If humans take cockroaches to Mars, can they survive and produce a civilization?

Xiaobian just saw a topic: what will happen if 100 million mice are thrown on Mars?

In fact, you can know the result without any illusion. If the mouse goes to the surface of Mars, without oxygen, it will absorb carbon dioxide. Second, upon arrival, it will be squeezed by the pressure inside the Martian surface, causing the various organs of the mouse to be filled with gas and finally burst.


It sounds a little scary, but it’s true.

However, Xiaobian is thinking, mice can’t go to Mars, can cockroaches?

As we all know, cockroaches are highly adaptable creatures on the earth. They can be found everywhere, no matter in the wet and dirty sewers or the garbage cans with a lot of bacteria.


And no matter how people kill them, they can not be eliminated, known as the “undead Xiaoqiang”.

I have seen a movie before, saying that in order to develop Mars, the Japanese sent cockroaches to Mars to observe their adaptability.


I didn’t expect that cockroaches had been irradiated by cosmic rays on Mars and mutated. They became bigger than human beings and evolved into human bodies. They looked extremely robust.

When they don’t move, they will stand there in a daze, but the speed of moving is incredible, no less than the mutant of Marvel hero.

And this thing is also the enemy of human beings, wantonly destroy the human base on Mars, and later some people with extraordinary ability to eliminate them.


The cockroaches in the movie have special functions after being irradiated by cosmic rays. What about the real cockroaches? Can they survive when they are put on Mars?

First, the temperature on Mars is very low, with an average surface temperature of about minus 50 degrees Celsius.


Although cockroaches can survive in extremely harsh environment, the surface temperature on Mars is enough to freeze them harder than iron. If cockroaches really enter Mars, adapting to temperature is the first problem to be solved.

Second, there is no water, no food, only mud and stones on Mars.

Cockroaches are omnivorous and can eat almost everything, but mud and stones on Mars can’t be eaten. They have nothing to eat for several weeks, so they may be able to endure.


But if they can’t eat for a long time, cockroaches will either starve and thirst to death, or they will devour each other, and finally they will be completely destroyed. So the second problem for cockroaches to occupy Mars is how to eat.

Again, there is no oxygen on Mars, only carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases.


As mentioned above, although cockroaches may not need to eat for a short time, they still need to breathe. If there is no oxygen on Mars, cockroaches will suffocate and die. And there’s a lot of radiation on Mars, which is enough to kill cockroaches.

Considering the above conditions, cockroaches can’t survive on Mars, let alone produce a civilization.

We should know that civilization is generally derived from intelligent life, and the body of intelligent life is relatively complex, and the requirements for the environment are naturally very high, so the environment of Mars is not suitable for the evolution of civilization at present.

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