If the end comes, can the survivors restart the earth? Scientist: the Doomsday Seed Bank has already been prepared

From the beginning of 2020, many friends are worried about today. With the epidemic sweeping the world and the frequent outbreak of natural disasters, they are afraid that 2020 will really be the end of the world as many prophecies say.

However, these are nonsense, and we don’t need to worry too much. However, we can assume that one day the end of the world is coming, and only a few people on the earth survive. Can they restart the earth?


In the movie wandering the earth, it is written that the first plan of mankind is to wander the earth, but it takes thousands of years for the earth to wander. Once something happens during this period, the hope of the earth and all mankind will be destroyed.

However, in addition to the first plan, a second-hand preparation has been made, that is, the aircraft carrying the genes and seeds of the earth’s creatures will fly independently until it finds a planet suitable for human habitation and reestablishes human civilization.

You know what? In fact, there is really a place on the earth where all the seeds of the world are stored. When the earth encounters an accident, the people who eventually survive can rely on the seeds to continue to multiply.


Do you think it’s made up? But in fact, in real life, scientists actually built the first “seed base” on earth.

If the end of the world really happens and these seeds are found by the survivors and used well, there is a great chance to restart the earth. Of course, restarting the earth is not as easy as we think.


Doomsday seed vault

This seed bank is built under the permafrost in Svalbard, Norway. Together with some fund organizations, Norway has built the world’s largest seed bank, which is ready for the end of mankind.

There are 986000 seeds stored in this seed bank, each containing 500 dry seeds on average, and the total weight is more than 5 tons. Because there are many kinds of plant seeds and the data are comprehensive, it is called “Doomsday Seed Bank” and “Noah’s Ark seed bank”.


Seeing this, some friends may have doubts. According to the current development of the earth, the end of the world will be caused by the rising sea level caused by the greenhouse effect and the gradual inundation of land.

So, won’t this seed bank also be submerged by the sea? Then there’s no point in preserving them. In addition to this reason, if natural disasters such as asteroid collisions, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also bring fatal blows, will this seed bank still exist?


To know what we can think of, scientists are ready to deal with it. The reason why the Doomsday Seed Bank was built in Norway and not elsewhere is that the altitude here is about 130 meters, and even if global warming causes land to be submerged, the sea will not submerge the seed bank.

Moreover, the probability of an earthquake is relatively low, and the seed bank carrying seeds is enough to withstand a magnitude 10 earthquake. Coupled with the relatively low temperature in Norway, it is difficult for microorganisms to survive, and the seeds stored here are not easy to rot. So even if there is a disaster, the seed bank will not be destroyed.

The seeds here are usually replaced at regular intervals. The old seeds will be used for planting, and some newer and more vigorous new seeds will be re preserved. Some plant seeds can be preserved for decades, some even hundreds of years. Now, with the gradual destruction of the earth’s ecosystem, many plants are extinct.


So, is there really the end of the world?

The concept of the end of the world is different for human beings and the earth.


For the earth, the end of the world means that the earth no longer exists. For human beings, it is the end of the world that the earth’s environment is no longer suitable for human habitation.

So, if one day the end of the world is coming, can these seeds really help mankind rebuild civilization? What do you think? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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