If humans find a low-level alien civilization, what will we do to aliens?

The universe is vast. Although human beings have not found aliens yet, scientists believe that there should be no shortage of aliens in the universe. Maybe our solar system is too remote in the Milky way, so aliens can’t find it here, and no aliens want to come to the solar system. This is a good thing for human beings. We can develop safely and quietly. If we are in the prosperous area of the galaxy, the law of the jungle and the earth wants peaceful development, it will be very difficult.

There may be many civilizations in the universe, and the degree of development between civilizations is different. There are primitive civilizations that have just born wisdom, civilizations that are still in feudal society, and civilizations that have just stepped out of the planet. Of course, there are also advanced civilizations that have entered the interstellar world and developed for more than tens of thousands of years.

When human civilization develops to a certain stage and has the ability of interstellar navigation, we will certainly go out of the solar system to explore the extraterrestrial system. At that time, we may find extraterrestrial civilization. If human beings one day find a low-level extraterrestrial civilization in the universe and they are still in the original society, how will we treat these aliens?


When the civilization develops to the interstellar civilization, it will certainly expand and occupy more galaxies and planets. Some planets may already have civilization. There are only two kinds of policies to treat these low-level alien civilizations. One is to eliminate them without mercy, and the other is to incorporate them through mild means, so that these alien aborigines can serve mankind.

The first one may be bloody, but it is also the most direct way among different species and civilizations in the environment of the jungle. Of course, another way is to adopt a gentle way. In fact, it is easier to treat primitive civilizations. Because they have just evolved wisdom, and there is no such knowledge as space, alien technology, etc. in the civilization system, we can appear in the form of gods, and let the alien aborigines treat us as gods. In this way, it is easy to conquer low-level alien civilizations.

And alien civilizations regard human beings as gods. When we occupy their planet, they will consider it an honor. They will not resist, but will also welcome a living planet with no complaints. And we can give these alien natives some common things of the earth, or even some low-level technology. The alien natives will be very grateful and will never betray.

In fact, this way of colonizing extraterrestrial planets may have appeared on earth, such as the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Research has found that they may have been built by aliens. At that time, the ancient Egyptians regarded these aliens as gods. Until many years after the aliens left, they worshipped them every day, looking forward to the arrival of the gods again. If the alien civilization had intended to occupy the earth at that time, the ancient Egyptians would not have resisted or complained. They would have thought that it was a glorious thing to be occupied by the gods, which was the result of the civilization gap.


In ancient China, there was also the saying of immortals. In fact, this is not necessarily a legend. There may be such powerful creatures in ancient times, but at that time, people foolishly regarded these aliens as immortals and their spaceships as fairies. The description of immortals in ancient myths and legends, we can see an obvious feature is: ugly. The immortals described in myths and legends all look strange, and there is no human appearance at all. Maybe people at that time thought that the immortals looked like that. In modern times, we know much more about the universe. We naturally know that the so-called immortals in ancient times were just a group of aliens coming to earth.

Therefore, in the universe, if human beings find an alien civilization that is still in the primitive society, they don’t need any tough means at all. As long as they show “miracles” to these aborigines, they will regard us as gods, and the planet will naturally be in their hands.

Of course, primitive civilization is easy to fool, but if we encounter civilization that already has science and technology, it will not work. For example, human beings have discovered a civilized planet, and their civilization has reached the level above that of World War II. At this time, we want to use the trick of God descending to the earth to deceive. People have entered the industrial revolution, and naturally some scientists have discovered the universe and learned something about it The real situation, of course, will not believe the so-called God, they will only treat us as aliens, at this time want to occupy the planet, that only take violent mode.


In order to gain a foothold in the universe, we must constantly improve the level of civilization and the scientific and technological strength of civilization. Only with a strong military strength can we defend the garden and expand outwards to lay down a galaxy and a civilized planet. It is believed that human beings will one day become a powerful advanced civilization in the universe and occupy countless galaxies.

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