If the human body shrinks to one tenth of its original size, can it still dominate the earth?

The earth has a long life evolution history of billions of years, and in different periods, the dominant species of the earth are constantly changing. In the Carboniferous period 300 million years ago, insects dominated the earth’s land, which was called the age of giant insects. Insects are extremely large, now small dragonflies, when the wingspan can reach 3 meters.

After the end of the insect age, the earth ushered in a more brilliant era of dinosaurs, when the ground running, swimming in the water, flying in the sky, are basically dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are not only numerous, but also spread all over the world, dominating the earth for 160 million years. If it wasn’t 65 million years ago that an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers hit the earth, causing ecological upheaval and leading to the extinction of dinosaurs, then it might not be the age of mammals. It is possible and impossible for human beings to be the overlord of the earth.

After the end of the dinosaur era, mammals began to flourish. After a long period of evolution, some apes in mammals embarked on the road of intelligent evolution. They are the ancestors of human beings. 2.4 million years ago, human beings were finally born. After the birth of human beings, after more than 2 million years of evolution, they became Homo sapiens.


Homo sapiens are the ancestors of modern human beings. They went out of Africa 70000 years ago and began to spread to all parts of the world to establish civilization. And entered the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago, opened the scientific and technological civilization. When human civilization came into being, it was the time when human beings became masters of the earth. In a sense, human beings belong to animals, and they are also large animals.

In the animal world, although human’s physical strength is not the most powerful, it also belongs to the middle and upper reaches. In addition to animals like tigers, lions, elephants and so on, other small and medium-sized animals can’t compare with human in strength. Of course, human beings do not dominate the world by strength, but by wisdom.

A friend once raised such an interesting topic: if the human body size is reduced to one tenth of its original size, can it still maintain its hegemony? When people’s body size is reduced to one tenth of the original size, there are both advantages and disadvantages. From the perspective of sustainable development, the smaller the human body size, the more advantages it has.

If the adult’s height is 1.7 meters, the weight is 60 kg, when the body size is reduced ten times, then the height becomes 17 cm, the weight is about 6 kg. Human beings have changed from large animals to small animals only the size of mice. The direct benefit of this is that it can solve the problem of rapid depletion of resources.


When people are smaller, the vehicles we use to go out will be smaller, and the daily necessities will be smaller. At this time, all kinds of resources will be greatly reduced. If the original resources can be used for 100 years, then after 10 years of reduction, these resources will be used for 10 times longer, that is 1000 years.

We should know that for the development of science and technology of human civilization, resources are the most important. The longer resources can be used, the greater the potential for the development of human civilization and the more likely it is to move forward to a higher civilization. At the same time, when the human body shrinks by 90%, the amount of food needed will be greatly reduced, and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted will also be greatly reduced, and the ecology of the earth will be greatly improved.

From the perspective of the development of science and technology of human beings and the sustainable development of human civilization, our size will be reduced to one tenth of the original size, which will bring a lot of benefits. In this way, human civilization can go further and become a powerful interstellar civilization. Of course, after the size is reduced by 10 times, there will be both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that our survival in the wild will face more challenges.


We should know that the earth is a life world rich in species. In addition to human beings, there are millions of species. Now, in human form, we are large creatures. But if the body size is reduced by ten times, with an average height of 17 cm, then we can only be regarded as mice in nature.

At that time, there would be very, very few animals that humans could defeat by relying on their strength. Even mice could not defeat by relying on their physical strength. For animals like cats and dogs, we were not competitors at all. So at that time, small animals such as kittens and birds could become predators of human beings. It’s very dangerous to go outside, especially in the wild. It’s not easy for human beings to survive.

So if such a thing really happens, can human beings still keep the dominant position of the earth? The answer is yes. We should know that human beings do not dominate the earth by physical strength, but by wisdom. Wisdom makes us become a scientific and technological civilization, with powerful scientific and technological equipment. Relying on these powerful scientific and technological products, we can easily eliminate even creatures hundreds or thousands of times larger than human beings.

Here, some friends may say that human beings can become intelligent creatures because we have a relatively large brain capacity. If the body size is reduced by 10 times, then the brain capacity is also reduced by 10 times. At that time, are we still intelligent life? In fact, many people have a misunderstanding about why human beings are intelligent life. It is not true that the larger the brain capacity, the more intelligent it will become.


In the biological world of the earth, the brain capacity of human beings is not the largest. There are many animals with larger brain capacity than human beings. But they are not intelligent creatures. The real determinant of intelligent creatures is the ratio of brain volume to body. The ratio of human brain to body is about 2-2.3%. This ratio is far less than that of other animals. The ratio is the key to human becoming intelligent life, not the size of the brain.

Even if the human body size is reduced by 10 times, the ratio of brain to body will not change, so we are still intelligent life, and we will be the overlord of the earth. There is no fixed value for the size of intelligent life. Although we have not found any alien intelligent life yet, we can also imagine that the height and weight of alien intelligent life may be far behind that of human beings.

For example, some intelligent extraterrestrial creatures may be small in the eyes of human beings, and their aircraft may be only the size of human children’s toys. Some intelligent extraterrestrial creatures may be as tall as tens of meters, which is a giant in our view. Their aircraft will also be very large, so the bigger the alien civilization, the better?


For an intelligent civilization, the smaller the body is, the easier it is to become a powerful advanced civilization. The reason, as we have said before, is that the less resources consumed in the early stage of development, the longer the time for sustainable development. When a civilization becomes a high-level civilization, we dare not provoke even extraterrestrial life, which seems very small to us.

We need to know that the strength of scientific and technological weapons does not depend on the size of the head or the size of the nuclear bomb, but it can easily destroy a city. One gram of antimatter is so small that it can produce terrible power. It is possible that a small antimatter weapon can easily blow up a planet. It can be seen that if the size of human body is really reduced by ten times, it will be great news for us to enter the era of science and technology.

Unfortunately, it’s just something we dream of. It’s impossible for the human body to change so much. This is the rule made by the natural law of the earth, and it is also the rule formed on the evolutionary road of life on the earth. It is impossible to make great changes easily.

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