If the desert is hollowed out, what will be found under it? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I suddenly realized

71% of the earth’s area is ocean, and only 29% of the land area. One third of the land is covered by desert, which is the forbidden zone of life. On average, many people travel and search for treasure in the desert every year. Many people are lost in the desert and stay in the desert forever. Many people may wonder, if one day all the deserts disappear, or if the deserts are hollowed out, what will be under the exposed deserts? Maybe you don’t believe the answer.

The first feeling of desert is the heat of death. It rains very little all the year round, and it’s easy to get lost in the desert. Even if you take a compass, sometimes it will fail. Therefore, the desert is called a Jedi. It’s very difficult to survive in the desert. Only those who often walk in the desert can safely get in and out of the desert, so people who explore in the desert go to the desert They will hire experienced desert walkers to guide the cities, otherwise it will be easier to enter the desert than to come out.

The desert is endless in our eyes. We don’t know how deep the sand is. The bottom of the desert is also deep. No one knows what is at the bottom of the desert? Although we don’t know what is at the bottom of the desert, we can still guess from the formation and geological structure of the desert.


First of all, we know that deserts are not innate. Many deserts used to be oceans before they were formed. We know that the oceans contain a lot of sand. When the terrain of desert areas is lower than other areas, when the sea water flows here, the flow zone decreases, and the sand carried by the sea water will slowly deposit in the low-lying areas. With the accumulation of time, the sand will be more and more The sea water can no longer flow here, and gradually it becomes a desert.

It’s not difficult to guess what’s at the bottom of the sand when we know the reason of the formation of the desert. At the bottom of the sea, we all know that there are a lot of rocks, and there is a lithosphere at the bottom and deep of the desert, otherwise it will not be able to support the existence of the sand. Although the desert is a forbidden area for life, there is life in it. Some drought tolerant plants grow in the desert, and some small animals also live in the desert. They can walk through the sand, and even human beings live in the desert.

Therefore, if the desert is hollowed out, most of the hard stones at the bottom of the desert will be seen. In addition to these stones, there are many ancient cities under the desert, such as the disappeared Loulan ancient city. On the ancient Silk Road, there were many cities and kingdoms in the desert. These cities were once brilliant. Later, these ancient cities were buried in the desert and disappeared in people’s view.

Many of the ancient civilizations that once disappeared were buried in the desert, but it is also very difficult for archaeologists to find the relics of these civilizations in the desert. Desert is no more than land, and it is not easy to dig down and fix them. Maybe these ancient civilizations can only be seen again when the desert is gone one day.


At the bottom of the desert, there are many ancient tombs besides the stones and the disappeared ancient civilization cities. Although most people in ancient times had to choose a geomantic treasure land to bury after death, some emperors and other dignitaries chose to bury in the desert, especially the people in the civilized cities in the desert chose to bury in the desert. Because of the dry climate in the desert, tombs are not easy to be stolen because of their strong concealment. At the same time, because of the dry climate, tombs can be preserved for a long time, and corpses are not easy to rot. mummies that are often handled may not rot for thousands of years in the desert.

It is precisely because of the disappearance of ancient civilization and various well preserved tombs in the desert that many people go to the desert to explore and find treasure every year. Some people succeed, but more people stay in the desert forever and are buried in the yellow sand. In dangerous desert areas, without experience and guidance, it is better not to step into the desert easily. There are countless treasures in the desert, but there are also countless dangers. If you are not careful, you may stay in the desert forever.

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