If the ancient virus in permafrost revives, what will happen to human beings? It can be very cruel

Before you know it, half of June has passed, and from June every year, the global temperature will continue to rise. This period is also the high temperature season every year. People have to fight against high temperature every day, especially in recent years, the range of temperature rise is more and more obvious. In the past few decades, although the global temperature is also rising, the temperature is still within the range that people can bear.

But in recent years, with the rising temperature, it has begun to exceed the temperature that human beings can bear. As we all know, the normal body temperature is about 36 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature of the environment exceeds this value, people will feel hot and uncomfortable. Now it’s the high temperature season every year, the temperature of the environment can easily exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and even reach 50 degrees Celsius in a few areas.

This kind of high temperature is unbearable to the human body, so every year when the high temperature season comes, we have to fight against high temperature. In order to avoid the high temperature hurt us, many people choose to stay at home during the day, blowing air conditioning, and then come out at night. And with the continuous trend of global warming, the earth’s temperature will be higher and higher in the future.


In the eyes of ordinary people, higher and higher ambient temperature only limits our activities, but in the eyes of scientists, the continuous development of global warming may bring devastating crisis to human beings. Some people may think that no matter how hot the earth is, we just need to stay at home and blow the air conditioner.

But in fact, with the rising temperature of the earth, the real disaster is coming to us step by step. At this time, many people think of the melting of glaciers in the north and south poles, and think that the crisis facing mankind in the future is the sharp rise of sea level. Indeed, with the rising global temperature, the melting rate of glaciers in the north and south poles is also accelerating. According to scientists’ estimation, if all glaciers in the Antarctic and Arctic melt, sea level will rise by 60 meters.

This increase will drown most of the land, and mankind will usher in a crisis. However, for human civilization entering the era of science and technology, we will surely have excellent technology to build marine cities in the future. Even if there is no land, we can still live in cities on the sea. Human beings will not have a devastating crisis due to the sharp rise of sea level. What is the real crisis of global warming? It’s the ancient bacteria and viruses that are frozen in the permafrost.


We need to understand that the north and south poles are not all glaciers. In addition to these glaciers, there are vast permafrost layers, and there are also permafrost layers under many glaciers. These permafrost layers may have been formed for tens of millions of years. In such a long time, I don’t know how many lives have been frozen in them. For those frozen ancient creatures, we naturally don’t have to worry too much, and they can’t survive. But it’s hard to say the ancient bacteria and viruses that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

You know, bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms are afraid of heat and cold. Ultra high temperature can completely eliminate bacteria and viruses, but ultra-low temperature can only make microorganisms dormant. And the vitality of microorganisms is very tenacious, they are just like the life that can live forever, even if they are frozen for a long time. As long as the temperature is right, it is possible to revive again.

In recent years, scientists have collected some ancient bacterial samples from the permafrost in North and South China, and then successfully revived some of them in the laboratory. It can be seen that the bacteria and viruses in the permafrost are not completely extinct, they are just sleeping. With the rising of global temperature and the melting of glaciers, the permafrost will continue to recover.


With the thawing of the permafrost, a large number of ancient bacteria and viruses are likely to revive. If you want to ask in this world, what is the most threatening life to human beings? I believe many people will answer that it is a virus. It’s true that the virus is the most serious threat to human beings. In the thousands of years of human civilization, I don’t know how many people have lost their lives because of the virus.

Even today in the era of science and technology, we still have no ability to control the virus, especially after the emergence of new viruses, which often bring great trouble to human beings. What would humans do if the ancient viruses in the permafrost revived? It can be very cruel.

We need to understand that ancient viruses are very different from modern viruses. Evolution is the main theme of life, and even microorganisms will continue to evolve. Life tens of thousands of years ago is bound to be genetically different from life today. The gene sequence of ancient viruses is also very different from that of current viruses, so we know little about ancient viruses. Once these ancient viruses have a strong ability to infect, they may spread around the world in a short time.


Some people may say that to infect human beings, the virus needs corresponding receptors in human body. Without receptors, ancient viruses would not have been able to infect humans. Although the truth is so, but once the spread of ancient viruses, may be the first to infect other natural creatures. There are millions of species in nature, and some of them can be infected with ancient viruses.

It is very normal for ancient viruses to be transmitted to human beings through natural organisms. You know, most of the viruses in the human world are brought by various organisms in nature. Therefore, once the ancient virus recovers, it is very likely that it will infect the whole nature on a large scale, and human beings will not be spared at that time.

I believe many friends have seen some biochemical crisis movies and novels. Although they are only fictional scenes of the author, in the real world, it can not happen in the future. If there is an ancient virus that poses a great threat to human beings, and human beings do not know about this virus, it may spread around the world in a very short period of time. At that time, human beings will usher in an apocalyptic crisis.


Of course, these are still in the stage of exploration and conjecture. It is estimated that the melting of glaciers in the north and south poles caused by global warming is a trend that is difficult to change. As for whether the recovery of those ancient bacteria and viruses can pose a threat to the earth’s ecology and human beings, there is no final conclusion. Scientists need to constantly explore and study, and scientists are now actively exploring and analyzing these ancient bacteria and viruses. If they are just some benign viruses, we naturally need not worry about them.

But if some of the viruses are a big threat, we have to prepare in advance. And the only thing that can overcome the virus is the power of science and technology. As long as our scientific and technological development speed is faster, the trend of global warming can slow down. I believe that all possible disasters in the future will be solved by us.

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