If the human Y chromosome disappears after 5 million years, where will men go in the future?

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4.6 billion years ago, the earth was born in a solar system on the edge of the Milky way. At that time, no one would have thought that the earth could evolve into a very rare life planet in the universe. Later, it evolved into a rarer intelligent civilization planet. Life can be said to be the most magical and complex thing since the big bang. To solve the mystery of life, or to solve the ultimate mystery of the universe.

Life grows and changes through continuous evolution. It is just after a long period of evolution that human beings emerge. Therefore, human beings can be called advanced life, a form of life evolution to advanced stage. Of course, there is no end to the road of life evolution, and human beings are not the most advanced life in the universe, and will continue to evolve in the future.


However, the evolution given by nature does not have a fixed direction choice, but is based on the changes of nature. Therefore, the evolution of life in nature is full of too much unknowns and uncertainties. It is difficult for scientists to give a definite answer to what human beings will evolve into in the future.

To solve the mystery of human future evolution, we need to have a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the DNA that makes up life. I believe many friends know the terms chromosome, DNA and so on. They are actually the most important parts of the human body, especially the chromosome, which is the genetic material polymer in the cell, composed of protein and DNA.

DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is one of the four biological macromolecules in biological cells. DNA carries the necessary genetic information for the synthesis of RNA and protein. It is an essential biological macromolecule for the development and normal operation of organisms.


From this information, we can see that it is the chromosomes that determine the direction of human evolution in the future and what human beings will look like in the future. Human somatic cells have a total of 23 pairs of chromosomes, the first to the 22nd pairs are both male and female, known as “autosomal”, and the 23rd pair determines the human sex, which is called “sex chromosome”, in which the male sex chromosome contains an X chromosome and a Y chromosome, and the female sex chromosome is composed of two X chromosomes.

Whether the offspring of human beings are male or female is not determined by the female, but by the male. When the male X chromosome is combined with the female X chromosome, the offspring is the female star. When a male’s Y chromosome is paired with a female’s X chromosome, the child born is naturally a male. Therefore, male friends, if your children are all female babies, you should never blame your wife. You can only blame yourself.

Chromosome is a very important material of human body, which determines the future and evolution of human beings. Chromosomes carry a lot of genes. Through continuous research, scientists found that 16 million years ago, the Y chromosome of human ancestors carried more than 1500 genes, while the Y chromosome of human had less than 50 effective genes, and its length was only one third of the X chromosome.


Maybe someone will say, what does this mean? In fact, the answer is very obvious. Through this research, scientists actually want to tell us that men’s Y chromosome is constantly shortening. If one day, it will shorten to completely disappear, what will happen to men in the future? Will men disappear in the future? Without men, how can human civilization continue?

Professor Jennifer Graf from the University of La Trobe, Australia, once pointed out at the international genomics conference that, on average, every 1 million years, the human Y chromosome will be reduced by 10 genes. At this rate, the human Y chromosome will disappear completely in less than 5 million years.

Without the Y chromosome, will men still exist? If so, is it a normal male? Many people may worry that after the complete disappearance of the human Y chromosome, men may disappear, or evolve into another kind of feminized men. So why does the Y chromosome keep getting shorter with human evolution?


Only when we uncover the mystery of Y chromosome shortening can we save men in the future. Through research, scientists have found that no matter X chromosome or Y chromosome, in fact, they have been undergoing recombination changes in the process of human evolution. This is a sort of gene change, in the long process of human evolution, the internal chromosome will continue to recombine.

In the process of recombination, a segment of the chromosome breaks and then rotates 180 degrees before rejoining. This process is called “chromosome inversion” by scientists. In the process of rewiring, the chromosome will be lost and damaged. Theoretically speaking, the X chromosome will also be shorter. But the real situation is that only the Y chromosome is getting shorter, and the length of the X chromosome has not changed significantly. Why is this so?

In fact, the main reason is that the X chromosome is twins. Women have two X chromosomes. After the “chromosome inversion” damage occurs inside the chromosome, the X chromosome can be repaired to a great extent through the characteristics of twins, so the X chromosome will not lose many genes. But the Y chromosome is an only child, it has no twin brother or brother. Therefore, after the occurrence of “chromosome inversion”, there is no sibling to repair it, and it can only keep getting shorter.


After the occurrence of chromosome inversion, the gene positions on the Y chromosome will be rearranged, which easily makes them tangled or even useless. Therefore, these inverted segments are often deleted, and over time, there are fewer and fewer genes on the Y chromosome.

According to this evolution, will the Y chromosome disappear completely after 5 million years? Some scientists believe that the evolution of life is a very complex and mysterious process. Although the Y chromosome is getting shorter, it will stop when it gets shorter to a certain extent. Moreover, the Y chromosome itself has a certain function of gene mutation in the process of breaking and recombination. Therefore, there is a great probability that the number of genes on the human Y chromosome will not decrease all the time. It is likely that there will be a limit.

Of course, even after millions of years, the human Y chromosome will not disappear completely, but because it has become very short, it will still have a great impact on men. This effect is not reflected in the function of bearing offspring, but mainly reflected in the appearance. Because the Y chromosome becomes very short and the X chromosome becomes the mainstream, men will show more feminization at this time. For example, they may no longer grow beards and their pores will become as delicate as women.


In short, many of the external characteristics of modern men may disappear in the future and become new men. This kind of male has a name in modern times, that is, Niang Pao, which is becoming more and more feminine and losing masculinity. Of course, this kind of change is the result of the shortening of the Y-chromosome under the normal evolution of nature.

But what if human technology is involved in human evolution in the future? We all know that mankind has entered the era of science and technology, and the power of science and technology is endless. With the rapid development of human science and technology, it may not be difficult to grasp the mystery of life and gene evolution in the future. If we have powerful genetic technology, we will probably intervene in human evolution through this technology.

Under normal circumstances, human Y staining will continue to become shorter in the future, which is the result of gene evolution and recombination. However, if we make this evolutionary recombination move in a better direction through genetic technology and remove the bad aspects, the male Y chromosome may stop getting shorter, and even grow as long as the X chromosome in the future.


This shows that the development of science and technology can change many things in the future. In the future, human evolution may not follow nature’s will. The reason is very simple. The genetic evolution guided by nature is carried out under the ecological environment of the earth. And the future of mankind is bound to go to the starry sky, to explore the universe forward, then the human body needs to be able to adapt to the environment of the universe.

Natural evolution can’t make human body adapt to the environment of the universe, so we can only adapt to the environment of the universe and other planets through unnatural evolution and genetic transformation. Only in this way can human beings realize interstellar navigation and spread their feet all over the universe.

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