If the earth suddenly rotates in the opposite direction, how long can humans last? You may not believe it

If the earth suddenly rotates in the opposite direction, how long can humans last?


At that moment, suddenly the opposite force will cause most of the buildings on the surface to be uprooted. Many objects, including human beings, will fly into the air and move from west to east at the speed of 2000 kilometers per hour.

The earth reverses for one minute


In other words, the ocean with fluid properties will be out of control due to inertia, which will lead to a global tsunami. Many islands, such as Maldives and Japan, will be completely submerged.


At the same time, great changes have taken place in the global wind direction, resulting in a super hurricane of 1600 kilometers per hour. Wherever the hurricane goes, whether it is skyscrapers in New York or pyramids in Egypt, it will be completely destroyed.

One day of earth reversal


If you can survive, you will see the sun rise from the West. Although it is still 24 hours a day, all time zones around the world will be rearranged.


The earth reverses for one cycle

Due to the serious damage to the earth’s core, the earth’s magnetic field also began to appear problems, which may lead to GPS failure and compass stop working. Moreover, all migratory animals using magnetic navigation will lose their way, and the crust may collapse at any time. Mountains and rivers began to appear turbulence, with the weakening of the magnetic field, violent solar wind and high-risk radiation from the universe, will cross the earth’s atmosphere, and directly irradiate the earth’s surface. At that time, mankind can only move to the underground fortress, barely survive.


The earth reverses for one month


The ocean current has undergone earth shaking changes. As the ocean occupies 71% of the earth’s area, every movement of the ocean will have a huge impact on the global climate.

Once the earth reverses, the radial current from the Atlantic Ocean will disappear completely. On the contrary, another similar current will appear in the Pacific Ocean, which is responsible for the global redistribution of heat. This new current will make the Sahara Desert disappear and gradually form tropical rain forest, but at the cost of turning large regions, including North and South America, into desert zones.


Half a year of earth reversal


Great changes will take place in the environment of Europe. The cold current from the Pacific Ocean will lead to a sharp drop in the temperature of the region. People have to move to warm areas to live. However, Russia, which was once extremely cold, will be affected by the current and gradually warm up.

One year of earth reversal


In the ocean, cyanobacteria are more dominant than other phytoplankton species. Several billion years ago, the early cyanobacteria carried out photosynthesis and released oxygen, which made the whole atmosphere of the earth go from anaerobic state to aerobic state. This provided conditions for the evolution of life of various organisms.

Once the earth reverses, the living range of cyanobacteria will expand rapidly, and the oxygen content in the atmosphere will be further changed, which will greatly increase the oxygen content. However, the oxygen enriched state is not suitable for the survival of most existing animals, and humans may also be poisoned by inhaling too much oxygen.

However, all the things about the earth reversal can only be imagined at present, because in a few seconds after the reversal, we may completely disappear from the world. Even if a life can survive, it will not last for more than a year at most. In front of the natural interface, human beings are still too fragile, so we have no need to worry about things that haven’t happened yet. What we should do is to cherish and seriously live every day in our short decades of life.

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