If man made a spaceship with the speed of light, could it cross the galaxy? Scientists say it’s impossible

In ancient times, people always had a dream that they could fly to see what the world outside the earth was like? With the continuous development of human civilization, this dream was finally realized in 1957. On October 4, 1657, the first man-made satellite was successfully launched, marking the beginning of human exploration of the universe.

Although only 63 years have passed from 1957 to 2020, the development speed of human space science and technology is very fast. In just 63 years, we have achieved manned landing on the moon, landing on the back of the moon, and a series of explorations on Mars. At the same time, we launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in 1977. Their goal is to get out of the solar system and explore more distant stars.


Voyager-1 has been flying for 43 years. At present, voyager-1 is 21 billion kilometers away from the earth. Voyager-1 is the farthest probe for human navigation. So did Voyager one fly out of the solar system? The answer is No. according to scientists’ observations of the solar system, including the Oort cloud, the diameter of the solar system is more than one light year. At the speed of Voyager, it will take tens of thousands of years to fly out.

Although the solar system in our eyes is also a very broad space, but in front of the Milky way, it is just a grain of dust. The number of galaxies with a diameter of more than 150000 light-years, such as the solar system, is at least more than 100 billion. For many scientists, exploring the Milky way is a great dream.

So is there any hope that such a great dream will come true? As we all know, speed is the key factor to determine how large a range we can explore. In the earth age, we can quickly travel around the earth by relying on the advantage of speed. The advantage of speed also gives us a comprehensive understanding of the earth. It makes the earth a global village and a back garden for human beings.


It can be seen that speed determines the future of mankind. When we walk out of the earth, we see the vast universe. The distance of the universe is based on light years, and the corresponding basic speed is the speed of light. It can be seen that the speed of light in the universe can only be regarded as a very ordinary speed. Someone once asked: if human beings make a speed of light spaceship, can we cross the galaxy?

From the angle of the solar system, the diameter is only about one light year. At the speed of our spacecraft, it will take tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system. But if it’s a light speed spaceship, it will only take about a year. It can be seen that if human beings made a light speed spaceship, we can cross the solar system. At that time, the solar system was the back garden of human beings.


However, when we focus on the whole galaxy, the speed of light is too slow. It takes at least 150000 years to fly at the speed of light at the diameter of more than 150000 light-years of the galaxy, even if we have to cross it in a straight line. If you want to travel across the galaxy, it may take at least millions of years. Through these, we can see that it is impossible for the speed of light spacecraft to cross the galaxy.

Seeing this, I believe that many friends will show negative emotions about human’s future space exploration. The reason is that beyond the existing relativity theory, the ultimate speed of an object is the speed of light, and it is impossible for a substance with static mass to exceed the speed of light. This is the truth that Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us, and this truth has been confirmed by science.

If so, does that mean that human beings will be trapped in the galaxy forever and will never be able to explore the mysteries of the entire galaxy? If we can’t get out of the small galaxy, how can we explore the whole universe? So, when many people see this, they will feel desperate for the future of mankind. Is the speed of light really unbreakable?


We all know that existence is rationality. If there is a superluminal phenomenon in the universe, it means that the speed of light is not the limit of speed. Is there a superluminal phenomenon in the universe? The answer is yes, and the most obvious is the expansion of the universe.

Modern scientific theory holds that the universe originated from the singularity explosion 13.8 billion years ago. The universe born after the Big Bang has been expanding rapidly, and the expansion speed is not constant. The farther away the galaxy is from us, the faster the expansion speed is. After more than 15 billion light years, the speed of the galaxy away from us exceeds the speed of light.


Therefore, human beings have the scope of observable universe. Beyond the scope of observable universe, there is still more vast space. Only because the expansion speed exceeds the speed of light, we can’t observe it. Since the expansion speed of the universe can exceed the speed of light, it shows that the speed of light is not the limit speed in the universe.

Even if the expansion speed of the universe exceeds the speed of light, there is hope for mankind to fly faster than the speed of light in the future. Of course, this kind of superluminal flight is totally different from our ordinary speed mode. Scientists’ understanding of this is a distortion of space, and the expansion of the universe itself is a distortion of space. As long as we can apply the distortion of space, we can fly faster than light.

At present, scientists call this superluminal mode curvature navigation or wormhole shuttle. Many people have heard of wormholes. It is a product of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Theoretically, wormholes should also exist everywhere in the universe. However, until now, we have not really found wormholes in the universe, and we can not prove whether wormholes exist.


If we can prove that wormholes can exist in the future, and we can find natural and stable wormholes in the universe, then the era of human interstellar civilization will really come. At that time, the Milky way will not be able to bind us, and we can easily cross the Milky way by using curvature navigation or wormhole shuttle. At that time, the Milky way was the back garden of human beings.

Of course, if human beings really achieve the speed of light, our pace will not stay in the Milky way, but to the vast space beyond the Milky way. As long as human science and technology continue to develop, the star sea will one day become our back garden. Maybe one day in the future, we can even walk out of this universe and let the whole universe become our back garden. What do you think of this?

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