If Pi is calculated out one day, what will happen to the scientific community?

Mathematics is a great subject, which studies the concepts of quantity, structure, change, space and information. In mathematics, there are many mysterious mathematics that cannot be solved, among which Pi is one of them.

Many people may think that Pi is not complicated. Our teacher taught us when we were in primary school, but in fact, the mystery and complexity of PI are far beyond people’s imagination. In our cognition, PI is an infinite non circulating decimal, which can not be calculated completely. Is that really the case? If the PI is exhausted one day, what kind of consequences will the scientific community have.

PI is the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle, which is generally expressed by the Greek letter π. It is a mathematical constant that exists in mathematics and physics. π is also the ratio of the area of a circle to the square of its radius. It is the key value to accurately calculate the circumference, area and volume of a circle. In analysis, π can be strictly defined as the smallest positive real number x satisfying SiN x = 0.


The value of PI is about 3.1415926, which is the first irrational number we come into contact with. PI has a very long history. It is not a modern number. It has a history of more than 4000 years. As early as 4000 years ago, the kingdom of Babylon in Cuba recorded pi = 3.125. Liu Hui and Zu Chongzhi in ancient China calculated π to between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927 by using circle cutting technique. In modern supercomputers, PI has been calculated to 10 trillion decimal places.

Modern scientists don’t have a final conclusion on when or who put forward the figure of PI. However, it may have gone through thousands of years of human civilization, which is a sign that the ancients began to study mathematics. Before the advent of computers, mathematicians relied on their hands and brains to calculate, and the progress was very slow. Many mathematicians devoted their lives to calculating pi.

Mathematicians’ wish is very simple: they want to see how many PI there are, but the result is disappointing. No matter how smart the brain depends on manpower, the number of digits of PI that can be calculated is also limited. The real acceleration of calculation occurred after the emergence of computers. Mathematicians rely on the help of supercomputers to continuously increase the number of digits of pi to 10 trillion digits after the decimal point, which is beyond human power.

Even with the advent of supercomputers, we still don’t see where the limit of PI is. Many people think that Pi is really an irrational number, and it has no end. But there are still some people who don’t think so. There is no infinity in the whole world. Even the universe can’t be infinite. It must have an end.


PI is just a number in mathematics. Although it is mysterious, it is unlikely to be infinite and has an end. The reason why human beings can’t calculate it completely now is that our science is not strong enough to calculate it completely. So someone asked this question: if the PI is used up one day, what will happen to the scientific community?

Once the PI is calculated one day, the impact on the whole scientific community will be subversive. PI is widely used in the whole field of human science, and it is used in many disciplines. If it is counted out,. Not only the mathematical system needs to be reestablished, but also the scientific measurement standards need to be overturned.

The most obvious is that the circle will no longer be a circle. If the PI is fully calculated, then the circle cutting technique proves that if the circle is divided to a certain extent, the “circle” is completely equal to the “regular polygon”, which means that there is no real “circle”, and the smooth curve of the circle is actually countless small segments. This shows that the curve also does not exist, because there is no curve, geometry graphics will become chaotic. It is also wrong to calculate the coverage area of curve in calculus. The limit accumulation theory will not exist. Calculus will be overturned and the mathematical building will collapse.


Friends who have been to university should know the importance of calculus. We use calculus in collecting circuit boards and electronic instruments. If calculus is wrong, it means that the integrated circuits and electronic instruments we are studying are incorrect, which will affect the development of many projects of human scientific and technological civilization.

Another important application of PI is in cryptography. A lot of important information will go through encryption algorithm, and then add parameters to form ciphertext. This parameter is the key, which is the first one to be found when deciphering the password. Ordinary key forms are easy to be cracked and found, even the random number generated by the computer is actually a pseudo-random number, which can be traced.

Only the key generated by the number of PI is the most secure, and there is no possibility of cracking it when it is used to encrypt important information. But once the PI is calculated, it is no longer irrational. Then the information encrypted with PI is no longer secure, and may be cracked by computer.

Of course, all of the above may happen on the day when Pi is fully calculated. However, with human science and technology, we still don’t know how long it will take to calculate pi. Scientists believe that even if the PI can be calculated completely, it is no longer a number in the ordinary sense, and it can not be calculated completely depending on the current human mathematical system.


In order to calculate pi, we need a complete reform of mathematical system and a new mathematical system. The calculation of PI can subvert many systems and theories in modern science, which just shows that if we want to calculate pi completely, we can’t rely on our current scientific theory system. Only in the future can science have a revolutionary breakthrough, especially mathematics, which needs a revolutionary change and completely break the existing mathematical system.

Here, we have to sigh that the person who invented and created the number of PI is really great. A number more than 4000 years ago may affect the scientific development of mankind for countless years and make countless scientists crazy about it. At any time, we can’t underestimate the wisdom of ancient people.

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