If it’s too late for the Antarctic glacier to melt, we should not be vigilant

How do you feel when it comes to Antarctica? Do you think it’s absolutely chilly? Besides cold, it’s only cold.

However, friends who are concerned about the temperature in Antarctica should know that in February this year, Brazilian scientists measured the temperature as high as 20.75 ℃ on Seymour Island, the northern tip of Antarctica.


Yes, you’re right. Isn’t that shocking? This is the highest temperature in Antarctica since the observation and the first time it has exceeded 20 degrees Celsius.

As we all know, Antarctica is rich in resources and has a large area, which has been known as the treasure house of human resources.

Because of the greenhouse effect, the whole world is facing the phenomenon of warming. The gradual melting of Antarctic glaciers is very dangerous for us. Scientists also said: if we don’t be vigilant, it’s too late!


With the continuous development of science and technology, human exploration has also developed into the universe with the progress of technology. However, in our “home”, there are still many areas that can not be explored by human beings.

Antarctica is this place. Although people are full of curiosity about Antarctica, no one can settle in Antarctica for geographical reasons.


With the continuous rise of temperature in recent years, Antarctic glaciers are melting faster and faster every year. This trend is very dangerous. Once the Antarctic glacier melts, the sea level will rise.

If a large area of glaciers melt in Antarctica, the rocks of the Antarctic continent will be exposed to the sun again, and the reflection of solar radiation by Antarctic glaciers will be weakened, resulting in the heat of solar radiation being directly absorbed by the rocks of Antarctica.

On the one hand, it will heat the atmosphere near the surface, accelerate global warming and further degradation of the surrounding ice sheet, on the other hand, it will directly transfer the heat to the glacier which has not yet melted.


It also accelerates the melting of ice sheet, which is a vicious circle of positive feedback mechanism, accelerating global warming and glacier retreat.

What’s more, scientists have also found a phenomenon in Antarctica that should not have happened, that is, there are many ice craters in the east of Antarctica, which are large and small.


How do ice craters form? Scientists say it’s because the frozen lake melts underground and the terrain collapses. This is a signal that the coldest areas on the earth may not be as stable as we think, but they are becoming more and more fragile, and the land where human beings live is under strong threat.

So scientists say that human beings must be alert. In fact, the melting of Antarctic glaciers is closely related to the development of industrial society in the past 100 years.

With the development of technology, human beings have brought a series of problems to the earth. At present, what human beings can do is to protect the environment and not waste resources.


If the ice and snow continue to melt at the current rate, the Antarctic will no longer exist and melt completely in 2040. Once this happens, the laws of nature will be broken.

As the sea level rises, the earth’s center of gravity loses the balance between the glaciers at the two poles, which will lead to a great pole shift, affect the direction of the earth’s rotation, change the path of ocean current circulation, and change the path of atmospheric circulation.


With the redistribution of land and sea, 70% of the sea area will continue to increase. No matter how much, the land area for human survival will be greatly reduced. Human beings are facing the threat of survival, and the consequences are unimaginable.

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