If Russia’s permafrost melts, it will release this evil, and there will be widespread sorrow

We know that in Russia, a large area of land is covered by permafrost, frozen all the year round and never melted. Scientists have also found in these permafrost tens of thousands of years ago, still alive. The body of a mammoth, two lion cubs tens of thousands of years ago, a dog ten thousand years ago, and a seed found in an ice age squirrel cave have also been successfully awakened and blossomed by scientists.


If you think of the permafrost, you may think of these ancient creatures, these monsters, but if the permafrost really melts, it is not these dead ancient monsters that can threaten our human lives, but another monster sealed in the permafrost, “ancient virus.”.

In August 2016, the temperature rise led to the thawing of the permafrost. This thawing led to the reappearance of the reindeer corpse which had been frozen 75 years ago. In this reindeer corpse, there were a lot of anthrax bacteria. The thawing led to their resurrection, flowing into the water source and into the soil, directly causing more than 2000 reindeer, more than 20 people to be infected, and another 12-year-old reindeer The little boy died as a result.


In the 1890s, there was a serious outbreak of smallpox in Siberia. As a result, a small town lost 40% of its population, and the dead bodies were buried in permafrost.


Over the centuries, more and more human or animal corpses have been buried in permafrost. Although these permafrost can temporarily inactivate bacteria, they can still be revived when the surrounding environment reaches certain conditions. In 2007, for example, scientists successfully revived an 8 million year old bacterium found beneath a glacier in Antarctica. As far as these ancient bacteria or viruses are concerned, we know nothing about them, because we have never touched them and there is no antibody at all. If they resurrect, it may be our disaster. Do you feel the crisis? (Xiao Bian is waiting for you to communicate in the comments section)

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