If the extinct species can revive, would you choose to be a pet?

If we could revive the long extinct creatures on earth, which one would you choose as your pet?

Maybe they are more beloved than your pet cat and dog. If we could revive the extinct earth creatures, which one would you choose as your pet? Maybe they are more beloved than your cat or dog.

According to foreign media reports, in recent years, scientists have raised a question: which extinct animals should we domesticate?

Cats and dogs have occupied the human PET international for a long time. Once we begin to revive mammoth and great puffin, we may usher in a new pet international.

Let’s listen to what some extinction experts say. Their latest views will help us to look forward to which extinct animals may become the best companions of mankind.


“What you want is an animal that’s not too big, that’s not too risky, that’s not likely to escape from you or blow up your house.”

Thomas Richard Holz

Chief lecturer of vertebrate paleontology, University of Maryland, USA

The secret pet you expect will not be too big or too risky. It may not easily escape from you or blow up your house. If I choose, I will choose aquatic pets.

All in all, we expect it to be a funny looking animal (totally different from the typical modern PET), otherwise what’s the meaning?


We have a lot of options that can be selected from the Permian Period:


Quaternary period (2.566 million years ago): there is a large bird dodo, which is huge and can’t fly.

They have always lived in Mauritius. Strictly speaking, they are not prehistoric animals (because they disappeared only in the 17th century). Their extinction process is very sad. It is caused by the massive hunting and killing of human beings. We can imagine who doesn’t like a 1-meter-high “Pigeon” that can’t fly?



Neogene Period (23-256.6 million years ago): nuralagus, a large rabbit weighing 23 kg.

Paleogene period (66-23 million years ago): oreodont miniochoerus is a kind of odonton, like a long tailed sheep close to the size of a small dog. They are close relatives of camels in North America. They are smaller than other odontons and have very small canine teeth.

Cretaceous period (145-66 million years ago): medosaurus is a small wound tooth dinosaur. They are the smallest “beast” among theropods. It may be omnivorous because they are so small that they will not threaten you or your other pets.

We know that gnathodonts like to curl up when they sleep. It’s very small. You can put it on your knee to sleep. It’s very lovely. Like other Velociraptors, Meilong’s body was covered with fur.

Jurassic period (252-200 million years ago): Thrinaxodon, the first mammal species, is probably omnivorous, similar in size to a dog.


But they have a bad habit: they like to dig holes, so they can damage your lawn.

Permian period (299-252 million years ago): Suminia, another mammal ancestor, is one of the oldest known vertebrates, so it will appear in your textbook.

Obviously, we can choose pets from extinct species. There are many choices, but I think that generally, smaller size is the best choice, especially the animals that can be picked up from the ground.

Anne Weil

Associate professor of anatomy and cell biology, Center for Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University, USA. he focuses on the evolution, phylogeny and biogeography of premolar mammals.


In my favorite fantasy novel, there is a kind of pet, which is albino sloth. It is a giant sloth from South America, with a height of 6 meters. But in the novel, it is the Queen’s pet.

As a general cloth clothing, I don’t have enough money to breed a earth lazy which weighs several tons, or other large creatures.

Together, if there is no luxury house, such a huge pet can not be fed, and it is difficult to clean. Although I expected to see mammoths walking on the plains and seeing hordes of theropods hunting, I still thought that these large animals would be farmed outdoors.

The pet I want is a cute, charming, gentle little guy. In order to show my respect for my pet, a big rabbit, I think of nuralagus, a giant rabbit on minoka island 5 million years ago. They weighed 23 kg.

They lived about 5 million years ago. Maybe they only ate green vegetables every day, but they are different from modern rabbits. They can’t beat, maybe they don’t have long ears, so they won’t be as lovely as modern rabbits, but they are gentle animals.


Anyone who has seen the platypus or the mole knows that the Mesozoic mammals are the most beloved mammals, so if we can choose any ancient extinct mammals as pets, we will definitely choose the Kim’s tree thief.

About 160 million years ago, the Kim’s tree robber crawled on the branches of trees in China today. They like to eat insects and some seeds. They weigh about 0.34 kg, have long fingers and toes, and have a sliding membrane like a flying rat.

However, it is not a rodent. It belongs to a mammal group with no living offspring.

If we can revive them, we can breed many of them at home to ensure that they are not alone. I will make a nest like bookshelf in the position of skyflower trellis, so that they can jump from the top of one bookshelf to the top of another. Their curly tail can also be suspended on the shower curtain rod, which makes us feel very interesting. Of course, it’s like keeping squirrels indoors. We need to endure some damage.

They can bite our daily necessities, and it’s hard to practice their use of dustbins. If we eat pine nuts, there are pine nuts falling on the ground, these little guys will quickly pick up and chew. I believe that when I write, they will curl up on my arm, which is very funny.


If we get along with them very well, we can also find out how they reproduce. So far, scientists do not know whether they lay eggs like platypus or live larvae like marsupials.

Jaelyn J. Eberleļ¼‰

Curator of fossil vertebrates and professor of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, USA

Is a little hedgehog big and small with thumb beloved? In 2014, a new species of hedgehog was discovered in Northern British Columbia, Canada. They are called “erinaceid”, which is a distant relative of Tapir.

It has a history of about 52 million years ago. It probably first appeared in the early Eocene and survived until the 5th century BC. Its primary habitat is tropical rain forest.


Why is this kind of hedgehog a good pet? First of all, it’s very small and doesn’t need much living space resources. It may be an insect eater. I can bear any animal that eats insects. Who doesn’t like hedgehogs? They are a very beloved animal, and unlike Tyrannosaurus Rex and saber toothed tiger, hedgehogs will not eat you when they grow up.

Mike Gottfried

Associate professor of earth and Environmental Sciences, Michigan State University, U.S.A

One is the 50 million year old “dawn horse” Archaeopteryx, which is similar to the modern Labrador dog in size and has three toes instead of one hoof. This is a kind of three toed pony that can live indoors. It sounds like a very good pet.

Another selection is some small, fluffy theropod dinosaurs. They may be a kind of carnivore, whose size is close to chicken. Of course, they are the first species of birds, so they can become human pets.


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