If one day, human beings achieve immortality, what will the earth look like?

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Life can be said to be the most magical and mysterious thing since the birth of the universe. Although there are many mysterious things in the universe, such as the secrets of neutron stars, black holes, fast radio bursts and so on. However, the secrets of these things can not be compared with the mysteries of life. Some people think that the mysteries of life are the ultimate mysteries of the universe. Only when we completely uncover the mysteries of life can we really understand the universe.

The earth is very fortunate to become a life planet, and also gave birth to intelligent life human beings. Intelligent life can be said to be the existence at the top of the life world, the most complex and mysterious life body in life. Human beings are very fortunate to become more mysterious intelligent creatures in the life world. If we uncover the mysteries of human body, we may be able to truly uncover the mysteries of life, so as to uncover the ultimate mysteries of the universe.


There are many mysteries about the human body, among which the most complex one is the mystery of life. I believe many people know that there is no immortal life. Whether it is a simple microorganism or a high-level intelligent life like human beings, they will die one day. From the day we come to this world, we will face the fate of death in the future. Whether you are poor or sitting on the world’s wealth, you will eventually return to the embrace of death.

It is precisely because death is the ultimate fate that everyone has to experience. For most ordinary people, they can face death calmly. However, for those who are extraordinary, they may not be able to accept this fate. In ancient times, many emperors, sitting in the whole world and enjoying the supreme power and wealth, were very afraid of death.

So some emperors in their later years wanted to be immortal. They sent teams to look for elixirs or find Taoist priests to refine elixirs for immortality. But we all know the final result. Now, in the age of science and technology, do people give up the dream of immortality?


Of course not. The rapid development of science and technology has given some people the hope of longevity. There are many scientists in the world who have been studying the mystery of life, hoping to achieve immortality one day. I believe that everyone can not stop the temptation of immortality, especially those who are at the top of human wealth and power, expect to live longer, and it is better to achieve immortality.

So here comes the question: if one day, human beings achieve immortality through science and technology, what will the earth look like? Maybe a lot of people will think how lucky it is that human beings have achieved immortality. But for the earth, it may be a disaster, for the entire human civilization, it may also be a disaster.

Why do you say that? First of all, we need to understand that the earth area where human beings live is limited and the resources are limited. The survival and development of human beings are inseparable from resources. According to the simulation calculation of scientists, the number of people that the earth can accommodate is about 10 billion. If it exceeds this number, the earth will not be able to bear it. Not only will the ecology deteriorate rapidly, but also resources will be consumed rapidly.


When the earth’s ecology is completely deteriorated and resources are completely exhausted, can human beings survive? The answer is No. at that time, human civilization will come to an end. Immortality can make us live longer and experience a longer time, but it will completely end the earth and make human civilization disappear in the long history.

Scientists believe that if human beings really achieve immortality one day, then the population of the earth will show explosive growth. At that time, people will not easily die and will achieve immortality. In addition to work, people are estimated to have made man. It may not take many years for the earth’s population to exceed 10 billion, 20 billion, or even 100 billion.

The side effects brought by the large increase of population will be more and more serious, the lack of resources will make us unable to survive, and the scientific and technological development of human civilization will be constantly restricted. It may be said that scientists will live forever, and the development of human science and technology will certainly speed up. When we become an interstellar civilization, no longer bound to the earth and the solar system, the pressure of population growth will not exist.


This is true. If human beings become an interstellar civilization, we can colonize the outer planet. At that time, not to mention 100 billion years, even one billion people could not satisfy the development of human space colonization. If so, it seems that the realization of immortality is still a good thing? On the surface, it’s all good, but if we look at it from another perspective, it’s not good.

Another aspect is the evolution of human beings to a higher level of life. I believe many people understand that there is no end to the road of life evolution. Although human beings are intelligent advanced life, we are still far away from the real powerful life. If human beings become interstellar civilization in the future and need to go out of interstellar development, then they need a very strong physical quality.

We should know that the environment of the universe and other planets is very different from that of the earth. Even the habitable planet suitable for human survival will not have the same ecological structure environment as the earth. If we don’t have a stronger physical fitness, we may not be able to adapt to the ecological environment of the outer planet as long as it is different from the earth.


The way of human evolution is through gene mutation, and the generation of gene mutation is going on from generation to generation. But if human beings achieve immortality and immortality, the change of human gene pool will be very slow, and the efficiency of gene mutation will be greatly reduced. This is very bad for human evolution.

Let’s take an example. If human beings continue their offspring under the law of life and death, after 10000 years, human genes may achieve a qualitative leap, so that human beings can evolve into higher life and adapt to the complex cosmic environment. But if human beings achieve immortality without the shackles of the law of life and death, it may take 100000 years or even longer for human beings to grow into a higher life.

In this way, the development pace of human civilization will be greatly slowed down. In the universe, the development speed of a civilization and the growth speed of the evolution of an intelligent race are very important. We should know that the dark forest rule may exist in the universe. If human beings can not grow up quickly, they may lose their advantages in the future StarCraft, which will lead to the end and disappearance of the whole human civilization.


It can be seen that immortality is not good for human beings. Only under the restriction of the law of life and death can human beings develop faster and grow faster. Only in this way can we quickly become a powerful interstellar civilization and let human civilization continue.

Of course, although we do not expect human beings to achieve immortality, with the rapid development of science and technology, it is still no problem for human life to increase significantly. In fact, for most people, they expect to live a long and healthy life. As long as there is no disease in their life and they can die peacefully, that is the happiest thing.

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