If the earth were compressed into a neutron star, what would the diameter be? The answer may be beyond your imagination

13.8 billion years ago, the big bang of singularity gave birth to the universe. After the birth of the universe, it is expanding and forming a variety of celestial bodies. One of the most common celestial bodies is the star. The status of stars in the universe is extraordinary. Some people may not understand that stars are not the most powerful celestial bodies in the universe. What is their extraordinary status?

We all know that the background of the universe is a cold and dark space, and stars are the bright eyes in the universe. They bring some light and warmth to the dark and cold universe. At the same time, star systems are formed around the stars, and each star system moves around the center of the big galaxy, which makes a great contribution to the stability of the universe.

A bigger role of stars is to help the planets in the habitable zone to produce life and even intelligent life. If there were no stars, there would be no life in the universe. Without the sun, there will be no birth of life on earth, nor will there be the birth of human beings. Although stars are very great, their lifespan is relatively short on a cosmic scale.


Stars have different lifespan depending on their mass. The principle is that the larger the mass of a star, the shorter its life span. Small stars such as the sun have a life span of about 10 billion years. If a star of medium mass has a life span of only a few hundred million years, the life span of a star of high mass may only be tens of millions of years. Although the life span of stars is relatively short, they will transform into another kind of celestial body when their life comes to an end.

According to the different mass of stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes will be formed after the end of their life. Small stars like the sun eventually form white dwarfs, which are very dense objects. In the universe, if you want to ask which solid object has the largest mass under the same area, many people may think of it as a neutron star.

The strength of celestial bodies in the universe is based on the mass. The larger the mass, the greater its gravity. If you want to ask who is the overlord in the universe, I believe many people know that it is a black hole. Yes, the mass of a black hole is surprisingly large. However, a black hole basically has no entity. The reason why its mass is strong is that there is a singularity with infinite mass and infinitesimal volume in its center.

The mass of neutron star is second only to that of black hole, but neutron star has a solid structure, so the real big one in the universe is neutron star. It is one of the few terminal points that stars may become at the end of their evolution after supernova explosion due to gravitational collapse. What is the density of a neutron star? On average, the mass of neutron stars per cubic centimeter reaches 80 million to 2 billion tons, which is about 1 million times the density of water.


Such a strong density makes people simply can’t imagine, so when scientists first found neutron stars, they simply can’t believe that there are such special mysterious celestial bodies in the universe. Maybe some people don’t know about neutron stars. If we talk about another kind of celestial body, I believe many people know that it is pulsar. Pulsars can emit regular radio waves, which is one of the mysterious celestial bodies in the universe. In fact, pulsars are neutron stars.

Why can neutron stars be so dense? Scientists have found that it is mainly related to its internal structure. When the hydrogen, helium, carbon and other elements in the core of a star are exhausted in the nuclear fusion reaction, and when they are finally transformed into iron, they will not be able to obtain energy from the nuclear fusion, and the life of the star will be in doubt. At this time, the material around the star will fall rapidly to the core by gravity.

At this time, the kinetic energy of the star’s shell is converted into heat energy and explodes outwards to produce a supernova explosion, which is the final battle of the star. After the supernova explosion, the inner region of the star will form white dwarfs, neutron stars and even black holes. According to scientists’ calculations, when the mass of an old star is about 8-30 times that of the sun, it may eventually become a neutron star, while a star with a mass less than 8 Suns can only become a white dwarf.


Although the density of white dwarfs is large, it is still within the maximum density range of normal material structure: electron or electron, nucleus or nucleus, and the atomic structure is complete. In a neutron star, the pressure is so great that the electron degenerate pressure in a white dwarf can no longer bear it: the electron is compressed into the nucleus, neutralized with the proton, making the atom only composed of neutrons. The neutron degenerate pressure supports the neutron star and prevents it from further compression. And the whole neutron star is formed by such nuclei close together. It can be said that a neutron star is a huge nucleus. The density of a neutron star is the density of the nucleus.

The reason why the density and mass of neutron stars are so large has been found, but many people still can’t feel how huge the mass of neutron stars is. Someone asked a question: if the earth is compressed into a neutron star, how big will it be? Some people may think that the diameter of a neutron star should be very large, but in fact, the diameter of a neutron star is very small.

If the earth is compressed into a neutron star with a diameter of only 22 meters, a peanut sized neutron star will be put on the earth, equivalent to the weight of 1000 100000 ton aircraft carriers. After the mass of the sun is compressed into a neutron star, it is less than 10 kilometers in diameter. The diameter of a neutron star is generally no more than 20 kilometers.

The volume of neutron star is so small, but its density and mass are so large that some people think that if we use neutron star as a weapon, it will be invincible in the universe? In fact, it is true. I dare not say that it is 100% invincible, but at least except for black holes, it is estimated that no celestial body can withstand its impact. Some advanced civilizations in science fiction transform neutron stars into neutron war stars and become powerful weapons of civilization.


Neutron war star has no special means of attack, its means of attack is impact, energy weapons hit it, it is difficult to destroy it. However, no matter how tough the spaceship is, it can’t withstand the impact of neutron star, especially if the planet is hit by it, it will be basically destroyed. Therefore, in the high civilization interstellar war in science fiction, a powerful neutron war star can often determine the victory or defeat of a battle.

Neutron war star is too far away for human beings, and now it’s just a science fiction idea. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, it is inevitable to transform celestial bodies in the future. Planets can be transformed, and neutron stars can be changed as long as they are strong enough in science and technology. If humans can use neutron stars in the future, the power will change greatly. Even if only a small piece of material can be removed from a neutron star, its effect is enormous, and it can be used as a bullet for kinetic energy weapons.

It’s easier for us to get a piece of rock or material from an ordinary planet. But it’s very difficult to get a piece of material from a neutron star. It’s just a huge dense nucleus, which can’t be achieved without strong scientific and technological strength. Therefore, in the universe, the ability to obtain material from neutron stars must be regarded as a powerful advanced civilization, and human beings do not know when they will be able to do so.


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