If the multi-dimensional cosmology holds, ghosts and gods may be creatures in high-dimensional space, which is difficult to see

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I believe many friends have heard about the legends of ghosts and gods. In many people’s eyes, ghosts and gods are just a kind of high-level creature imagined by human beings in ancient times who could not explain some natural phenomena.

There are many legends about ghosts and gods all over the world. Whether in the eastern world or in the western world, there is a relatively complete system of ghosts and gods. For example, China’s myths and legends, there are heaven, hell, there are all kinds of gods and so on. Although the legends of ghosts and gods in the western world are different from those in the eastern world, they have formed a very complete system.


It’s hard to imagine that human beings in ancient times could have such great fantasy thinking? We should know that even some modern great writers can not build a complex and complete system similar to the legend of ghosts and gods.

It is because the system of ghost legends is so incredible that many people think that they may be true. After human beings have just entered the road of scientific and technological development, the theory of ghosts and gods has been regarded as superstition. Science can not explain the existence of ghosts and gods, so they are a kind of superstition.

However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, many scientists have joined the ranks of exploring the mysteries of ghosts and gods. Even great scientists like Newton and Einstein began to study and explore theology in their later years, especially when Newton was fascinated by theology in his later years.

So many scientists have begun to study and explore theology, which shows that the superstitious ghosts and gods we used to think may not be as simple as we think. Especially after scientists put forward the theory of string theory which subverts people’s cognition, the mystery of ghosts and gods may have a new explanation.


In the process of exploring the universe, some scientists put forward string theory, in which all kinds of basic particles are composed of very small linear strings. The proposal of string theory leads to another theory of the universe, that is, multi-dimensional cosmology, and Edward Witton also puts forward the concept of 11 dimensional space. He thinks that the universe has 11 dimensions, while the space of human existence and the universe are only three dimensions, and there are four-dimensional, five dimensional and other high-dimensional spaces on it.

In the movie star trek, there is a plot about multi-dimensional space, showing people another state of the universe. More importantly, if the multi-dimensional cosmology holds, ghosts and gods in the legend may be creatures in high-dimensional space,

We should know that if there are other dimensions, the three-dimensional space of human existence has human beings, so in the intelligent life, then there must be high-dimensional life in the higher four-dimensional, five dimensional and other high-dimensional space. These high-dimensional organisms, under normal circumstances, are difficult for us to perceive and see.


However, in some special cases, we may perceive high-dimensional intelligent life, or even see them. The existence of high-dimensional life body has some similarities with the ancient understanding of ghosts and gods, perhaps there are some ingenious connections between them.

If the high-dimensional intelligent life is the legendary ghosts and gods, then the legends of ghosts and gods in ancient times may not be imagined by human beings, but some traces left by higher dimensional intelligent life after human world activities.

Maybe many people will say that it is not very difficult for different dimensions of life to perceive and contact? It is true in theory, but don’t forget that there is no absolute. Moreover, the higher the latitude, the higher the life form. For example, life in four-dimensional space is higher than that in three-dimensional space, and so on.

Intelligent life in four-dimensional space may not be able to contact and communicate with us in three-dimensional space, but if it is five dimensional, six dimensional or even higher dimensional life, because their life has exceeded our cognition, it may have the ability to break the space dimension, and under the limitation of number one, have the ability to come to low dimensional space, so as to communicate with human beings There is contact.


Life in high-dimensional space comes to our world. For human beings, there is no doubt that they have the power of ghosts and gods. In the eyes of the ancients, these abilities are incredible. What they can’t do, so there are all kinds of myths and legends.

Perhaps the high-dimensional intelligent life body came to our world and deliberately created a mysterious and tall immortal image for itself, which is helpful for better activities in the human world and human worship. And spread the system of their high-dimensional world to human civilization, so there are some complete and complex myth systems. This may also be the origin of ancient myths and legends.

Due to the limitation of dimensional space, life in high-dimensional space can not stay in three-dimensional space for a long time, so finally these high-dimensional intelligent life bodies leave the human world and return to high-dimensional space. As a result, those myths and legends remain in the human world, and the high-dimensional intelligent life has never come again. It may be that the high-dimensional intelligent life needs to pay a huge price to break the space.


For high-dimensional space, three-dimensional space has nothing to pay in return. They may just come to the human world for a period of time out of curiosity.

Although the above connection between ghosts and gods and high-dimensional space is only our guess, from a scientific point of view, this possibility is not entirely impossible. There is a consensus in the scientific community that the end of science is theology.

Hawking once said that there are ghosts and gods in this world. They are the epitome of high-dimensional organisms. Our relationship with them is just like that between cells and life bodies. Due to different dimensions, we can perceive very limited information.

Hawking is a famous modern physicist, he also recognized that ghosts and gods may be connected with high-dimensional space. In addition, great scientists such as Newton and Einstein devoted their energies to the study of Theology in their later years. It can be seen that as these great scientists continue to explore the world and the universe, they may also discover some truth behind the universe.


Although human beings have stepped out of the earth and started to explore the universe, the time we really started scientific exploration is still very short, only about 200 years. It’s only more than half a century since human beings stepped out of the earth. In such a short time, our knowledge of the universe may not even be superficial. At most, it’s just the tip of the iceberg to understand the universe.

Even so, we have begun to solve the mysteries of the universe. We believe that as long as we are given more time with the continuous development of human science and technology, the mysteries of the universe will finally come to light one day.

At that time, humans may be able to master the way to break the dimensional space. We can not only enter the high-dimensional space to communicate with higher life, but also go to other low-level spaces, posing as a wave of ghosts and gods, leaving traces of human mythology in other worlds.


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