If one day a nuclear war breaks out and mankind ends, how many years will it take to give birth to intelligent life?

Millions of years ago, intelligent human beings were born on the beautiful life planet earth. After the birth of human beings, after millions of years of evolution and development, we finally entered the era of science and technology, and now we have brilliant human civilization.

I believe people who know more about human history know that the whole history of human civilization is also a history of war. Since ancient times, wars within human civilization have never stopped. I don’t know how many wars, big and small, have taken place. In modern times, human beings have exploded two world wars. Even in the modern era of peace, local friction wars have never stopped.

As we all know, the cruelty of war in ancient times was the age of cold weapons. At that time, the war was full of the advantages of numbers and cold weapons. However, in the era of science and technology, the advantages of human beings are gradually disappearing, and more and more people rely on constantly powerful weapons. By the end of the Second World War, mankind had developed a powerful destructive weapon, the atomic bomb.


After the explosion of the atomic bomb in Japan, the great power shocked mankind. From then on, mankind knew that the nuclear bomb was a terrible weapon of extinction. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the power of nuclear bomb is also increasing. Compared with 50 years ago, the power of nuclear bomb now is totally different, at least hundreds of times more powerful.

Although nuclear weapons can’t be used easily, as long as they exist, they are a sharp arrow hanging on the head of human beings. I don’t know when they will fall down. Einstein once made such a prediction: I don’t know what weapons will be used in the Third World War, but I know that in the fourth World War, human beings will use sticks and stone tools.

Einstein said this because he thought that human beings would use the powerful weapons of extinction at the end of the Third World War, and this kind of weapons is likely to be the most powerful nuclear weapons. Once a nuclear war breaks out, the earth’s ecological environment will be completely deteriorated, and the sixth mass extinction will occur, which may end the human race.

So someone raised a very interesting topic: if nuclear war breaks out one day in the future and human beings end, how many years will it take before intelligent life can be born? We all know the theory of evolution. From the moment of birth, any life needs to complete the evolution again and again in the future. Only by evolution can life advance to a higher and more complex life.


The same is true of the birth of human beings. Although we now claim that human beings were born millions of years ago, this stage is just a process of evolution from ape to human beings. Before the ape, life began to evolve in the direction of human beings, so the birth and emergence of human beings, far more than millions of years ago, it is possible that hundreds of millions of years ago, the first simple life that gave birth to human beings has appeared.

It can be seen that the evolution of life is a very long time, especially the birth of intelligent life needs to experience more than a few hundred million years of life evolution. So, after the outbreak of nuclear war and the end of life on earth, it still takes a long time for the first simple life to be born.

We need to know that the real horror of nuclear war is the global nuclear radiation pollution after the explosion. We need to know that it will take at least 100 years for local nuclear radiation to be completely and naturally eliminated. But if it is a strong global nuclear radiation pollution, then the situation is even more serious. Although the earth itself has a very powerful purification capacity, it may take tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years to complete the global purification of nuclear radiation.


It takes tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years for radioactive elements to fail. Before the depletion of radioactive elements, the earth is less likely to give birth to life again. We need to know that the earth’s first simple life was born in the ocean, and nuclear radiation will also pollute the global ocean. Only after these nuclear radiation is completely eliminated, can the ocean have the possibility of breeding life again.

Therefore, when the global nuclear war breaks out and all life ends, it will take up to a few million years for the earth’s ecological environment to fully recover, and then the early life will be born in the ocean. At this time, the earth seems to return to the early Earth billions of years ago. After the birth of early life, it will take a very long time to complete the evolution to intelligent life, and the time of hundreds of millions of years is the shortest.

Hundreds of millions of years later, after a long evolution of life on the earth, new intelligent life will be born again. After a long evolution, it may be on the road of scientific and technological development again. It may be very similar to the development mode of human science and technology. If the newly born intelligent life is like human beings, it is also a warlike family, then it is possible that one day, it will also go on the same road. A new world nuclear war will break out, and the earth will come back to its starting point again.

Some people may think that the civilization history of the earth is constantly reincarnated in this way. One day, we will be able to get rid of this fate and become an interstellar civilization dominating the universe. But in fact, nature may not give the earth enough time to know that the real threat to the earth in the future comes from the expansion of the sun’s red giant.


We should know that the sun is not immortal, and the nuclear fusion inside it will not continue all the time. When the hydrogen element is consumed, the sun will have a helium flash and expand continuously. At this time, the earth will fall into crisis and be engulfed by the expanding sun. At that time, the reincarnation of the earth’s civilization will stop. Therefore, the reincarnation of civilization will not continue.

If the intelligent civilization of the earth can not become a powerful interstellar civilization by itself one day, one day, the earth will disappear and the reincarnation of civilization will end. Of course, all this is just a hypothesis of people. The future of mankind may not develop like this. When we realize the horror of nuclear war, we need to exercise restraint. Only peaceful and common development can usher in a better future for mankind.

However, it is not easy to achieve such a goal. For the sake of resources, human beings often lose their senses. Once before the earth’s resources are exhausted, human science and technology have not yet realized space mining, then the competition for resources within human beings will really enter the white hot stage. At that time, in order to survive, human beings may completely lose their rationality, so that they will not take care of the terrible consequences of nuclear war.


Therefore, science and technology is the core to solve the contradictions among human beings. As long as science and technology are powerful enough and have the ability to exploit space resources, human beings will not compete in the interior of the earth, but go to space. To know that space resources are endless, take the small solar system for example, there will be a lot of resources for human exploitation for many years without competition.

When human beings have the ability of interstellar navigation, they will not worry about resources. At that time, there will be no contradiction of resources within human beings. A truly peaceful interstellar age will come.

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