If Mars does not become a desert planet and Mars civilization is born, can it live in peace with human beings?

The earth is the only intelligent and civilized planet in the solar system. The reason why the earth will become a beautiful planet of life is that it is in the livable zone, which is a very important external element. Only a planet in a habitable environment can form a suitable ecological environment. There will be a lot of liquid water resources on its surface and a thick atmosphere to protect it.

Without this important external condition, the earth is basically impossible to become a civilized planet. Therefore, after human beings go out of the earth, the first thing to explore is the habitable zone of the solar system. In this habitable zone, the earth is not the only planet. We also have two neighbors, one is Venus, the other is Mars.


Since Venus is closer to the earth, the first planet explored by human beings after walking out of the earth is Venus. But when the probe reached the orbit of Venus, we found that it was a purgatory planet. Venus has a very thick atmosphere, which blocks our detection sight, and 95% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. The terrible greenhouse effect makes the surface temperature of Venus as high as 460 degrees Celsius, and there is a layer of acid rain in the atmosphere of Venus, which often causes acid rain.

Such a bad Venus environment hindered our exploration, so in the end, scientists had to give up exploring Venus and focus on Mars. Compared with the environment of Venus, Mars is much better. Human probes can not only learn about the surface of Mars from its orbit, but also land on Mars for short-range mobile exploration.

Through the continuous exploration of Mars for half a century, we also have a lot of knowledge about Mars. At first, scientists thought Mars was very desolate, a red desert planet with no water or life on its surface. It is also believed that Mars has remained desolate since its birth, but with the deepening of exploration, we found a lot of gullies, canyons and basins on Mars. These places have been eroded by water. All sorts of signs indicate that there used to be a lot of water on the surface of Mars.


As a result, scientists believe that about 4 billion years ago, Mars was a beautiful ecological planet like the earth, with oceans all over the world and life. And Mars is farther away from the sun, so the early cooling time is earlier than that of the earth. The earlier cooling makes the water vapor in the Martian atmosphere begin to condense and form rainfall, which converges into the ocean on the surface of Mars and gives birth to the early primitive life.

In other words, the Martian ocean may have formed earlier than the earth, and the birth of primitive life is also earlier than the earth. But because Mars has no strong magnetic field protection, the atmosphere is constantly losing, and finally the water resources on the surface are constantly losing, and life is extinct. From then on, Mars has become a desolate desert planet.


The tragedy of Mars did not happen on earth, so life on earth continued to evolve, and finally there was the birth of human beings and the formation of human civilization. So someone raised such an interesting topic: if Mars does not become a desert planet later, but continues to be a beautiful ecological planet like earth, then the primitive life of Mars will continue to evolve, and there is a high probability that intelligent civilization will eventually emerge, forming a Firestar civilization.

If Mars is the birth of a Martian civilization, its development process is similar to that of human beings, and the speed of civilization’s strength is similar. When human beings go out of the earth, Martian civilization may also go out of Mars. When both civilizations step out of their home planet, it is natural for them to find each other. After humans walk out of the earth, they will see a beautiful Mars and guess that it may also be a living planet with civilization.

In the same way, the Martian civilization will see the beautiful earth and guess that the earth may also be a planet of life, and there are also earth civilizations. When two civilizations launch their probes to each other, the existence of civilization will be completely exposed. Can Mars civilization and human civilization live in peace at that time?


Some people may say that both Mars civilization and human civilization are in the same solar system, and we should be able to live in peace. Is that really the case? Let’s not think about the selfish attitude of Martian civilization towards human civilization. Let’s take a look at the attitude of human civilization towards Martian civilization?

Here, I would like to ask my friends first, is mankind a peace loving civilization? Some people may say that human beings are very kind and peace loving. If you think so, it would be hypocritical. In fact, we are seeing a history of war in the history of human civilization. From the stone age to the present age of science and technology, there have been many wars in human civilization.


Especially in modern times, two world wars broke out in human civilization. Through the history of wars, we can see that human beings are a very warlike nation. Even in the modern era of relative peace, there is no big war, but local small wars and small frictions often occur. This is the war gene engraved in human bones, and it is very difficult to achieve fundamental change.

There will be a hegemonic war of the jungle within human civilization. Can we live in peace with an alien race that is totally different from human civilization? I’m afraid it’s very difficult. Unless the strength of alien civilization is stronger than ours, we dare not take the initiative to provoke. Even we will take the initiative to voice peace and communicate with it.

But if this alien civilization is similar to or weaker than human strength, then human may not conduct diplomacy in a peaceful way. But to plunder and colonize. We should know that human beings are eager to live on the second earth because of the problems of resources and population.


At this time, we found that there is another Mars in the solar system, which is completely suitable for human survival. Imagine what humans would do? That is to get rid of all obstacles and take Mars as your own. Of course, before colonizing Mars, we will first assess the strength of the Martian civilization. If we find that the strength of the Martian civilization is not as good as ours, then an interstellar war will inevitably happen, and the home court will be near Mars.

This will be the case for human beings to treat Mars civilization, so what will Mars civilization do to human beings? In fact, it is difficult for us to judge this point, because many of humanity’s warlike personality is influenced by the culture of human civilization for thousands of years. If the Martian civilization developed from birth to science and technology civilization, it would not have experienced any hardships or wars.


Or the entire Martian civilization is a whole from the day it was born, unlike the hundreds of countries within human civilization. Then the Martian civilization may always be peaceful and stable. Under the influence of this kind of culture, the Martian civilization may have no factor of war. The attitude towards human civilization may be very friendly, in that case, it will not take the initiative to invade the earth.

Of course, if Mars civilization, like earth civilization, is also a long history of war, no matter who is strong or weak, an interstellar war is inevitable. It can be seen that it is not a good thing for a star system to have two intelligent civilizations. Once both of them have great strength, the possibility of an interstellar war will be very high.

And a star war, in the end, can be a devastating disaster. We should know that any civilization that can go out of its home star and launch an interstellar war has at least a powerful weapon that can destroy the ecology. Human beings have powerful nuclear weapons that can make the ecology of the earth collapse hundreds of times. Similarly, the Martian civilization probably has such powerful weapons. Once it finally gets hot, it is possible to use the ultimate weapons of destruction regardless of the consequences.


At that time, the ecology of both Mars and the earth will be completely destroyed. From then on, there will be no intelligent civilization in the solar system. We should be very glad to see that although Mars was a beautiful ecological planet 4 billion years ago, it may have given birth to early primitive life, but it did not grow up in the end.

The collapse of Martian ecology has turned into a desolate desert planet, which has provided great benefits for the future development of human civilization. We should know that every ecological planet is extraordinary. A once beautiful planet like Mars has not only excellent ecological restoration conditions, but also a lot of resources. We should know that relying on the earth’s resources can not meet the human development towards the interstellar.


In the future, we will continue to transform Mars and make use of its rich resources for continuous development, so that Mars will be rejuvenated. As a habitable planet, a large number of human beings immigrate to Mars, and Mars can also be used as an important transit station for human beings to explore the deeper space on the edge of the solar system.

Guys, how long do you think Mars will be a habitable planet for human beings? Welcome to leave dialect discussion below and express your opinions.

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