If the earth stops rotating for 10 seconds, what will happen to human beings?

The earth is the only planet with signs of life in the universe (currently known), and it is also the most special planet in the universe. It creates abundant water resources and suitable living environment for human beings. If it was not for human beings on earth to bring such good living conditions, perhaps human beings would not have appeared.


So we often call it mother earth, not just because of its environment. In addition, it has been 4.6 billion years since its birth. In these years, it has never stopped “working”, that is, it keeps turning. It is because it keeps turning that we can feel the alternation of day and night and the change of the four seasons of the year.

We gradually adapt to the environment on the earth, and there are not only human beings, but also all kinds of creatures on the earth. We live together on the earth and have a long history. However, some people have asked the question: if the earth stops rotating for 10 seconds, what will be the impact on human beings and the living things on the earth?


I believe many people know that the earth is divided into revolution and rotation. When we look down from the north pole, the earth rotates counterclockwise. The revolution of the earth is around the center of the solar system, and the sun moves at a constant speed.


So we can experience the changes in the four seasons of the year. Rotation means that the earth itself moves at a constant speed, that is, the alternation of day and night. One rotation of the earth is equivalent to one day and one night.

There are many people who think that the earth will stop rotating for 10 seconds, which will not have much impact on human beings, because they think that 10 seconds is not enough to talk about, and that 10 seconds is very short, but is that really the case?


For this problem, some scientists say that although it is only 10 seconds, it will also cause very serious consequences, and even bring fatal harm to human beings in this short 10 seconds. So what happens when the earth suddenly stops rotating for 10 seconds?


If the earth suddenly stops rotating, humans may be in a state of half day and half night. Although we know that the earth is rotating at a constant speed, if it really stops suddenly, it will always remind people of the sudden braking of cars on the road.

Of course, the consequences are serious. Prediction alone is a terrible situation. When we are persecuted by natural disasters, we are scared to death, not to mention that the earth stops rotating instantly.


In physics, we all know inertia. Any object has inertia. If the earth really stops rotating, then anything on the earth that is not solid will fly out because of inertia.


For example, some small and light things will fly everywhere, and people on earth will fly out at the speed of 500 meters per second, which will be affected by irresistible inertia.

Moreover, the air will be squeezed and produce strong wind. Almost all buildings on the earth will be destroyed by hurricanes and rush everywhere. The whole world will be in a mess in an instant.


When the earth stops rotating, not only human beings will be hurt and get off the track. It will even lead to the collision between the moon and the earth, and between the two stars, which is very likely to cause the consequences of both sides to lose, and eventually everyone will disappear forever.


The bold guess of scientists, let alone the fact that the earth has stopped rotating for 10 seconds, is that it is impossible to stop for a second, because it will cause more terrible harm than we think, and may cause the end of the world.

This is the result that no one wants to see. The reason for this question may be that we can’t see the endless exploitation and destruction of the earth by human beings, and the earth is already full of holes.

Although this issue is only a hypothesis, it can not help but make people reflect that we should implement intensive protection measures for the earth, so that more people know the importance of the earth to human beings. After all, this is where we all live. Everyone is responsible for protecting the earth! We don’t want to see this kind of disaster happen. What do you think of it? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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