If new organs are found in the human body, are humans evolving or degenerating?

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Now we have become the higher wisdom on earth. Some people think that human beings have reached the late stage of evolution and stopped evolution. This view is very one-sided. Scientists believe that evolution will not end. In the process of human evolution, the proportion of the median artery is increasing, and the human skeleton has also changed.


Just a while ago, scientists found that a new organ may have appeared in human body. Because it is very hidden in human body, human has not found it yet. Whether this new organ is evolved or not has aroused a heated debate. In fact, since human beings entered the era of science and technology, our research on human body has not stopped. It can be said that scientists’ research on human body has reached the stage of perfection, and we are surprised to find new organs.


New organ discovered by Dutch scientists


This week, scientists in the Netherlands alone found it at the intersection of the human nose and throat. If this organ is proved to be a new one, it is also the first major discovery of human beings in three centuries. It is precisely because this place is relatively hidden that it is difficult for scientists to find its trace. Of course, some people think that the scale of the scientists’ research is relatively small, and that the number of selected experimental subjects is relatively small, so it is not able to prove that all people have this situation. To solve the secret of this organ, more research is needed. Some people think that this new organ is not new. In fact, more than 1000 salivary glands are distributed on the inner wall of the mouth and throat of the human body. These salivary glands are very small and difficult to image by scanning. Therefore, the new organ discovered by Dutch scientists may just be the missing fish in many salivary glands.


Although this new organ has not been confirmed by scientists, it still arouses heated discussion among many people. Whether human beings are still evolving has also reappeared in front of us. According to the discovery of Dutch scientists, many doctors believe that this organ has existed for a long time. We can’t say that this statement is wrong. After all, it is still in the exploration stage, but we can be sure that human evolution is still going on. Although we have adapted to the environment of the earth, and our ability to transform the environment is becoming stronger and stronger, so the performance of human dialogue is very small, just like this new organ, it may be ignored by everyone.


Scientists even put forward a bold idea, human evolution is endless, so what will we become in the future? From a scientific point of view, although the process of human evolution is long, it will change a lot. Now artificial intelligence has entered the human society, I believe the future will also be occupied by artificial intelligence, they will become the best helper of human beings, greatly facilitate human life, many people want to achieve immortality can also choose artificial intelligence.


What will human beings look like in the future?


Human beings can implant consciousness into artificial intelligence and realize the immortality of consciousness to some extent. In order to reduce the disease rate and prolong the life span, people may choose to combine with artificial intelligence in the future to realize the real integration of man and machine. Therefore, the evolution of human beings in the future may not be caused by nature, but a kind of mechanical evolution. What kind of evolution we can eventually develop depends on the development potential of artificial intelligence.


Man machine integration arouses controversy


Of course, although the integration of man and machine can bring human potential into full play, the consequences will be unimaginable if it is used by some intentional people. With the development of artificial intelligence, we need to solve more and more problems in the future. If artificial intelligence really becomes a legal existence, how should we get along with them? After the combination of human and artificial intelligence, is it really human? What kind of status should they live in the world at that time? These are all problems that need to be solved.


In fact, this is also a direction provided by scientists for human evolution. After all, the process of evolution is not single, but the development of artificial intelligence has become a major trend. The integration of human and computer may be the best way of evolution. At that time, human science and technology have achieved a qualitative leap, space travel is no exception, and perhaps we can establish a colony in the universe. At that time, human beings will become real astronauts, which is an evolutionary direction.


According to the research of scientists, human evolution has not stopped. By 2020, scientists have not only discovered salivary glands that have never appeared before, but also three arteries on some people’s arms, which in fact means that human beings are still evolving. Some people think that this may not be human evolution, but human degradation. After all, it seems that the appearance of the salivary gland in the heart artery core has not played a significant role in the evolution of human beings. Of course, detailed research is still needed to unravel the secrets of new organs. What is the future of human beings? We are waiting for the confirmation of the international scientific team. What do you think?

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