If one million Tyrannosaurus Rex come to modern times, what kind of disaster will it bring?

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The earth is a life planet rich in species. As early as 4 billion years ago, the early simple life was born in the ocean. Later, after continuous evolution, life forms became more and more advanced, and a large number of different species began to appear.


In the long life history of billions of years, many dominant creatures have been born on the earth, such as the dominant insects in the Carboniferous period 300 million years ago and the dominant dinosaurs 65 million years ago. If it is the earth’s history of life, the emergence of the largest overlord class creature is what? I believe many people will answer that it’s dinosaurs.

Yes, dinosaurs are the largest creatures in the history of the earth, and they dominated the earth for 160 million years 65 million years ago, which is far more than the history of human beings. Once upon a time, some people put forward a conjecture: if millions of human beings went back to the Jurassic dinosaur age 65 million years ago, could human beings survive and develop?

If we go back to the age of dinosaurs without any weapons and equipment, it is probably very difficult for human beings to survive in the world where dinosaurs spread all over the world. Scientists have found a large number of dinosaur fossils all over the world, indicating that dinosaurs at that time not only spread all over the world, but also had a large number, probably at least tens of millions.


With the human weak body, if there is no powerful weapon, maybe thousands of people can not fight a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Therefore, humans want to survive in the age of dinosaurs, unless they are lucky enough to find a place without dinosaurs. Since it is difficult for human beings to survive when they go back to the age of dinosaurs, what kind of disaster will they bring to human beings if one million tyrannosaurs come to the earth through time and space?

We go back to the age of dinosaurs through time and space. In 65 million years, it was the home of dinosaurs, and it was difficult for us to survive. But when dinosaurs come to the present through time and space and become the home of human beings, can they continue to dominate? If only a few dinosaurs, dozens of dinosaurs came to modern times, we naturally need not worry.


But if millions of dinosaurs came to modern times, the situation would be totally different. T-Rex was the king of dinosaurs, with an average body length of about 14 meters and a height of about 10 meters. If the giant dinosaurs were a disaster for human beings, let alone a million. Some people may say that human beings are powerful weapons. They are not afraid of these dinosaurs. For example, a nuclear bomb can destroy many dinosaurs.

So in the face of the invasion of millions of dinosaurs, are humans really not afraid? Of course not. If dinosaurs come to modern times, they are all concentrated together, and they are still uninhabited areas. We found in time that relying on the advantages of powerful weapons, these tyrannosaurs can be eliminated in a very short time. But if dinosaurs came, and not together, but scattered in various cities, then the situation is troublesome.

Just imagine, with the size and strength of T-Rex, human beings are not rivals without weapons. That is not something that can be overcome by the advantage of quantity. Some people may think that even if one million dinosaurs are distributed in various cities, there may be only a few dinosaurs in each city. However, the population of a city is as small as one million and as large as ten million. How many Tyrannosaurus Rex are we afraid of?


But in fact, at that time, how many people will fight dinosaurs with flesh and blood? At that time, people were so scared that they were thinking about running. I believe that many people who have seen Godzilla films understand that the huge creatures of that level stand in front of us, and we have no desire to fight at all. Therefore, depending on the number of people, the city with millions of people can not stop the invasion of a few Tyrannosaurus Rex.

So, in the early days, Tyrannosaurus Rex would enter the city and destroy a lot, and a lot of people would die at the feet of dinosaurs. It was only when human beings reacted and steadied their steps, the army came out, and a large number of weapons were added that Tyrannosaurus Rex could be eliminated. Although the size of dinosaurs is huge, our weak body can not stop, but dinosaurs are also flesh and blood, they can not stop the powerful weapons of human.


In the end, millions of Tyrannosaurus Rex invading modern times will be destroyed by us. However, human cities will also be destroyed by these Tyrannosaurus Rex. For human beings, this has been a huge disaster. One may ask: what will be the fate of millions of dinosaurs after they are eliminated? Can we eat dinosaur meat?

For the natural carnivorous nature of human beings, we are afraid of living dinosaurs, while we are more curious and lustful about dead dinosaurs. At that time, many foodies would think of eating dinosaur meat. In fact, ordinary people don’t have to think about such good things. They are basically recycled by various countries, and then related research is carried out.

Of course, these are just our conjectures. In fact, even if dinosaurs come to modern times, we don’t have to take the initiative to destroy them, they are estimated to be difficult to survive. The reason is that the modern ecological environment is very different from 65 million years ago. Take the oxygen content. 65 million years ago, the oxygen content of the earth’s atmosphere was much higher than it is now, and dinosaurs need to survive in such a high oxygen environment.


Once dinosaurs came to such a low oxygen environment, they could not adapt. The bigger the creature, the weaker its adaptability to the environment. As long as the environment changes, it may bring extinction crisis to this kind of creature. Take human beings as an example. Although we are intelligent life and the overlord of the earth, our ability to adapt to the environment is very weak.

As long as there is a little abnormal change in the environment, we will have physical discomfort and get sick. Take this year’s epidemic as an example. Human beings have no resistance at all. As long as they are exposed to it, they will be easily infected. On the contrary, many animals are very resistant to the virus. Therefore, human beings should protect the earth’s ecological environment and take good care of the home where human beings live. Only when the earth’s environment is better, can human beings live a healthy and stable life.


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