If humans fight with alien civilizations, will humans win? These three extraterrestrial weapons are lethal

The law of the jungle seems to be the habit of all creatures. Just as big fish eat small fish and small fish eat shrimps, similar “hegemonic” incidents have occurred in human history. Once backward China was bullied by many countries. Fortunately, today’s world seems to be very peaceful and there are few wars. This is mainly because all countries are focusing on constantly strengthening their national defense forces in order to improve their international status and prevent them from falling behind and being beaten.


There is no doubt that war does not just happen inside the earth. With the rapid development of human science and technology, we have been flying out of outer space to find other life. Although it is not sure whether there is life on other planets up to now, if there is, will they harm us when we are discovered? If there is a conflict between humans and aliens, do you think humans will win? The scientist’s answer is shocking.

The researchers believe that if aliens want to invade the earth, they may have three powerful weapons. First, if one civilization level attacks another planet, their cosmic civilization will at least reach “galactic civilization”, or above the second level. The creatures in the “galactic civilization” will not be restricted by many factors. They no longer rely on the resources on earth, and can produce a kind of man-made object, which can continuously deliver nuclear fusion energy to the planet. This is the so-called “Dyson sphere”.


Now we can see that the level of human civilization has not even reached the threshold of entry, only 0.7. And human beings are very dependent on the earth’s resources, especially those non renewable resources, such as natural gas, oil and so on. So from this point, we can see that human beings seem to be particularly backward, sitting in the seat of being beaten.


Second, aliens are likely to have mastered the exploration ability that humans have been dreaming of, that is, the ability to travel through time and space. We know this technology from many films and TV works. People can reach all kinds of time and places through it, whether in the past or in the future. Therefore, even if humans and alien creatures are lucky to win in the war, they can use science and technology to change the war situation at any time.

Finally, alien creatures may have a skill that makes humans extremely afraid, that is, they can control time and latitude at will. Think about it. Although we live in three-dimensional space all the time, it doesn’t work for alien creatures. They just need to release their fingers to fold up the three-dimensional space, so that humans can easily disappear completely in the collapse of space.


Now, scientists have been studying whether there is life on other planets in outer space, and to what level of civilization it has developed. Although there are no new discoveries yet, if there are real creatures and their existence poses a threat to human beings, how should human beings deal with them?


However, you may think that there are no such aliens, even if they exist, they will not reach such a high level of civilization and possess such amazing capabilities, otherwise they would have come long ago. But maybe they haven’t found the right life on earth yet? If they saw the rubbish in space, they might have done something to the earth.

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