If one day nine stars appear, what will happen? After listening to the answer of the scientist, I suddenly realized

The universe is vast, with countless stars, but also has many incredible wonders of the universe. Nowadays, many people like to watch some cross Yue dramas and novels. When we are reading these novels, some writers, in order to pursue the mystery, will make some special fantastic plots and phenomena, which is better than a word we often hear in some novels or TV dramas: nine stars in a row.

This nine star string is often used in some novels and TV plays. In these novels, once the nine star string appears, some major events will inevitably happen. Some protagonists use the nine star string to travel through time and space to reach another world. So what is the nine star string? When it appears, will there really be some strange and mysterious phenomena? Now let’s listen to how scientists explain.

Scientists say that the so-called nine stars in a row is actually the nine lines of the solar system at a certain time. Due to the limitation of science and technology, the ancients knew very little about the universe. However, with the progress of human civilization and the rapid development of science and technology, modern people all know that there were nine planets in the solar system in the past. Later, scientists thought Pluto was a dwarf planet, so they kicked Pluto out of the list of nine planets. Now there are eight planets in the solar system. However, in order to explain the nine planets in the past, we still use them Nine planets.


In fact, in the solar system, the connection of several planets often occurs. This is mainly because the nine planets move around the sun at different speeds in their respective orbits. After a period of movement, they may appear on the same side of the sun and then line up in a straight line. This is a rare phenomenon of continuous beads. The solar system’s two star continuous bead is quite common, but the probability of seven star and eight star continuous bead will be very small.

In the 5000 year history of human beings, six star and six star Lianzhu occurred 709 times, seven star Lianzhu 52 times, eight star Lianzhu 3 times, while nine star Lianzhu did not occur once in history. It can be seen from this that nine star beads are extremely rare. Some people think that nine star beads are just a legend and will not happen. But in fact, scientists have found that there will be a rare nine star beads in the next 2149 years, which may be the first nine star beads in the 6000 year history of human civilization.

So when the nine stars are in a row, will there really be some time and space channels or other mysterious phenomena like those in the novel? Scientists have repeatedly observed six stars and seven stars, but they have not found some mysterious events when planets appear. The earth will still be stable and calm with the past.

However, for the first time in 6000 years, in the 4.6 billion years after the birth of the earth, the nine star Lianzhu occurred many times. We don’t know. At that time, human beings didn’t appear, and we don’t know what would happen when the nine star Lianzhu appeared. But scientists also don’t think that when nine stars appear, mysterious events like time and space travel will happen on the earth.


But because the nine stars are the celestial phenomena of the nine planets in the solar system, the gravitational force between the planets may also affect the earth at that time. At that time, it is possible for the earth to have some strong plate movements, such as earthquakes, tidal changes, climate anomalies, etc. these natural phenomena and some natural disasters are not very miraculous Mysterious events are mainly caused by gravitational changes.

There is no definite answer to what will happen to the nine star continuous bead that will appear in 2149. Only then will we know. And the future nine star continuous bead will certainly bring a sensation to the people of the world. At that time, scientists and astronomy enthusiasts will study and observe it. Maybe human beings can learn more about the universe from the nine star continuous bead, a rare celestial phenomenon Knowledge.

Although human beings have begun to explore the universe, the time they spend exploring the universe is too short, and our knowledge of the universe is still too little. We may not even have a complete grasp of some superficial knowledge of the universe. However, we believe that with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we will learn more about the universe in the future. Through the understanding of some special phenomena in the universe, the mysterious universe will appear Sooner or later, mankind will truly understand the truth of the universe. At that time, mankind will stand at the top of the pyramid of the universe and become the overlord of the universe and a high-level civilization.


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