If life is found on Mars, it may be very bad news. Why?

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The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Before human beings go out of the earth, we always think that there are other intelligent life outside the earth, and that the vast universe should be very lively.


However, with the help of science and technology, when human beings finally walk out of the earth, what we see is a lonely universe. We don’t see the starry sky, we don’t see any extraterrestrial life and civilization.

So does alien life exist? For this problem, the common view of the scientific community is that alien life exists. Because the universe is so big that we can’t imagine that even if the Milky way is only 100000 light-years in diameter, there are as many as 100-400 billion stars, and the number of earth like planets is as many as one trillion.

In an unimaginable base, the only living planet is the earth. Since there are probably other living planets and even alien civilizations in the universe, where are we going to look for them? Before human beings became interstellar civilization and were unable to make interstellar voyages, the areas we could explore were limited to the solar system.


There are eight planets in the solar system. Standing in space, we can clearly see the great difference between the earth and other planets. Put the eight planets together, the earth is the most beautiful one, which may be the unique style of life planet.

Although the solar system does not have a second planet comparable to the earth, and there is no second intelligent civilization, scientists believe that there may be some simple life on a certain planet, such as bacteria and other microorganisms. Because the adaptability of microorganisms to the environment is very strong, there are microorganisms in many harsh environments on earth.


Other planets can’t adapt to human survival, but microorganisms may survive in them. Therefore, after human beings walked out of the earth, scientists began to search for extraterrestrial life in the solar system. Among the planets we explored, Mars is the most likely planet to have extraterrestrial life.

Mars, also known as the red planet, has its own unique beauty from a distance. Mars, like the earth, is in the habitable zone. It is our neighbor and has many similarities with the earth. The environment of Mars is very similar to some desert environment on earth. Except for the poles, there is no water on the surface.

Of course, according to the latest Mars exploration findings, scientists speculate that there may be a lot of water resources under the surface of Mars. When the human probe reached the surface of Mars, we saw a desolate world without any signs of life.


However, with the deepening exploration of Mars, the attitude of scientists to Mars is constantly changing. At present, we know that there are a large number of ancient river beds on the surface of Mars, which shows that there were oceans on the surface of Mars a long time ago, and water is the source of life. Therefore, scientists believe that ancient Mars may also be a planet of life, but it was only after drastic changes that it became what it is now.

It is unlikely that there will be complex organisms in the current environment of Mars. However, due to the fact that ancient Mars is a beautiful planet and a series of discoveries on Mars, scientists boldly speculate that there may still be some simple microorganisms on Mars, even some complex life.


If there is life on Mars, it may be very good news for many people. It can finally prove the existence of life on earth. But in the view of some scientists, if life is found on Mars, it may be very bad news. Why?

First of all, we need to understand that Mars is very important for the future of mankind. Scientists actively explore and study it, mainly because it is regarded as the second home of mankind. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, it is inevitable to go to the starry sky in the future. Now there is only one earth in our home, and there will be many in the future.

Before human beings have no ability to carry out interstellar navigation, our second home can only be found in the solar system, Mars is undoubtedly the best choice. Although the current Mars environment is not suitable for human survival, it is not as bad as Venus. As long as we carry out a series of transformation on Mars in the future, it is possible to make it a new earth suitable for human survival.


The new home that human beings seek is naturally the hope that there will be nothing that can threaten our survival. Planetary environment is the first test that human beings have to face, which can be overcome through certain environmental transformation. The second threat to human survival is the local life on the planet. We should understand that life born in different planetary environments is naturally different.

Life on earth is formed after billions of years of evolution outside the earth’s environment. This is the unique life form and characteristics of the earth. Although human beings are advanced intelligent life, our bodies are not invincible. There are many microorganisms that can seriously threaten human health and life.


Bacteria and viruses pose a great threat to human beings. I believe many friends have seen the horror of viruses since this year. Viruses are a kind of tiny life invisible to our naked eyes, which makes it difficult for us to prevent them. Although these microorganisms on the earth pose a certain threat to human beings, we are also native life on the earth, and naturally form a strong immunity to these tiny life.

If there is life on Mars, the big probability is that these tiny microorganisms have survived and evolved in the Martian environment for billions of years, and naturally formed life forms different from those on earth. Life on Mars is different from life on earth. When the two meet, there may be a huge threat.

The human body is immune to tiny life on earth, but it may not be immune to Martian life. In this case, human beings may face the challenge of Martian life if they want to live on Mars. It can be seen that the discovery of life on Mars may be very bad news for human beings, which may increase many variables in human’s desire to colonize Mars.


Of course, human beings are intelligent civilization. They have stepped out of the era of science and technology. With the powerful force of science and technology, everything can be overcome and overcome. Even if we find life on Mars in the future, which is a threat to human beings, we can also develop relevant vaccines to immunize Mars against the threat of life through research. Man’s desire to colonize Mars and make it a new earth will come true.

In fact, in the future, after human beings go to the interstellar, they will find a new earth and a new home suitable for human survival. On these new earths, local life has probably been born. The reason is very simple. If the environment like the earth can give birth to life and human beings, then it is easy to give birth to life on a planet very similar to the earth.

Therefore, the future of human interstellar colonization will not be out of the way. All the new homes we find may have life, or even intelligent civilization. If we want to possess, we need to face the challenges of the original inhabitants. Only through one challenge after another can human beings become stronger and stronger, and finally stand on the top of the universe.

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