If scientists receive repeated radio signals for many times, will it be from alien civilization?

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When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, an important question arises: does alien civilization exist? Although human beings are a very proud nation, we are not arrogant enough to think that there is only human civilization in the universe. If so, what’s the difference between humans and the frog at the bottom of the well.

It is precisely because human beings are intelligent civilization, so when we really realize the vastness of the universe, we no longer doubt the existence of alien civilization. Of course, if you want to confirm the authenticity of anything, you need to find relevant evidence. If we want to confirm the existence of alien civilization, we must really find the evidence of the existence of alien civilization.


However, it is not smooth for human beings to explore and find alien civilization. For more than half a century, we have not found any shadow of alien civilization. The reason is not that the alien civilization does not exist, but that the scientific and technological strength of mankind is still relatively backward, and we have no ability to go out of the solar system and explore other galaxies.

The size of the universe is beyond our imagination. The diameter of the Milky way is 100000 light-years, and the observable universe is tens of billions of light-years. In the cosmic scale, light year is the basic distance unit, and the speed of light is the basic speed unit. If you want to initially realize interstellar exploration, the slowest speed of a spaceship is sub light speed. If we want to explore the whole galaxy, we can’t do it at the speed of light. We have to go beyond the speed of light.

It will take a long time for human scientific and technological strength to realize the preliminary sub light speed flight. Before that, it is very difficult for us to find the extraterrestrial civilization. Even though we can observe many earth like planets very similar to the earth through astronomical telescopes, we simply can’t understand the specific situation of these planets, let alone the location of the earth There is no life, there is no wisdom and civilization.


There are basically only two ways for human beings to find evidence of the existence of alien civilization before they become an interstellar civilization. One way is that alien civilizations have discovered the earth and come mainly to the solar system to contact with human beings. This is the most direct and clear third kind of contact. As long as the spaceship of alien civilization comes to the earth, I believe no one will doubt the existence of alien civilization.

Another way is to search for possible signals of alien civilization in the universe through radio telescopes. As long as the alien civilization has gone out of the parent star, or even become an interstellar civilization, it is inseparable from a large number of applications of radio communication. The more powerful the civilization is, the more powerful the radio technology is, and the more powerful and distant the energy and distance it can spread.

There are a large number of radio wave signals in the universe, most of which are emitted by various celestial bodies, such as pulsars, neutron stars and so on. Only a few mysterious signals may be sent out by alien civilizations. If an alien civilization is already very powerful and finds the existence of the earth through observation technology, but it is uncertain whether there is civilization on the earth, it is possible to send strong radio waves to the earth for detection.


It is also possible that powerful civilizations in the universe will send strong radio signals to all directions of the universe and search by casting nets. If some mysterious signals in the universe are sent out by alien civilizations, then one of the characteristics of such signals is that they are very regular. If the signals are sent out by celestial bodies, they are relatively messy.

The signal of civilization is bound to be very different from that of celestial bodies, which can be easily distinguished by careful study. However, due to different civilizations, languages, technologies and so on, the technical modes of radio signals are also very different. Even if we can receive such signals, it is difficult to crack them successfully.

What is the most intense and mysterious electromagnetic signal in the universe? Many astronomy enthusiasts may answer fast radio bursts (FRB). Rapid radio storm is a short and violent radio wave burst in the distant universe, which lasts for a very short time, usually only a few milliseconds, but can release the energy equivalent to that released by the sun in a whole day.


Because the energy of fast radio storms is very strong, they are often very far away from the earth, passing through hundreds of millions of light-years or even billions of light-years. In 2007, astronomers first detected rapid radio bursts. Since then, this kind of strong electromagnetic wave signal has been found almost every year. In the case of passing through, the rapid radio bursts are random, and there is no repetition rule to speak of.

However, in recent years, scientists have been receiving repeated rapid radio bursts, especially last year, scientists have received more than eight repeated rapid radio bursts, and this kind of repeated signal has been highly concerned by scientists. We should know that if the signals from natural or natural phenomena in the universe are generally random, it is difficult to repeat them more than eight times in a row.

This continuous and repeated signal reminds scientists of alien civilization. Perhaps only the signal of civilization can be repeatedly sent out. The purpose may be to let other civilizations in the universe who receive this signal guess that this is not a natural signal of the universe, but a civilization signal.


However, with the current science and technology of human beings, we still have very little knowledge of rapid radio bursts. We still don’t know what the origin of this signal is, whether it is a natural signal in the universe or a strong electromagnetic signal from an alien civilization. At present, there is still no answer.

Some astronomers believe that there should be different origins of non repetitive and repetitive fast radio bursts. Non repetitive rapid radio bursts may be caused by catastrophic cosmic explosions, such as neutron star collisions, which do not appear after an explosion. The repeated rapid radio bursts may be the radio waves released by the magnetic star (highly magnetized neutron star) in the process of moving around the black hole, or the periodic overflow of the Roche lobe of the white dwarf neutron star binary system.

Of course, the above is just a guess of scientists. We need to receive more rapid radio bursts to study and find the source of emission. In fact, Xiaobian is more likely to be sent out by alien civilization for rapid radio bursts with high repeatability. You know, the propagation distance of radio wave signals in the universe is usually very limited.


Take the current wireless electromagnetic wave signal of human beings. The energy level is very low. If it is launched into the universe, it may spread for a few light years, and the signal will be very weak. There is no hope to be received by the alien civilization. To realize the rapid propagation of radio wave signal in the universe, we need a more powerful signal mode. There are two requirements for such a signal. One is that the energy should be very strong. Only when the energy is very strong, can the signal quality be maintained and spread very far away.

Another condition is that the speed should be fast. The radio wave signal passing through is the speed of light. This speed is OK in a small range. But if you look at the whole universe, the speed is almost the same as the speed of tortoise. If there is a civilization millions of light years away from the earth, it will take millions of years for the radio signal to be received by the other side. It’s obviously not going to work. It’s too slow.

Therefore, the radio wave technology used by the advanced civilization in the universe may be completely different from the radio wave technology in our cognition. It is a kind of super light speed communication technology. Only this super radio technology can make the strong radio wave signal quickly spread to the depth of the universe, instead of waiting for a long time.


Among the cosmic signals observed by human beings, the fast radio storm undoubtedly meets these two conditions. Therefore, it is not ruled out that the fast radio storm is the civilization signal of advanced civilization, and its purpose is to explore and find the interstellar civilization of the same level in the universe. Now that human beings are not an interstellar civilization, it is very difficult for them to understand the rapid radio storm. They just think that it may be a natural signal of the universe, and few people think about the extraterrestrial civilization.

However, with the progress of human science and technology, wireless communication technology will continue to update and upgrade. I believe that in the near future, we will be able to understand the truth of rapid radio storms. If it is really a signal from alien civilization, it means that the earth may have been exposed. Alien civilizations repeatedly send signals to the earth, which may be to determine the extent to which human scientific and technological strength has developed.

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