If kidnapped by aliens, how can humans use their technology to save themselves?

Since 2020, there have been many UFO sightings. In history, many people claim to have been kidnapped by aliens. Although human science and technology have achieved unprecedented development, the existence of alien civilization is still an unsolved mystery. Scientists believe that in the vast universe, there are tens of thousands of stars. It is not only the earth that gives birth to life. In other areas that cannot be detected by human beings, there may be highly developed alien civilizations. If alien civilization really came to earth and kidnapped human beings, how can we save ourselves?


There was once a couple kidnapped by aliens


There is such a case of alien kidnapping in Canada. At that time, the couple was on their way home at night when a dazzling white light appeared in front of them. The couple lost consciousness. Two hours had passed when they woke up again. After hypnosis, the couple claimed that they had been kidnapped by aliens, and they also drew the planet where aliens exist, and the planet actually exists.


Kidnapped by aliens to gain their trust


It can be said that this couple is very lucky, safe from alien control. Although scientists recognize their existence, they are worried about the future of mankind. After all, if aliens kidnap humans, there is only one purpose, that is to study humans. So they can only pretend that they can communicate freely in the face of the earth, because they have no advantage in the face of human language.


After gaining the trust of the aliens, what we need to do is to carefully observe the structure of the spacecraft and the surrounding environment. The technology of aliens is far higher than that of human beings for thousands of years, so their spaceship can’t be made by earth technology. As long as we can master the way to return to earth, we can get rid of the control of aliens. At this time, what we need to do is to create opportunities for our own escape while gaining their trust.


Master escape routes and defensive weapons


If you can successfully fly the spaceship, then you are half way through the escape from control. Although we often say that aliens have a highly developed technological civilization, they have a life span just like human beings. Without the support of advanced technology, they may not be different from human beings. Therefore, in addition to spaceships, self-defense weapons are also necessary, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble on the way home and greatly improve the success rate.


Of course, this situation is the most ideal state, if the aliens once see through our plan, then all the preparation is wasted, we can only become the “white mouse” of the aliens. What do you think humans should do if they are kidnapped by aliens?

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