If life is found on Mars, it may be bad news for human beings

Since ancient times, the research on extraterrestrial life has been uninterrupted. Although people in ancient times did not have the current scientific and technological knowledge, it can not prevent people from thinking and exploring the life on earth. Therefore, there are many myths and legends in ancient times. These myths and legends are actually the ancient people’s thinking and understanding of other possible intelligent life besides human beings.

With the continuous development of human civilization, when we enter the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, we can preliminarily explore the space beyond the earth. At this time, our exploration and understanding of extraterrestrial life has entered a new stage. In the eyes of the ancients, there are three planets outside the earth that are most likely to have life, namely the moon, Venus and Mars.

Especially after the invention of the astronomical telescope, we can see the moon, Venus and Mars more clearly. Through these observations, many people believed that there would be civilizations like human beings on these three planets. But when human beings came out of the earth and began to explore gradually, we realized that the possibility of life on their three planets was very small.


The moon is the first planet to realize manned landing after human walking out of the earth. At the moment when human walking on the moon, we also saw a desolate surface of the moon. No life was found on the moon without atmosphere. Then, the scientists sent the probe to Venus. When the probe entered the orbit of Venus, we saw a purgatory world.

Venus surface temperature as high as 460 degrees Celsius, but also often drop acid rain, such a harsh planetary environment, natural life is unlikely to exist. So Mars is left, because the environment of Mars is much better than that of Venus. So human probes can land on Venus for long-term mobile exploration.

Through these explorations, we have not found any life on Mars. Although we haven’t found life on Mars until now, all kinds of signs show that Mars may have been a beautiful ecological planet long ago, with magnetic field, thick atmosphere and vast ocean. We have reason to believe that there might have been life on Mars.

So here’s the question: if we find life on Mars, what does it mean for us? Is this good news or bad news? Many people may say that if life can be found on Mars, it is certainly good news. It can prove that human beings are not alone in the universe. So is that really the case? Here we have to pour cold water on our friends.


If life is found on Mars, it will be bad news for human beings. Many people may not understand why this is bad news? In this regard, we have some simple discussion and analysis. I believe many friends have seen some science fiction movies about alien civilization invading the earth.

In the film, the powerful alien civilization is hard for human beings to overcome. Although we win the final victory in the film, once such a thing happens in the present world, I believe everyone should understand the ending. For an alien civilization that can cross the interstellar space and come to the earth, the technological strength of the earth is no different from that of toys, and human beings have no hope of winning.

Fortunately, we have not found any alien civilization in the universe, so we don’t have to worry about the reality of science fiction movies one day. There may be two preconditions for such a thing not to happen. One is that there is only one intelligent civilization in the universe, human, and the other is that human is the most powerful technological civilization in the universe.


Is there only one intelligent civilization in the universe? It’s hard for us to give a definite answer. Before we found any extraterrestrial life, we thought that human beings were the only intelligent civilization in the universe. But if we find traces of life on Mars, that would be a complete reversal.

You know, if any event happens only once, it can be said to be a special case, but if it happens twice, it is not a special case, but a regular necessity. There are two living planets in the eight planets of the solar system, which means that life may be universal in the universe, rather than very rare as we originally thought, only the earth.

At the same time, it also tells us that as long as a planet exists in the habitable zone and has suitable ecological conditions, there is a great possibility that it will give birth to life. So how many habitable planets exist in the vast universe? In fact, it is difficult to give a definite value for this number, and even the number of habitable planets is difficult to describe by the number.

From the perspective of the Milky way, scientists estimate that there may be more than a billion habitable planets. From the perspective of the whole universe, this number will increase by countless times, because there are as many as trillions of large galaxies like the Milky way in the observable universe. Even if a small part of so many livable planets can eventually evolve into intelligent life like human beings, the number of brilliant intelligent civilizations in the universe is too many to be counted.


Different intelligent civilizations are born at different times. The universe has a long history of 13.8 billion years. In such a long time, there will be powerful and advanced intelligent civilizations tens of thousands, millions or even hundreds of millions of years more advanced than human beings. If such advanced civilization really existed, they would have the scientific and technological strength to cross the interstellar, and could easily come to the solar system and the earth.

According to this way of thinking, the universe should be very lively. These advanced civilizations exist everywhere. Even if they disdain to come to the earth, we can observe the traces of these advanced civilizations in the universe from a distance. But the reality is that we haven’t found anything, and the whole universe is still dead.

If life is found on Mars, it means that there should be a large number of advanced civilizations in the universe, but we have not found any, so the contradiction arises, which is the famous Fermi paradox. What’s wrong with the fact that what should exist doesn’t exist now? It doesn’t make sense. As long as you have normal thinking, I believe everyone thinks it’s impossible?


At this time, someone thought of another conjecture theory put forward by a scientist, that is “big filter theory”. This “big filter theory” is suitable for the evolution of life on earth to human beings. We all know that the early life on earth was born 4 billion years ago. In the long years of evolution, there have been more than a few million kinds of life.

Theoretically speaking, any life has the possibility to evolve to intelligent life, but in the end, only the human branch has become intelligent life. This shows that there is a “big filter theory” in the world of life. Is there such a “big filter theory” among civilizations in the vast universe?

According to the “big filter theory”, life on a “livable planet” needs to break through many difficult “Hurdles” from birth to the evolution of species that can cross the interstellar. As long as it is blocked at a certain level and can no longer move forward, then the final outcome of this intelligent civilization is to go to destruction and disappear into the universe.

Many friends can understand this. Take the earth as an example, the earth can not always meet the needs of human survival. There are too many natural or man-made disasters in nature that can make human beings disappear from the universe. For example, the impact of a huge asteroid can easily end human civilization. Even if we escape all kinds of disasters perfectly, the earth will be completely engulfed by the sun in 5 billion years.


In fact, scientists have found that the brightness of the sun has been increasing. If it goes on like this, the oceans on the earth will evaporate in about 1 billion years, that is to say, there will be at most 1 billion years left for human beings on the earth. Before that, if human beings can not cross the interstellar barrier and become a high-level civilization that can cross the interstellar navigation, they will eventually disappear.

Obviously, if we find life on Mars, it also confirms the correctness of the “big filter theory” from the side. Martian life has not crossed a certain level and has not evolved into intelligent life. Even though life still exists on Mars, at most, some simple microorganisms have lost the ecological environment that evolved into intelligent life.

The possible existence of the “big filter theory” makes the universe, which should have been able to flourish and bustle, a dead space. It can be seen that the last interstellar barrier on the road of intelligent civilization is very difficult to cross. Perhaps in the 13.8 billion years of the universe, there have been many scientific and technological civilizations with the strength of human beings, but eventually they disappeared into the universe because they could not cross the interstellar barrier.


I believe many friends understand that the discovery of life on Mars will be bad news. It shows that life in the universe can not evolve into a species crossing the interstellar. Otherwise, the present universe will not be so “cold”. Whether human beings can break through the barriers in the future, and finally become a powerful civilization that can cross the interstellar, still needs the continuous efforts of human beings. I believe that as long as we work hard, maybe human beings can break the shackles.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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