If the earth is not round, what impact will human beings have in the future? It’s a big loss this time!

If the earth is not round, what impact will human beings have in the future? It’s a big loss this time!


If you want to know how a country is developing, you can see it in many fields, such as economy, politics, science and technology. Once upon a time, China’s research in all aspects depended on western countries and was not independent. With the joint efforts of Chinese people, China has gradually become more and more powerful. We can see from the aerospace field.


In 2003, Yang Liwei first went into space, opening a new era of space. Since then, China has devoted itself to the study of space, and has also built more spaceships and detectors, so as to have a deeper understanding of the universe. When human beings really stepped out of the earth, they knew how small they were, making people think that the earth was round, boundless, endless, and there was no turning point. Many people have a big puzzle in their heart. If the earth is square, what will happen? If the earth is not round, what impact will human beings have in the future? It’s a big loss this time!


Scientists have a bold guess. Once the earth turns into a square, it is obvious that human beings will not go extinct. At most, their living environment will be affected. A square is a hexahedron with edges and angles. Among the eight corners, the one far away from the earth’s center of gravity and the one with the least gravity will appear. Therefore, there will be eight divisions. The side with the nearest earth’s center of gravity has stronger gravity, so the earth’s center of gravity Water will flow in the direction of gravity. It’s not a good thing to have lots of water resources. It can also cause floods.


Square is a kind of plane body. If all the water in the ocean accumulates on the plane, the plane of the place where people live will overflow, the farmland will be reduced, and the cultivated land resources will become more and more scarce. At that time, people can only rely on the ocean resources. The ocean alone is not good. Many oceans can not be directly drunk. If they eat by mistake, it will bring great risks. At that time, people can only rely on the ocean resources Fish for a living. Many people can only change their living habits. It’s not a good thing to live in the ocean for a long time. It will also be affected by the climate. Natural disasters, such as tsunamis and huge waves, will inevitably occur. There will be risks anytime and anywhere.


The earth is in motion all the time. One day, the edges and corners of a square will be smoothed, and eventually a circle will be formed. Therefore, if the earth is square, it will be terrible for human beings and all living things. In the future, it will be covered by the ocean, and human beings will become miserable. Although they will not go extinct, they will definitely be affected much more than they think. At that time, human beings can only follow the earth’s environment, change their living habits, and make a living by fishing. If they don’t do so, they will end up in the end It’s very sad.


Scientists speculate that all this is reasonable. Fortunately, the earth is not a cube. If it is a cube, our life will be dramatically changed, and we will not be so happy to live on the earth. Everyone should protect the earth, which is everything the earth gives to mankind. You know, the earth can be without human beings, but human beings can’t be without the earth. Everything on the earth is wealth. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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