If the earth is not a perpetual motion machine, why can it rotate for 4.6 billion years? This material is the power!

If the earth is not a perpetual motion machine, why can it rotate for 4.6 billion years? This material is the power!


In science fiction movies, there is always a person who has super ability, who is invulnerable and has strong ability. But movies are movies after all and can’t change reality. We know that in real life, there is no one with super power. Even if there is, he does not belong to this world.


In addition to superpowers, there is also a design in many science fiction movies, that is, perpetual motion machine, which is a technology that human beings have been longing for. As long as the perpetual motion machine is created, it means that there is a continuous stream of capabilities. In the future, human beings no longer need to worry about the energy crisis, and it can continue forever. But so far, the perpetual motion machine is still in the imagination, and it can not be replaced Unless humans can reach the speed of light. If the earth is not a perpetual motion machine, why can it rotate for 4.6 billion years? This material is the power!


What is perpetual motion machine?


So far, no matter how fast an object is, it can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. The closer the speed of light is, the greater the mass of the object is. It is almost impossible to control the mass unchanged. The perpetual motion machine does not need external energy input. It only needs to move continuously and do external work under the condition of heat source. In such a large nature, a machine that can continuously do work without consuming energy has violated the law of conservation of energy. Any object in motion at the same time, need to consume energy.


The existence of perpetual motion machine has already violated the second law of thermodynamics. Some people think that such a perpetual motion machine exists, that is, our earth, the earth has been rotating around the sun since its birth, but human beings have not found any mechanical parts of the earth, so the saying that it is a perpetual motion machine is broken. After all, all the stars in the universe are constantly moving. If the earth is a perpetual motion machine, are other stars also perpetual motion machines? The power of the earth’s rotation ultimately comes from the residual energy of the star element. The formation of the nebula is instantaneous, and it is also the residual energy left by the big bang of the universe. Such energy will be consumed one day.


What is the existence of perpetual motion machine related to?


The power source of the earth’s rotation is also closely related to the so-called core. All radioactive elements in the core will produce huge energy when they decay. In other words, geothermal energy is not endless energy. Maybe in two billion years, the temperature of the earth’s core will also drop significantly. These are all uncertain. Perpetual motion machine is just like a wormhole. It is full of too many unknowns. Human beings have limited ability to find it.


However, it can’t stop human’s enthusiasm for perpetual motion machine. Perhaps when human science and technology reach a new stage, perpetual motion machine can also be realized naturally. By then, the resources on the earth will be inexhaustible, and human beings will be the biggest beneficiary. Both perpetual motion machines and superpowers are things that human beings desire. Although human beings are the dominators of the earth, their abilities are greatly limited. Do you think the legendary perpetual motion machine really exists in this world? You can leave a message for interaction.

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