If someone accidentally falls into a black hole, is there any hope of escape? Scientists tell you the answer

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13.8 billion years ago, the big bang happened at a mysterious singularity, and then the universe was born. After the birth of the universe continues to expand, while the formation of stars, planets and other celestial bodies. When a large number of stars continue to die, they evolve into white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, and more and more kinds of celestial bodies in the universe.

No one knows how many celestial bodies there are in the vast universe. Among the numerous celestial bodies, it is believed that many people will answer that black holes are the most mysterious and powerful. Yes, black holes were originally a kind of celestial body in Einstein’s theory of relativity, but later scientists indirectly confirmed the existence of black holes by observing some strange phenomena in the universe. On April 10 this year, the first picture of a black hole was released, so that people no longer have to doubt the existence of black holes.


The black hole is very powerful. Its super gravity can devour any celestial body and matter, even the fastest photons in the universe. Once it enters the horizon of the black hole, it cannot escape. So people give the black hole a name: phagocytic beast, its powerful phagocytic ability makes people feel very afraid of it, always afraid that one day there will be such a black hole around the earth, then the earth is not finished?

At first, scientists had a limited understanding of black holes and thought that they could not be conquered by the strong sky. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, scientists’ observation technology of black holes is also improving, and they are no longer ignorant of black holes. Hawking, a famous physicist, has done a lot of research on black holes and put forward Hawking’s radiation theory. Hawking thinks that black holes are not as terrible as people think, and they may become an important helper of human beings in the future.

The black hole is so terrible that all the celestial bodies or materials swallowed by it are lost and never come out of the black hole again. So people have a variety of conjectures about black holes. Someone once asked this question: if someone accidentally falls into a black hole, is there any hope of escape? Many people may think that this problem is ridiculous. The strong gravity of a black hole means that a star is doomed to enter it, let alone a person. As long as you accidentally fall in, there is absolutely no way back.

So is that really the case? If it is the cognition of black holes by scientists in the past, they may think that there is no possibility of escape if they fall into a black hole. However, with the deepening of the research on black holes, some scientists put forward different conjectures. In 1935, Einstein and Nathan Rosen published a paper in the review of physics. These two great physicists realized that in some cases, relativity would allow space-time to bend so much that it would form some kind of tunnel – or “bridge” – to connect two independent points. Wormhole is also called “Einstein Rosen bridge”.


When Einstein and Rosen studied the gravitational field equation, they assumed that the black hole and the white hole (the region with the opposite properties to the black hole in general relativity) were connected by wormholes, and thought that the instantaneous space transfer or time travel could be carried out through wormholes. If the black hole is really the wormhole in the conjecture, the matter entering it will not disappear, but will come out from the other end of the black hole, but it may have been far away in the deep of the starry sky at that time.

This is the idea that black holes may be wormholes. Some time ago, some scientists put forward a new argument for this. This argument is the theory of quantum entanglement of black holes. Quantum entanglement may make people who unfortunately fall into black holes escape successfully. I believe many people have heard of the theory of quantum physics, which can be said to be one of the greatest theories in modern physics.

Quantum theory studies the micro field, and the nature of the macro performance we see in this world is actually determined by the micro world. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for human beings to explore the mysteries of the world, uncover the truth of the universe, and go into the micro world to explore its mysteries. In quantum theory, there is a very famous quantum entanglement theory.


Quantum entanglement comes from quantum mechanics, not relativity. As early as 1935, Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen published another paper in the physical review, which showed that under the rules of quantum mechanics, particles can be “correlated” with each other, and the behavior of one particle will directly affect the behavior of the other.

What does that mean? Many people may listen to the explanation in professional terms. Let’s use a very simple example to illustrate. For example, now we have two photons A and B. entangle these two photons to form a certain connection. Then, we put a photon into a closed room with C photon. Next, we use the third photon C to hit a photon and destroy the entanglement between a and B.

Normally, we don’t know the information of photon a in a closed space. Because it’s a completely enclosed space, we can’t see it, we can’t detect it with detection equipment. But because a and B are entangled, when C breaks the entanglement between them, we can get all the information of C in the room through photon B.

This kind of situation is a bit similar to what people call telepathy. Sometimes when two close relatives are thousands of miles away, one of them has an accident, the other may have telepathy. It’s a very mysterious thing, and it’s hard for science to explain it. Quantum entanglement is similar to this situation. The two entangled particles have some connection. They can induce each other and ignore space. Even if they are very far away, they may be able to sense it. This speed is faster than the speed of light.


The future quantum communication that scientists explore may be applied to quantum correction. Once it is realized, it will subvert the existing communication technology and realize superluminal communication. There will be this entanglement function between particles, which can be transmitted regardless of space, and matter is composed of particles, so can this kind of quantum entanglement phenomenon be realized between matter?

If we can, then we can form a wormhole between two black holes through quantum entanglement technology. The black hole connects the space points inside the two black holes. If a person accidentally falls into the black hole, we can build a black hole outside the black hole, and then form a wormhole connecting the black hole through entanglement. The person who falls into the black hole may be transferred through the wormhole Lose it and get out.

Scientists believe that particles can form quantum entanglement, so larger objects composed of particles can entangle naturally. However, there are many difficulties in entanglement of larger objects, and now scientists have no clue about it. However, it is very important for human beings that we can find the magic phenomenon of quantum entanglement.


Quantum entanglement is not only the realization of superluminal quantum reading in the future, but also the trans space-time transmission of objects. I believe that we have seen this transmission in some science fiction movies. Astronauts landing on the surface of a planet from a spaceship do not need a spaceship to land directly. Instead, they directly transmit astronauts from the spaceship to the planet through space-time transmission to complete the mission When it comes to spaceships, it can also come back directly through space-time transmission.

Astronauts only need to carry a transmission device. This kind of space-time transmission technology in science fiction movies is similar to the quantum entanglement technology studied by scientists. If we can realize the application of quantum entanglement of objects, then the super space-time transmission in science fiction movies may also be realized, and its function may be even more powerful than that in movies.

Once this technology is realized in the future, it will be much easier for human beings to land on other planets. For example, if we want to land on Mars and the moon from the earth, we can establish a quantum entanglement channel on Mars and the moon, and then we can also establish a channel on the earth side. When the quantum entanglement occurs on both sides, a space gate will be formed, through which we can come To the stars.

If quantum entanglement technology is realized, it will be more convenient to explore the mystery of black holes in the future. Scientists have been trying to figure out what is inside black holes? But to understand this, we have to let the detector go into the black hole. Even if we have the technology that can counteract the gravity of the black hole, we can make the detector enter the black hole successfully, but we still don’t know the information inside the black hole because we can’t transmit any information directly inside the black hole.


But quantum entanglement makes the impossible possible. We install quantum entanglement device in the black hole detector. After it enters the black hole, it can transmit the information in the black hole through quantum entanglement. We can also have a look inside the black hole, maybe we can completely uncover the mystery of the black hole and see what it is. Of course, there is still a long way to go for quantum entanglement to be applied. As long as we can keep on studying, we believe that one day we will be able to turn fantasy into reality. We are looking forward to this day.

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