If that assumption is true, there may be another you, and it’s close at hand

The planet we live on was born in a vast universe. With the development of science and technology, human beings gradually began to explore the problem of birth and destruction. For the birth of the universe, the most convincing is the big bang cosmology, but with the passage of time, mankind began to draw a question mark on the truth, began to explore new areas, and put forward a bold guess – parallel cosmology, if the hypothesis is true, then there will be the same individual as the ontology, and it is likely to be close at hand.


If you think it’s just a simple scientific guess and has no practical significance, you can explore it with Xiaobian. Our hypothesis is based on the objective reality of the inhomogeneity of matter in the universe. We have all seen normal explosions, which burst out evenly from the center to the periphery. However, the universe was really born by the big bang, so the surrounding matter will be very homogeneous. But now we find that there are not only solid stars and nebulae, but also dark matter, black holes and other matter in the universe. This is not true The phenomenon of uniformity gives parallel cosmology a foothold.

So how does parallel cosmology explain that? In short, it is divorced from the original universe, the two do not affect each other, and include all existing and possible things, which perfectly explains why the universe we explore is uneven. And through the change of time, the objective reality that the same quantum state of the same object is different also shows that there may be not only one quantum, but also more than one main space (universe), which also constitutes a parallel universe.


Einstein also said that when we surpass the speed of light, time and space will change, and time will be compressed to a certain extent, even through space and back to the past. Leaving aside the influence of speed on time and space, we can realize that the so-called time axis exists, and at different nodes of the time axis there are the same individuals as the noumenon, that is to say, there may be another same thing you have done. This also leads to the famous theory “grandmother paradox”, which means that if you really go back in time and kill your grandparents, then you will no longer exist. Who killed your grandparents? This is obviously an unsolved cycle, which also raises another question. Will you really meet the same you?


The answer is possible, because there are time ripples. In short, due to the composition of the three-dimensional world, the mutual influence of time and space makes matter twist and produce gravitational waves, and makes space and time fluctuate, so that the same things have a chance to meet. We might as well open our mind. If everything is like the water surface, it will produce time ripples, then every move of us will produce ripples. Then the shadow and mirror around us may be the medium of the parallel universe, and another you may be close to you.

If the existence of parallel universe is confirmed, time travel will not be out of reach. What do you think will happen when we meet another self? Welcome to leave a message and say what you think!

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