If the “artificial uterus” can produce, men can also inherit, is this good or bad?

Your birth is a 40 week “miracle”, from a single fertilized egg to a complete human baby, which is completed in your mother’s womb.


Now, imagine if we can take advantage of high-end technology and use these artificial uterus to bring babies to the world? How will we benefit from artificial uterus? Can we meet any malpractice? What’s going to happen in our lifetime? Let’s have a look!

You certainly don’t remember the months you spent in the mother, but at least we can guarantee that you were born from a traditional natural uterus. So, if you were born from a cutting-edge technology artificial uterus, how can you benefit from it as a technological product?


This can give the embryo a fully optimized environment for growth, with carefully calculated hormone and nutrition formula, and the embryo will not be threatened by any infectious diseases.


Artificial uterus can give gay men and single men a chance to have children without any human surrogacy. It can also give transgender women, who are not born without a uterus, and those who have lost their uterus because of injuries, a chance to have children.

But how does this benefit the little rascals themselves? The vast majority of studies on the development of artificial uterus are based on the care of premature infants.


In 2017, fetal surgeon Alan Frank conducted an experiment at children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The experiment used an amniotic sac, also known as “organic bag”, in which sheep embryos were placed with sterile liquid, protein and nutrient rich blood supply. The experiment simulated the human pregnancy from the 23rd week to the 27th week.


When lambs are removed from the organic bag, they grow up like ordinary natural born lambs. But from another point of view, we must consider whether there is any disadvantage of using artificial uterus. Is there any disadvantage? If artificial uterus production becomes affordable, society will be bombarded by controversy. Morality, science, science and technology, politics, religion, social structure and economy will all be involved in the controversy, endlessly arguing.

According to Jorah, a neonatal scientist at the Detroit Medical Center, artificial uterus cannot replace the effect of natural childbirth, or the effect of placenta on hormones, or biochemical signals. In addition, if the artificial uterus is used in an impure way and motive, we may face an anti Utopian nightmare.


There may also be places like “baby factories” to make and sell children. With the increase of the number of children born with artificial uterus, there will be great differences in society. Topics of debate include measuring natural born children by the same standard and perfect artificial uterus.


Is the child born fair, or in case of any accident during the artificial uterine pregnancy? Can the rich avoid all the risks of natural pregnancy and only use artificial uterus?

There are a lot of questions to think about. Is this possible in our lifetime? Andofen University of science and technology has begun to test, the school is developing a special artificial incubator for the fetus, to help simulate the physiological environment of the uterus. In this way, the fetus can absorb nutrients and hydrogen through the artificial placenta connected to the umbilical cord.


If all goes according to plan, the research will last for five years, and will eventually be tested with human fetuses, which can have all the conditions in a natural uterus in an artificial uterine environment. Anyway, it’s going to piss off some people, but if we’re developing this technology to help premature babies survive, it’s really a great idea.


What do you think of artificial uterus? Welcome to comment area.

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