If the earth’s rotation direction changes, what will happen on the earth?

We have been learning geography since middle school. We all know that the earth has been turning from west to East all the time. But if one day the earth suddenly changes its direction and rotates in the opposite direction from east to west, what will happen to the world?


Open your head and think about it. Maybe at that time, the sea was pouring down, all the original rich land was salinized, the Himalayas was no longer the highest mountain, the world was no longer seven continents and four oceans, and the Amazon became the Gobi desert. As described in the disaster movie 2012, the whole world would encounter a great turbulence, and need a new Noah’s Ark to save it.

A group of scientists with big brain holes also thought of the whole interesting problem, so they decided to do an experiment with the help of computer to witness what would happen if the earth rotates in the opposite direction around the sun?


According to their computer model demonstration, if the earth turns upside down, the Amazon rainforest, the lung of the earth, will become a desert, a new Sahara, and North America, with vast forest area, will become a desert and Gobi desert.


And at the beginning of the reversal moment, the earth will be almost hit, the sea will pour up a huge tsunami to impact all the coastal cities, a strong storm will ravage the surface in an instant, destroying all buildings and trees. The great friction caused by the violent vibration of the air is likely to circle the forest and cause unimaginable fires.

What’s more terrible is that the earth’s magnetic field will disappear for a moment at the moment of reversal. The magnetic field is closely related to the life of the earth. It blocks the terrible ionizing radiation from the solar wind. When the magnetic field disappears, the ionizing radiation will directly appear on the earth’s land surface, which is a huge disaster for living beings, even more than storms, tsunamis and earthquakes.


Of course, after the earth’s reversion and the earth’s calmness, scientists have discovered an interesting phenomenon. At that time, the earth will become more livable. Most deserts will be covered by grasslands and forests. Dead animals and plants will become nutrients for a new round of biological growth. The microorganisms in the ocean will be more abundant and the food will be sufficient. For the new marine life The development of things is of great significance.


It’s just that no one knows what will happen to human beings at that time.

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