If the alien civilization attacks the earth, can the current human strength be defeated? The answer is cruel

With the help of science and technology, when human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, an eternal topic appears, that is, does alien civilization exist? Maybe before human beings go out of the earth, they still have great doubts about the existence of alien civilization. But when we really go out of the earth and see the vastness and mystery of the universe, most people no longer doubt the existence of alien civilization.

Scientists at the pinnacle of mankind have much more knowledge of the universe than we do. Therefore, in the hearts of astronomers, they have no doubt about the existence of alien civilization. If you ask Hawking: does alien civilization really exist? He would answer without hesitation: Yes.

Some people may say, since alien civilization exists, why haven’t we found anything up to now? No alien civilization yet? In fact, it’s not our fault that we don’t work hard. The main reason is that the scientific and technological strength of human beings is limited. We can’t even go out of the small solar system now, let alone go out of the solar system and look for alien civilization in other galaxies.


Even if there is an alien civilization in the nearest neighboring galaxy to the earth, we can’t observe it at all. Unless the alien civilization comes to the solar system to contact with human beings, it will be very difficult for us to know whether it is a blessing or a curse at that time.

With the continuous progress of human science and technology and the continuous improvement of the understanding of the universe, more and more people believe in the existence of alien civilization, so many people will ask such a question: if alien civilization invades the earth, can human science and technology overcome it? Different civilizations are totally two different races. Within human civilization, in the 5000 year history of civilization, there have been many wars. Even in the modern era of peace, small wars have never disappeared from the earth.

There will be aggression within human civilization, not to mention alien races that are totally different from human beings. Therefore, the probability of alien civilization invading the earth is very high in the future. If there is such a day, can mankind defeat alien civilization? Maybe many people have seen a lot of science fiction films about alien invasion of the earth. In the film, the final result is that human beings have defeated alien civilization.

This is the plot of a science fiction movie. At first, human beings are not rivals. At last, human beings magically turn defeat into victory. This kind of movie plot makes many people have such a wrong cognition, that is, although alien civilization is stronger than human beings, because the earth is the home of human beings and they are invaders, they will all fail in the end, and human beings are still the masters of the earth.


So in the real universe, if one day the alien civilization really invades the earth, can human overcome it? Now let’s make some simple analysis on this. After reading these analysis, I believe you will have a clear answer in your mind.

First of all, we all know that alien civilization can come to the earth, which is also the same technological civilization as human beings. Only the power of science and technology can break through the limitation of interstellar space. We should know that the vast distance of the universe is measured in light years. One light year is 9460 billion kilometers. With the fastest aircraft of human beings, it will take at least 10000 years to fly this light year.

As we all know, there is only one intelligent civilization in the solar system, and the nearest star system to the earth is the billing galaxy, which is about 4.2 light-years away from the earth. Even if we fly at the speed of light, it will take more than four years to get there. Therefore, if we want to go to the biling galaxy, we must at least master the sub light speed flight technology. Only in this way can we hope to reach biling in our lifetime.


Just think, if we know that there are habitable planets in the Billings system, we want to colonize there. Are we going to send a spaceship for thousands of years, hundreds of years? The answer is no, because human life span is only a few decades. Colonization will only begin if our spacecraft can reach neighboring galaxies in decades.

In the same way, if there is a powerful alien civilization in biling galaxy that can come to earth and want to invade the earth, then the strength of this civilization is at least the primary interstellar civilization, and at least it has mastered the sub light speed flight technology that human beings can’t reach. It only takes a few years or decades to get to earth. Human beings are still far from the primary interstellar civilization. In the best case, there may be a technological gap of hundreds of years.

If this gap is in the ancient times of mankind, before the era of science and technology, there will be no gap in civilization for a hundred years. Even if there is a difference of a thousand years, the impact will not be great in the age of cold weapons, but after entering the era of science and technology, even if there is a 10-year gap in science and technology, it is very obvious. If human beings can now go back to 100 years ago, we believe that as long as we carry modern weapons, only a few people will be able to dominate the world 100 years ago.

There is a gap of at least 100 years between a primary interstellar civilization and human science and technology. Don’t underestimate this 100 years. That is the gap between heaven and earth, the gap between the whole science tree. Let’s take energy as an example. In fact, the continuous improvement of speed is also the continuous upgrading of energy technology. With the present fossil energy of mankind, the speed of spaceship can never reach the speed of sub light.


Therefore, if we want to improve the speed qualitatively, energy also needs to improve qualitatively. And this kind of energy is controllable nuclear fusion. Human beings started to study it 50 years ago, but the progress is still slow until now. Even if we give human beings another 100 years, we may not have the hope to really achieve controllable nuclear fusion. There is a big difference between primary controllable fusion and mature fusion technology.

If an alien civilization can cross the interstellar space and come to earth, the energy application of this civilization has at least reached the mature nuclear fusion technology. Only in this way can it become an interstellar civilization and have the ability to cross the interstellar space. The great difference of energy often represents the great difference of weapons. After the initial understanding of nuclear energy 50 years ago, mankind has developed destructive nuclear weapons, which is the ultimate weapon of mankind at present.

If the alien civilization has mastered the mature nuclear fusion technology, it will naturally develop more powerful destructive weapons on this basis. The power of such weapons is far from comparable to our nuclear weapons. For an interstellar civilization, energy weapons are the core, so it is inevitable to develop energy weapons based on nuclear fusion. Such weapons may be able to quickly destroy a planet.


In fact, in addition to the direct use of energy weapons to attack the earth, there are too many means to destroy the earth for an interstellar civilization. Even without using energy weapons, there are many ways to attack the earth, such as using asteroids. You know, there are hundreds of millions of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, even near the orbit of the earth.

Alien civilization can drag these asteroids and let them hit the earth. We all know how terrible the power of asteroids hitting the earth is. 65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of only 10 kilometers hit the earth, killing more than 80% of the earth’s life. If an asteroid with a diameter of 100 kilometers is dragged by an alien civilization from the small planetary belt and collides with the earth, then any life will no longer exist.

It can be seen that the alien civilization relies on its powerful strength to destroy the earth in many ways. This situation is only limited to the idea that the alien civilization does not want to colonize the earth, but just wants to destroy the earth. If the alien civilization wants to colonize the earth, it will not adopt this destructive method, but will annihilate mankind through civilized war.

Even so, is there any hope of victory for mankind? The answer is also very slim. The huge gap in science and technology will inevitably create a huge gap in weapons. For alien civilization, all kinds of human weapons may be toys, and there is no big threat. In the face of powerful weapons, it is useless to have more people. As long as the alien civilization destroys the satellites in the earth’s low earth orbit, we will be completely blind, and many powerful weapons will lose their function.


Some people may say that if the alien civilization infects the earth’s virus, isn’t that the direct end? In fact, this possibility is very small. Just imagine, since alien civilization invades the earth, it will naturally have a detection and understanding of the earth’s ecological environment, and nature also knows what things on earth can threaten them.

And it’s not a piece of cake for the interstellar civilization to detect the environmental and microbial threats of a planet? Therefore, if there are viruses on the earth that can threaten alien life, then alien civilization will certainly make various preventive measures in advance, so the earth’s viruses and other microorganisms will not threaten alien civilization.

Through the above analysis, I believe many friends understand that if an alien civilization can cross the interstellar to the earth, if it is hostile to the earth and wants to invade the earth, then human beings will have no resistance. That’s why Hawking warned us many times to explore the extraterrestrial civilization. Hawking warned: human beings should not try to find alien civilization. They may bring devastating crisis to the earth and human civilization because of a moment’s curiosity.


Before human beings are really strong, we’d better develop in the solar system, when we become an interstellar civilization, and then go out of the solar system to explore alien civilization. I believe that at that time, even if we didn’t take the initiative to look for it, we could contact a lot of intelligent civilizations outside the solar system. Only with strong scientific and technological strength can we truly protect the safety of the earth and mankind.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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