If the earth’s climate change is not prevented, human civilization may collapse before 2050

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. We should take good care of and protect our own home. But human activities are constantly destroying this beautiful home.

Before human beings have entered the era of scientific and technological development, the earth’s environment still maintains a relatively beautiful ecosystem. However, with the beginning of human industrial revolution and entering the era of scientific and technological development, the massive development of industry has caused increasingly serious damage to the earth’s ecological environment. The most obvious change is the greenhouse effect brought by a large number of greenhouse gases, which makes the global temperature rise continuously.

I believe many friends know that 2019 is the year of El Nino, which is the pronoun of extreme climate. Recently, the natural disasters caused by El Nino phenomenon have begun to appear, with continuous gales and rainstorms. This is just the beginning. This kind of climate will become more crazy in the next few months. This is a natural disaster caused by the rising global temperature, and the root cause is the emission of a large number of greenhouse gases.


Recently, the us interesting science website published a scientific paper, which was published by the National Climate recovery center in Melbourne. Its core point is that “human civilization constitutes a threat to survival in the near to medium term”. If we do not take serious actions to slow down climate change in the next 10 years, our human civilization may collapse as early as 2050.

Some people may think that this is impossible, but in the paper, scientists give examples of some facts that have happened now, which are far more serious than we think. The climate crisis facing mankind is bigger and more complex than any other crisis in the past. The model used by the United Nations panel on climate change (IPCC) in 2018 predicted that a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) rise in global temperature could put hundreds of millions of people at risk.

The temperature of the earth is rising every year. I believe many friends can feel it. With the rapid development of science and technology, the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases will not decrease, which also makes it difficult to reverse the global temperature rise. If it continues to develop, the global temperature will rise by about 3 degrees Celsius before 2050.

At that time, the world’s ice sheet will disappear, and extreme climate will also make some areas fall into drought. For example, severe drought destroyed many trees in the Amazon rainforest; the earth will fall into a feedback loop composed of hotter and more deadly environment. If the north and South glaciers disappear, the direct result will be a sharp rise in sea level, and a lot of land will be drowned.


At that time, drought, floods and wildfires often raged on the land. Nearly one third of the world’s land has become desert. The collapse of the entire ecosystem, extreme climate phenomena will have a serious impact on the tropical regions of the world, destroy the agriculture in the region, and make more than 1 billion people become refugees. The large-scale flow of refugees, the shrinking coastline of Shanghai and the severe shortage of food and water.

The serious shortage of resources may lead to a war for resources all over the world, which will eventually lead to a nuclear war and destroy the whole human civilization. These may seem like pessimistic conjectures of scientists, but if we think about it carefully, it is not impossible that it will happen. If the global temperature continues to rise, in a few decades, the melting of the north and South rivers will be inevitable, and the drowning of coastal cities will be inevitable.

Human’s ability to bear high temperature is limited, now people have to bear more than 20 days of deadly high temperature weather every year. If the temperature continues to rise in the future, we will endure more days of deadly high temperature weather, and it is possible that the temperature will rise to a certain extent, which we can’t bear at all. The human body’s ability to withstand high temperature is very limited. If the temperature exceeds 37 ℃, the body will not be able to bear it.


Higher and higher climate will make El Nino phenomenon occur frequently, extreme climate will be more and more serious, human fragile body is difficult to withstand the disaster test from nature. If we want this conjecture not to happen before 2050, only people all over the world recognize the great threat of climate change. We need to start now to prevent this idea from becoming a reality.

Although scientists want people all over the world to protect the earth’s ecological environment from now on, the reality is very difficult to achieve. First of all, among the world’s more than 7 billion people, only a small number of people can really have such a sense of crisis, and most people will still disagree. Even though many people have seen the continuous occurrence of natural disasters in recent years, few people will really take action in an all-round way.

Secondly, we all know that the global extreme environment is mainly caused by the massive emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and a lot of carbon dioxide emissions are caused by industrial production. Is it possible to stop industrial production all over the world? Of course not. Even though we all know that industrial production will release carbon dioxide, the rapid development of human science and technology is inseparable from industry. If we stop industry, we will stop the development of science and technology and the progress of human civilization.

Finally, there are various kinds of interest disputes, such as the emission of greenhouse gases from fuel vehicles, but is it possible to prevent the production of fuel vehicles all over the world? It’s also impossible. If this is done, many auto companies will go bankrupt, and the impact will be very huge. Although we know the pollution caused by fuel vehicles, it is estimated that many people will not be willing to ban fuel vehicles on the road tomorrow.


This is human nature. Although we all know that the global temperature is rising and that there are more and more natural disasters, you will not be willing to go out tomorrow without driving, walking or riding electric power. As long as people have a car at home, they will not let it stay idle at home. They will use it when they buy it.

Now the number of cars is increasing every year. How many people will realize that the environment is disgusting and prefer green travel to driving? I believe that there are few people who have this kind of consciousness. Many people who travel green are ordinary people who can’t afford to buy. As long as you have money, you are expected to buy a car, so you won’t consider whether it will cause pollution to the atmosphere.

It can be seen that the scientists’ conjecture that the global climate is deteriorating and human civilization may collapse before 2050 is unfair to most people. If we want to completely reverse the extreme deterioration of climate, we still need to rely on science and technology. As long as human beings develop new clean energy that can completely replace traditional energy, the problem of environmental degradation can be fundamentally solved.


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