If the little ice age comes again, the number of human beings will decrease sharply, so we need to make preparations in advance

The global climate has attracted the attention of various countries. Climatologists have reminded the whole mankind to pay attention to climate change more than once. In 2016, the United Nations launched the Paris climate agreement, which is a landmark climate law text after the Kyoto Protocol, requiring all parties to strictly abide by the agreement. The signing of the Paris climate agreement represents that the world will pay attention to climate change, and a major situation of global climate governance will be formed after 2020. So why does climate change make people pay so much attention and people worry so much?


At present, we often talk about climate warming, global warming and other conditions, which have made our ears hear the cocoon. But because of this, people gradually get used to the situation of global warming, as if the glaciers are melting and the water level is rising. What most people don’t know is that when glaciers melt, they will absorb a lot of global temperature, and the earth will cool down sharply rather than warm up. The little ice age is coming. After global cooling, most of the northern and southern hemispheres will be covered with ice and snow, and human beings will be in the state of winter for a long time.

When the earth is in the little ice age, due to the global cooling and the reduction of land area, the vegetation will no longer be suitable for survival, and the food for human survival will not be planted due to the unsuitable climate. Food shortage, soaring prices, when the world will be a famine, most people in the human race because there is no food and starve to death. Of course, some people will think that human technology has been so developed, can’t we develop plants suitable for cold weather? Can’t we store a lot of grain in advance? Isn’t there a greenhouse vegetable, a greenhouse plant? Don’t humans also have heating and air conditioning?


In the face of these problems, scientists also pointed out that the energy needed for all human activities, in fact, in addition to the non renewable resources extracted from nature, such as coal, natural gas, oil and so on, the most important is the energy of the sun, and the more important is the activity of sunspots. The relevant scientists found that the number of sunspot activity is less and less, then the release of energy is less and less, such an impact is huge, for mankind is a great disaster, which is also a major reason for the earth into the little ice age.


Of course, scientists call it the little ice age precisely because it lasts for a short time, about 80 years. Therefore, human beings generally do not have the risk of extinction, but the number of human beings will definitely decrease sharply. This is a natural selection of survival of the fittest. Whether human beings can persist in the past, or whether global species can survive, we need to predict and prepare in advance. Therefore, the climate agreement signed by mankind is very necessary, not only for the survival of mankind, but also for the ecology of the earth and all species on the earth.

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