If the existence of “ghost” is proved one day in the future, will people panic? You are being paranoid.

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Before entering the era of science and technology, human beings like to use ghosts to explain many unknown things in the world. For example, in ancient times, people thought that there were different gods to control and manage the storm and thunder in nature.

Myths and legends have been running through the main line of human civilization. There is no definite answer as to when the myths and legends in human history originated. According to the exploration and research of scientists, the origin of myths and legends may be at least 10000 years ago, that is to say, as early as 10000 years ago, there may have been related myths and legends.


In all kinds of myths and legends, ghosts and gods are the mainstream, and immortals are superior beings, which can only be realized through cultivation or great opportunities. The ghost is widespread. It is said that after death, it is only the death of the body, and the soul will continue to exist in the form of a ghost. Moreover, there is a special space for ghosts to live in, which is called hell.

Most people in ancient times believed in the legend of ghosts, so there were many occupations related to ghosts. These occupations were very popular at that time, and they were called Mr. Yin Yang or immortal master. As human beings enter the era of science and technology, the theory of ghosts and gods is defined as superstition by science. In the world of science, there are no gods and ghosts.

However, with the rapid development of science and technology, scientists’ cognition of human brain is constantly improving, especially the discovery of consciousness. At this time, some scientists have new doubts about the legends about ghosts in ancient times. I believe that now we will find such a phenomenon: in the past, when talking about ghosts, people would call them superstition, and they would be unanimously criticized by the scientific community. But now when we talk about ghosts, the voice of scientists’ criticism is much lower.

The reason for this huge change is that ghosts have new changes in scientists’ cognition. Many scientists speculate that the legendary ghosts may be real, but they are not like the legendary ones. Scientists believe that human consciousness may be the so-called ghost, and since modern times, some scientists have begun to study the soul and ghost.


So someone raised such a question: if the existence of “ghost” is proved one day in the future, will people panic? From ancient times to the present, people speak of God as a kind of reverence and will not feel afraid. But when it comes to ghosts, people’s common reaction is fear, because in people’s cognition, ghosts can harm people, and they come out at night, which adds to the atmosphere of terror.

I believe many people have seen some ghost novels or movies. When you watch them, you will be afraid of the ghost scenes. Especially in the dead of night, when you watch these ghost movies, you may be too scared to turn off the lights and go to sleep all night. Xiaobian loved watching these ghost movies when he was a child. After watching them, he always felt that there was something around him. He was so scared that he couldn’t sleep well for several nights.

I believe many people are the same about the fear of ghosts. When scientists prove the existence of ghosts one day, will we be afraid? Some people may have said that in the past, people were afraid of ghosts when they were just legends. Once it was confirmed that ghosts really existed, wouldn’t they be even more afraid? In fact, this kind of cognition is wrong.


Once future scientists really prove the existence of ghosts, we will not be afraid. The things that people are afraid of are often unknown. For example, people in ancient times were afraid of thunder and lightning because they didn’t understand it. They thought it was God’s punishment and God’s anger. But now with science, we all know that lightning is just a phenomenon of nature and how it happens. At this time, we have no fear of lightning.

There are many mysterious areas on the earth, such as the Bermuda Triangle. I believe everyone who goes out to sea is afraid to go in. That’s because we can’t explain the mysterious disappearance here. Once we uncover the mystery here, will we be afraid? Of course not.

The reason why people are afraid of ghosts is that we don’t know about them. I don’t know if the ghost really exists. If it exists, what kind of existence is it? It is because we are ignorant of ghosts and don’t know what they are that we are afraid of them. But when future scientists uncover the truth of ghosts, then the mystery of ghosts will not exist, and we will not be afraid.

Of course, it’s not easy to uncover the mystery of ghosts. At least so far, scientists can’t really determine whether ghosts exist. Now we have only confirmed the existence of human consciousness, and the legend of human soul is still in the research stage. Whether it really exists is still unknown. It is also unknown whether there is a connection between consciousness, soul and the legendary ghost.


At present, there are two kinds of voices about whether ghosts exist. One is that ghosts exist, which may be the soul of modern scientific research. Some people think that this is just something people make up, it doesn’t exist at all.

Of course, the solution of any mystery requires constant research and exploration by scientists. In the past, people thought that ghosts were superstitious and nonexistent. But now some scientists have begun to study ghosts. For unknown things, scientists are interested in studying and exploring, hoping to uncover the mystery behind them.

If ghosts are real, what do scientists know about them? Some scientists believe that ghosts may be creatures in four-dimensional space. I believe many people have heard of multidimensional space theory, and this theory has been supported by more and more scientists. If the universe is multidimensional, then the world we exist in is a three-dimensional space, which is composed of length, width and height.


The four-dimensional space is composed of countless three-dimensional space and time dimension. Theoretically speaking, in the four-dimensional mode, three-dimensional is invisible, but the object in the four-dimensional space looks like a projection in three-dimensional. It is possible that creatures in different dimensions cannot be directly contacted, that is, creatures in four-dimensional space, which are difficult for us to see.

Because the four-dimensional space is more advanced than the three-dimensional space, the biological form may be completely different from the three-dimensional space, so they are invisible in the eyes of human beings and cannot be seen directly with the naked eye. In fact, low dimensional creatures can’t see high dimensional creatures, which has been preliminarily confirmed by scientists’ research on ants.

Although ants live in a three-dimensional world, few people know that ants are actually creatures with only two-dimensional senses. In the world of ants, they have no concept of height, they can only sense length and width, so ants always turn a blind eye to things above their heads. For example, we put the food in front of ants in the air just a few millimetres away. How do ants react?

At this time, ants will feel terrible: where is the food? Maybe in the eyes of human beings, these ants are so stupid. It’s clear that the food is just a few millimeters above their heads. Some ants even touch the food, but they can’t find the existence of food. It’s not the ants that are to blame, it’s because they have only two-dimensional senses.


The above is a guess made by scientists for ghosts, and another guess is that ghosts may be a kind of pure energy life in the universe. Although energy life is impossible to exist in people’s cognition, the universe is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. Especially in the world of life, any life form is possible to exist.

In human cognition, life is composed of material, and the survival of material life is inseparable from energy. For example, the human body needs energy supply to maintain function. Without energy, human beings will lose life. Even if the existence of life needs the supply of energy, why can’t pure energy life exist? Theoretically speaking, pure energy life is also possible. They are free from the bondage of the body and may be higher level life.

These are some of the scientists’ guesses about the possible existence of ghosts. Now we can’t confirm the existence of ghosts. We will still be afraid of them. This kind of fear is a kind of fear of unknown mystery, not the fear of ghosts themselves. Once we can prove the existence of ghosts in the future and know what they are, then we won’t be afraid.


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