If the nine star phenomenon really appears, what incredible things will happen?

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There are always many fascinating and mysterious astronomical wonders in the vast universe. Before human beings walked out of the earth, we didn’t understand the essence of some astronomical wonders. We can only imagine them through some conjectures, so many legends appeared. For example, in ancient times, people often mentioned a kind of astronomical wonder: nine stars in a row.

Many people may have heard of the nine star continuous bead. There are descriptions of the nine star continuous bead in all kinds of written records about 6000 years of human civilization. But in ancient times, there was a lack of science and technology. At that time, people watched the stars with their naked eyes. When they saw some special arrangement of stars in the sky, they thought it was a strange phenomenon and something bad would happen.


Among the ancient astronomical phenomena, the legend of nine stars with the ball is a sign of great disaster and great turbulence. Therefore, in the eyes of the ancients, the last thing they want to see is the occurrence of nine star beads. So what is nine star beads? The explanation of modern scientists for the nine star string is that the nine planets in the solar system (including the original Pluto) are on the same side of the sun at a certain time, in a small fan-shaped angle area. When you look at it from a distance, you will find that the nine planets are in a line.

The above is the explanation of modern science to the nine star Lianzhu. Is it the same with the nine star Lianzhu recorded by the ancients? Now it’s hard to say. You know, since there were records of nine stars in ancient times, it means that the astronomy lovers at that time observed such a spectacle with their naked eyes. But we all know that of the eight planets in the solar system, only five can be seen with the naked eye when we stand on the earth, and the other three can not be seen. Pluto on the edge of the solar system is difficult to be observed by ordinary telescopes.

If so, how did people in ancient times observe the nine stars in a row? There are two possibilities. One possibility is that nine star Lianzhu never happened in ancient times. Everything is just the legend of people at that time. You should know that people in ancient times were very superstitious. Naturally, there are many legends about living out of nothing.


Another possibility is that ancient observers did observe nine stars in a row, but these nine stars are different from what scientists call them now. Five of them may be five of the eight planets in the solar system, and the other four may be other celestial bodies. Most of the stars that can be observed by the naked eye are stars. Therefore, it is possible that the nine star beads recorded by the ancients were composed of five planets and four stars in the solar system.

Of course, the above is just our guess. We don’t know what the nine star Lianzhu in ancient records is. If we want to study the nine star conjunctions, we need to analyze the eight planets proposed by modern science plus Pluto. So if the nine star phenomenon really appears, what incredible things will happen?

When people talk about the NINE-STAR string beads in modern times, they mostly appear in some sci-fi works, such as many time-space travel sci-fi novels. The protagonists often appear in the time tunnel at the moment when the NINE-STAR string beads occur, and then cross the past to reach another world or return to the past to open a brilliant life.


Then, has the phenomenon of nine star continuous beads ever appeared in the 6000 years or so since the birth of human civilization? According to the analysis and calculation of the motion law of the planets in the solar system by scientists, it is found that the nine planets have not occurred in the past 6000 years or so. Although the nine star Lianzhu astronomical phenomena have not occurred, other Lianzhu phenomena often occur.

According to the records, during the period from 3001 BC to 3000 ad, six star Lianzhu occurred 49 times, seven star Lianzhu occurred three times, eight star Lianzhu also occurred three times, and the number of Lianzhu below six star Lianzhu is very large. This data is only when the fan angle is less than 5 degrees. If the angle is expanded to 10 degrees, there will be 709 six star beads, 52 Seven Star beads and three eight star balls.

Through the analysis and research, it seems that we have not seen the shadow of the nine star Lianzhu. Is the nine star Lianzhu just a legend and can never appear? Of course not. In fact, according to the simulation and analysis of scientists, it has been basically determined that the first nine star streak in the history of human civilization will take place on December 10 after 130, that is, December 10, 2149 in the future. On that day, a rare nine star streak will appear.


Maybe a lot of people are interested in the moment of the nine star Lianzhu, will there be some incredible things? On this point, scientists believe that the nine star constellation is just a coincidence of the normal motion of planets. Although there will be some subtle changes in the gravitational force between planets at this time, the impact on the earth is very small, and naturally nothing special or even unthinkable will happen.

In fact, on May 20, 2000, there was a rare natural phenomenon called “Seven Star Lianzhu”. At that time, all the world’s astronomy enthusiasts aimed their telescopes at the space, and also saw the rare phenomenon of “Seven Star Lianzhu”. At that time, the whole world was calm and there was no special event.

It can be seen that whether it is a 7-star, 8-star or 9-star continuous bead in the future, they are just celestial phenomena. When they happen, they will not bring any special disasters or other events. What we need to do is to calm down and enjoy the first nine stars in the history of human civilization.


Of course, the nine star streak may be extremely rare in the solar system. It hasn’t appeared once in the 6000 years of human civilization. But if we look at the whole universe, the nine star streak may not be so rare. It is possible that in other galaxies, the number of planets is far more than eight. The more planets there are, the greater the probability of nine star conjunctions.

If there are dozens of planets moving around a star in a galaxy, then the phenomenon of nine star continuous beads may be just an ordinary phenomenon of continuous beads. It is possible that we will see even more strange phenomena such as ten star continuous beads and eleven star continuous beads. Therefore, only when we focus on the whole universe can we know the size and mystery of the universe. Just know that in the vast universe, everything is possible.

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