If the sea area and land area are reversed, what will be the impact on human survival?

Some time ago, when I had dinner with some friends and chatted with them, I would say that young people are really under great pressure to survive. One of the biggest pressure is the house, because now the house price is too high, high to let most people struggle for a lifetime also can’t afford a suite. If young people want to get married, I’m afraid few girls are willing to marry you without a house.

Therefore, the house is a big mountain for young people, and I don’t know when it will be removed. When several friends sat down to talk about this topic, they all felt helpless. Although the house price is too high, a large part of the reason is people’s hype. From another perspective, we can see that the main reason is that the population is too large and the land area is relatively small.

If the land area is very large and the population is very small, then the house can not be expensive. Take Australia for example, the population there is very small. The land area is the second in the world, so the house is naturally cheaper. When talking about this issue, a friend raised such an interesting topic: if the earth’s ocean area and land area are reversed, what will be the impact on human survival?


We all know that the earth is a beautiful blue planet. The reason for this is that 71% of the earth’s surface area is ocean and only 29% of its land area. If the ocean area and the land area are reversed and exchanged, the ocean will become 29% and the land 71%, will it be better for the earth’s ecology and human survival and development?

Maybe many people think that after the land area accounts for 71% of the global area, it will be a huge welfare for human beings. At that time, we will have more living space, and the house will not be as valuable as it is now. Isn’t that a huge benefit? Yes, if the area of the earth and the ocean is really reversed, the land area of each country can be expanded by 2.4 times.

Can the expansion of land area bring benefits to human beings? Maybe the real situation is not what we want. The exchange of the earth’s ocean area and land area will also have a subversive impact on the earth’s ecology. Such a drastic change will also have a great impact on the survival of human beings. What are the impacts and changes?

First, when the land area becomes 79%, the number of coastal countries will be greatly reduced, while the number of inland countries will be greatly increased. The total length of the global coastline will also become shorter. If the total amount of water in the ocean remains unchanged, the depth of the ocean will also increase after the area is greatly reduced. At present, the average depth of the sea tip is about 3795 meters, but after the ocean area is reversed, the average depth will become 9194 meters. At that time, many ocean depths will exceed the current Mariana Trench, and the deepest ocean may reach more than 20000 meters. With the increase of the depth of the ocean, it will be more difficult for human beings to explore the secrets of the ocean.


The second is the great change of the earth’s climate. As the ocean area now accounts for 71% of the global area, the earth’s atmosphere is very humid, and there is naturally a lot of water vapor in the atmosphere. In this case, there will be no less rainfall. And rainfall is very important for the whole earth ecology, it can make the earth maintain a beautiful ecological environment.

What’s more, abundant rainfall can promote the growth of plants. Only when plants are more abundant can they produce more oxygen through photosynthesis, the air of the earth will be fresh, and human beings will be able to breathe fresh air. There is enough oxygen for human beings to breathe. What’s more, human beings need food for survival, which is inseparable from crops, and the growth of agricultural crops is inseparable from rainfall.

However, if the ocean area becomes 29%, the water vapor in the earth’s atmosphere will be greatly reduced. At that time, although the land area of the earth has increased by 2.4 times, most of the inland areas will become arid and rainless desert areas. Without sufficient rainfall, plants can’t grow. At that time, a lot of land will continue to be desertified. Desertified land will make the earth more desolate, the natural environment will be very bad, and the temperature of the earth will be higher.


Finally, there is the problem of human survival. Some people may think that after the land area is expanded by 2.4 times, we will have cheaper houses to live in. But in fact, at that time, houses may be more expensive, because there will be fewer places for human beings to live. As we have said above, after the sea area is greatly reduced, the rainfall will also be greatly reduced. In addition to a small number of coastal areas, there will be very little rainfall in inland areas.

Without rain, plants can not survive, a lot of land will be desertification. Although the proportion of the earth’s land at this time has reached 71%, about 60% of it may be desert, and there will be fewer places for human beings to live.

In addition to the problem of living, human survival will also be more difficult. The reason is that due to drought and less rain, the desertification of food crops will be greatly reduced. The sharp reduction of food will make more people hungry. At that time, even if human beings had entered the era of science and technology, the biggest survival problem might be to have enough to eat.

Some people may say that after the exchange of sea area and land area, the earth and human beings will not benefit at all? Of course, it’s not. After the land area accounts for 79%, the biggest advantage is that the earth’s resources will be more and more abundant. We should know that after mankind enters the era of science and technology, the demand for resources is very large. Without the support of rich resources, science and technology can not develop rapidly, and human beings have no hope to become a more powerful interstellar civilization.


Taking the earth’s land resources as an example, it is possible that they will be exhausted after another hundred years of use. If at that time mankind has not yet become a preliminary interstellar civilization and has no ability to enter the exploitation of space resources, then the pace of human scientific and technological development will stop, and human civilization will be trapped on the earth forever, most likely the end of the whole civilization.

However, if the land area of the earth is expanded by 2.4 times, then the resources will at least double. At that time, there will be enough resources to support the development of human science and technology for another 200 years or so. As long as there is enough time, with the development of human science and technology, there will be no problem in becoming a preliminary interstellar civilization. As long as human beings become interstellar civilization, they will completely get rid of the shackles of the earth. At that time, human civilization will also usher in new development opportunities.

Once human beings have become a powerful interstellar civilization, powerful scientific and technological forces will also change all kinds of environmental and survival problems caused by too large land area. For example, at that time, we have the ability to change the climate, so that inland areas can also have sufficient rainfall, a large number of plants will also live, and the desert area will disappear.


The change of science and technology will make a lot of land from desert to oasis, the living space of human will be bigger and bigger, and the ecology of the earth will be better and better. Thus, it can be seen that the reversal of sea area and land area is not necessarily a good thing. Perhaps in the early days, human survival would be more difficult. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the future will be better and better. Different people will have different views on whether the proportion of ocean and land is better now or after exchange. What do you think?

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