If the sun disappears, how much influence will the earth have? Can human beings bear the consequences?

If the sun disappears, how much influence will the earth have? Can human beings bear the consequences?


The sun is the most precious wealth given to the earth by the universe. When you wake up in the morning and open the curtains, you can feel the caress of the sun. When the sun shines on the body, it will feel very comfortable and warm. Especially in spring and autumn, the sun is the most mild, neither cold nor hot. Many people don’t like summer. In summer, the sun is scorching, and the light and heat emitted are beyond the range of human beings. Therefore, many people prefer to stay in air-conditioned rooms rather than bask in the sun.


What is the reason why the sun is special?


Sunshine is of great significance to everyone. I don’t know if you have ever thought about a question. If the sun suddenly disappears one day in the future, what will the earth look like? The reason why the sun is special is related to its geographical position. It has a unique geographical position in the sky. The stars around it, including the earth, revolve around it. If the sun disappears, how much influence will the earth have? Can human beings bear the consequences?


It’s no exaggeration to say that if the earth makes any mistakes, the stars around it can’t escape the influence. It has been burning for such a long time, thanks to its own nuclear fusion reaction, which brings a lot of heat and makes the sun burn for 5 billion years. For such a long time, all living things on earth have felt the importance of the sun. In the nuclear fusion reaction of the sun, one of the most important elements is hydrogen. If this element is exhausted, the sun will become more and more lustrous. Therefore, the energy on the earth is limited. When the energy is consumed, it will completely become a white dwarf.


The influence of the disappearance of the sun on the earth and human beings


It is conceivable that if the sun goes out one day, the earth will be shrouded in darkness, and there will be no more daytime. We will lose all the light, and human life will be greatly affected. Without the sun’s irradiation, many diseases will be caused. The most important thing is that when the sun is away, the power system will have a devastating failure. Perhaps the earth is approaching the ice age. The sudden drop in temperature makes everyone unable to bear it. Life becomes boring. Every day, people have to worry about food and clothing. All hydropower stations will collapse, and countless creatures will be frozen to death.


After the disappearance of the sun, all plants can not carry out photosynthesis, and human beings will suffocate due to lack of oxygen, or they will be frozen into ice sculptures. The atmosphere is the protective cover of the earth. If we lose the energy emitted by the sun, the atmosphere will disappear. After the disappearance, all radiation from the universe will directly hit the earth’s surface. The consequences are unimaginable. The entire ecosystem will be destroyed, and mankind will face endless disasters.


In response to this problem, scientists also put forward a good way to deal with it. If human beings can completely master and maintain their lives through nuclear energy, they may not have to worry about the impact of the sun on the earth. It can be guessed that if there is no sun on the earth, human beings will not be far away from the sixth mass extinction, and even the earth will have the risk of destruction. What’s your opinion? You can leave a message for interaction.

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