barrier and fall to the ground. The reason why we can survive safely has a lot to do with the protective effect of the atmosphere. When many asteroids pass through the atmosphere, they are burned up because of the high temperature. The atmosphere hinders us from too many potential threats. However, some small planets still break through the barrier of the atmosphere and land on the ocean or in the sand where people are rarely seen However, human beings are lucky.


Although scientists are monitoring the earth’s environment, some fish are coming to the earth. If technology allows, can we avoid disasters by changing the orbit of asteroids? In fact, NASA has the idea that if we can change the orbit of asteroids, or blow them up before they fall, wouldn’t it be for the benefit of mankind?


Can humans avoid asteroids?


In the face of an extremely fast asteroid, if we want to blow up an asteroid, then what we can choose is a nuclear bomb. But nuclear bomb is not a panacea. For human beings, the radiation generated by nuclear bomb explosion is still a potential threat. If there is an accident in the launch process, maybe human civilization will be destroyed once. Even if the nuclear bomb successfully enters space and explodes according to human expectations, the debris from the asteroid explosion is likely to enter the earth. If it falls into densely populated areas, it will cause great casualties.


So even though we are at the top of the food chain and have advanced science and technology, we still have no panacea in the face of natural disasters. However, to some extent, human beings are facing more threats than dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and we will not be more fortunate than them.


What we need to do is to increase R & D efforts, improve the level of science and technology, monitor the environment around the earth in real time, prepare for a rainy day, and deal with these large-scale disasters with a calm attitude. Only in this way can we survive for a longer time and human civilization continue. What do you want to say?

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