If man’s manned landing on the moon has been persisting since last century, will there be a lunar base now?

Since the 1950s, with the rapid development of science and technology, human beings have finally begun to march into space. In the last century, the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in various competitions to compete for the position of world hegemony. At that time, the goal of mankind had begun to shift from earth to space, so the United States and the Soviet Union also started a space race.

At that time, the Soviet Union was no less powerful than the United States, and even far stronger than the United States in some aspects. For example, in the space industry, the Soviet Union has achieved two human firsts, successfully launched the first man-made satellite, and put astronauts into space for the first time.

When the United States saw that the Soviet Union had attracted the eyes of the whole world, it was naturally very uncomfortable, so it wanted to retrieve the world’s eyes through another more shocking space project, so that people all over the world could see the strength of the United States. In order to realize such a strong interest, the United States must do something far greater than launching satellites and sending astronauts into space.


This great feat is to carry a man to the moon. You know, 50 years ago, mankind just stepped out of the earth. At that time, we were going to carry a man to the moon, which was a very dangerous thing. However, in order to win in the space race, the United States decided to do a big event that caused a sensation all over the world. After years of preparation, on July 21, 1969, the Apollo 11 spacecraft of the United States successfully landed on the moon with three astronauts, realizing the feat of a small step for mankind and a big step for civilization.

With the success of the U.S. landing on the moon, the U.S. and the Soviet Union took an absolute lead in the space race. While the world is expecting that the U.S. manned lunar landing will continue, the U.S. has given up. Many people at that time didn’t understand why? Later, we learned that the capital consumption of manned lunar landing is too large, even with the strong economic strength of the United States, it can not continue, otherwise it will bring down the American economy.

Now half a century has passed, and human beings have never carried out a manned landing on the moon, so someone raised the question: if the manned landing on the moon in the United States could last 50 years ago, would there be a human base on the moon now? The answer is yes.

As we all know, human beings were able to land on the moon 50 years ago, which shows that the human space technology at that time was able to travel to and from the earth and the moon safely, but the cost was astonishing and not a country could afford it. If the moon landing at that time became the task of the whole mankind, and the manned moon landing in the United States was supported by the prize money of the whole world, what would be the result?


Some people may think that the construction of a human base on an alien planet is a task that cannot be completed by the existing human science and technology. Is that true? If we go to Mars to build a base, we can’t do it with human science and technology, because our space technology can’t do it. But the moon is different. First of all, it is very close to the earth, only 380000 km. It only takes about a week for the spacecraft to arrive.

Secondly, the moon has no atmosphere and its gravity is relatively small. The safety of spacecraft landing on the moon will be greatly improved. At the same time, it doesn’t need too much thrust to return to the earth from the surface of the moon. 50 years ago, the Apollo spacecraft and astronauts of the United States were able to safely return to the earth from the moon. It can be seen that landing on the moon is not an impossible task technically.

If we want to build a human base on the moon, we naturally need to transport a large number of materials and equipment. Because the moon has no atmosphere and oxygen, it is very difficult for human beings to survive on the moon. We need a relatively perfect ecosystem base. This ecosphere base should be able to effectively block radiation from the sun and the universe.


We should know that there is no atmosphere on the moon, solar radiation and cosmic radiation can drive straight into the moon, and these radiation do great harm to human beings. Even if you put on a space suit, it will inevitably be affected by radiation. What’s more, man built a lunar base in order to stay on the moon for a long time and carry out exploration and research.

Therefore, a strong earth ecosystem is necessary. With this ecosystem, astronauts can live in it for a long time. Such a closed ecosystem will not be too difficult to build on the earth, but it will be several levels more difficult to build on the moon. The main difficulty is how to transport a large number of equipment and materials to the moon.

To build a base on the moon, we need a lot of related equipment and materials, which need to be transported by spacecraft. So can the spacecraft accomplish such a mission? The answer is yes, but in reality it needs a lot of money, which will be a huge number. It can not be achieved by a few countries united. It needs the common support of all mankind.

So, space exploration is actually a money burning business, especially the construction of a base on the moon, which is a fast money burning plan. Without enough money, it is impossible to build a base on the moon with the current scientific and technological strength of mankind. Of course, if the support of money is enough, we can build a base on the moon with the help of all mankind.


One of the most important costs is transportation costs. We should know that human space exploration now mainly relies on fossil fuels and rockets. And such a launch capacity is limited, and the cost is very expensive. Every time a spaceship is launched into space, it is burning money.

And after the lunar base is built, the maintenance and survival of astronauts still need a lot of money. As we all know, the moon has nothing to eat or drink. If astronauts want to live on it for a long time, these food, drink and other materials need to be transported from the earth. This kind of consumption is not affordable by any country, but also needs the support of all mankind.

From the above description, we can see that since human beings were able to carry out manned landing on the moon 50 years ago, the technology of landing on the moon is still possible. After 50 years of development, the technology of human landing on the moon now may be more mature. However, we did not choose to carry people to the moon, mainly because the cost is too high, and with the current human technology, it is impossible to carry out lunar mining.


It’s a luxury waste to build a base on the moon. For the basic exploration of the moon, it is enough to rely on unmanned probes. When human space technology is further developed and lunar mining can be realized, a large number of lunar bases will be found. At that time, the moon will become a very busy place in the solar system, and a large number of people will work and live on the moon. The moon may also become the first alien planet for human migration.

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