If the earth is as big as the sun, will human life be happier? It’s really bad

What if the earth were as big as the sun? As everyone knows, our sun is very big, its diameter is about 1392000 km, 109 times the diameter of the earth; its mass accounts for 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system; its volume is very large, and it can hold 1.3 million earths. The distance between the sun and the earth is about 150 million kilometers. If an earth can fill a sun, and the earth is as big as the sun, what will the earth look like?


Imagine that if the terrain of our whole earth is lengthened, the area of the continent will also expand, which is a timely help to those areas where the quality of life is declining due to overpopulation. And buying a good piece of land, compared with the current market on the earth, may also be more affordable.

But now we need to take into account that every water area on earth will cover more land than it does now, which means that lakes, rivers and even oceans will become shallower. This also makes it easier for their water to evaporate and possibly even dry out.


The shallower the water is, the easier it is to absorb the heat of the sun, which will endanger marine life in cold water. As other smaller sources of water start to dry up, wildlife on land will have to migrate and go even further in search of fresh water. This long journey puts them in danger.


We humans will be in the same dangerous situation, not only because we may fight for limited fresh water resources, but also because our food production will be reduced. Food crops need a certain amount of soil to grow, from which the crops can absorb the required nutrients.

If our earth becomes as big as the sun, just like water, our soil will spread out to cover more places. In this way, the soil layer will become thinner and the yield of food crops will be reduced, but the demand for food will not change much.


If we don’t take into account the existence of life on earth, we may not consider it.


It may not be easy to imagine that the earth is as big as the sun, but when you realize that a sun sized Earth will also have the same mass as the sun, you will know that it will not only endanger human survival, but also disrupt our entire solar system.

If the earth is as big as the sun, the moon will leave us anyway. If a planet has more mass, its gravity will be stronger. If the earth were as big as the sun, the earth’s gravity would be more than 28 times that of today.


The reason why our solar system works like it does now is that the mass of the sun is so large that it has enough attraction to hold the orbits of planets in other solar systems firmly. Now, if the earth and the sun were the same size, they might become two stars orbiting each other.


How will this new rivalry affect the orbits of other planets in the solar system? Will the earth, whose gravity has been significantly enhanced, be hit by more asteroids?

Of course, in addition to worrying about asteroid impact, there are many things to worry about. The earth’s satellites may also fall to the earth, and the buildings and bridges on the earth will collapse under the enhanced gravity. Only the low and strong trees can stand the heel, while other trees may not bear the weight.


Your weight will also increase significantly, even too heavy to move, think about it carefully, if you now weigh 50 kg, then on the earth as big as the sun, you will feel that you have 1400 kg. More cruelly, with the increase of gravity, time will slow down. Maybe you can live longer, but you can’t move. You may have to suffer in bed all your life.


Fortunately, we can wake up from such a nightmare, because the earth will never be as big as the sun. In fact, there are hundreds of tons of holes in the earth’s atmosphere, so every day our earth’s mass is getting smaller.

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