If one day the sun suddenly disappeared, what would be the fate of mankind? The answer was unexpected

The earth is a beautiful planet of intelligent life, one of the eight planets in the solar system, and the only planet of intelligent life. The reason why the earth can give birth to life and human beings is closely related to the sun.

The suitable sunshine and temperature that the sun brings to the earth will give the earth a hotbed for the birth of life and a prosperous human civilization. It can be said that the sun is the mother of the earth, the mother of human beings. Without the sun, there would be no birth of life on earth, no birth of human beings. And most of the earth’s life, including the survival of human beings, are inseparable from the sun.

But all things in the world have no absoluteness. Since human beings entered the road of scientific and technological development, they realized that science and technology is powerful. It can change the world, recognize everything in the universe, and also change the fate of human beings. So someone raised such a question: if one day the sun suddenly disappeared, what would be the fate of mankind?


Some people may think that after the disappearance of the sun, the solar system will become fragmented without the constraints of gravity, and the earth will be thrown out with the moon. If not, it will collide with other planets and destroy the earth. At the same time, without the sun on the earth, animals and plants will die out, and the surface temperature will drop to about minus 200 degrees. Human beings will not survive and will soon enter the fate of extinction. Is this really the case? The answer may come as a surprise.

We all know that the solar system exists because of the strong gravity of the sun. If the sun suddenly disappears and the solar system is not bound by the strong gravity, the orbits of the planets will be in chaos. Naturally, the earth will not be able to stabilize in its current orbit. Instead, it will be thrown out along the tangent direction and move toward the outside of the solar system, becoming a wandering planet.

When the sun disappears on the earth itself, eight minutes later, the earth will fall into darkness. Without sunlight, plants will not be able to enter photosynthesis, and all of them will die slowly. Herbivores will die out without food sources, and then carnivores will also die out due to food crisis. Even if animals can survive the food crisis, the ice age will not.

Without the sun’s light, the temperature of the earth will drop sharply, and it will soon drop to below minus 100 degrees. At this time, the earth’s surface is completely covered with ice and snow, and life can’t survive, let alone human beings. If human beings do not enter the time of scientific and technological development, the fate of this time can only be extinction. However, when mankind becomes a scientific and technological civilization, the situation may be completely different.


Human beings are not only intelligent life, but also scientific and technological civilization. When the sun disappears, we will realize that the earth’s crisis is coming, and human beings will face the test of life and death. At this time, human beings will act immediately. Because the earth’s surface will gradually become cold and unable to survive, scientists will think of quickly establishing underground survival bases.

We all know that the earth is a rocky planet, and the temperature of its internal underground heat energy is very high. Although we can’t go deep into the mantle to build a base, it is possible to build some underground cities in the deeper part of the crust. The temperature of the earth’s surface is constantly decreasing. The whole people of mankind strive to build underground cities. Before the ice age, several large underground cities will be built, and then all human beings will move to the underground cities.

Of course, it is impossible for human beings to have no loss in this process. It is estimated that at least half of human beings will stay on the surface forever, and the surviving people will move to the underground city to continue their efforts for survival. After moving to the underground city, the crisis of human beings on the earth is not over. At this time, we have to face the crisis of food. Because we can not plant plants on the surface, we can only plant some plants in the limited space underground. Food is the biggest crisis of human survival.


When human civilization is facing life and death, the whole civilization will burst out with great potential. Scientists will speed up the development of science and technology, and it is possible that science and technology will usher in another huge eruption, especially the energy revolution. Once mankind has made a major breakthrough in energy, such as the mastery of controllable nuclear fusion, then the human crisis on the earth will be really lifted.

With controllable nuclear fusion technology, human beings will no longer worry about energy. At the same time, man-made sun can be made to make the surface of the earth shine again, and the temperature will not continue to rise. Food will be planted on the surface, and the food crisis will be relieved.

After the earth’s crisis is lifted, mankind will face a bigger crisis, that is, from the sun. As I said before, without the sun, the solar system will fall into chaos, and the earth will become a wandering planet and move out of the solar system. If you are lucky enough, the earth may fly out of the solar system safely and stably, but if you are not lucky enough to collide with other planets, it will be over.

Of course, human beings will not take such a chance. Once controllable nuclear fusion technology is successful, they will quickly build spaceships to prepare for possible future impacts. If it is found that the earth will inevitably collide with other planets, then human beings can only leave the earth by spaceship. Of course, there is another option for human beings, that is to install a planetary engine on the earth to become a wandering planet that can change its orbit, so that it can completely avoid the possibility of collision with other planets.


It can be seen that the fate of human civilization can be completely changed by science and technology. Although the sun can’t disappear suddenly, the sun has a life span. After burning the fuel for 5 billion years, the sun will continue to expand into a red giant, threatening the survival of the earth and human beings. At that time, we still need to leave the earth and the solar system.

However, five billion years is enough for human science and technology to develop to a level we can’t imagine. At that time, human civilization may have become the overlord of the galaxy. We don’t have to worry about the threat of the death of the sun to the earth and human beings. We can completely migrate the earth to other galaxies to survive.

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