If the sun goes out, how long can man last? This white dwarf is the last hope of human civilization

In the solar system, the sun plays the role of the boss. The planets around the sun rotate around the sun. At the same time, the sun also brings light and heat to other planets. The reason why the earth we live on can become a living planet is closely related to the sun. The earth’s ecosystem is inseparable from the sun. It can be said that without the sun, there would be no life system on the earth, and naturally there would be no human birth.


In fact, the sun is a star. The sun is constantly undergoing nuclear fusion, so it will emit light and heat. However, the hydrogen inside the sun is not inexhaustible. Nuclear fusion will stop one day, so the sun also has a lifetime, but it is still very far away from the day when the sun leaves.

Five billion years have passed since the birth of the sun. Researchers with big brain holes in the scientific community have put forward such a question: if one day the sun suddenly goes out, what will happen to human beings? What can we do to save the earth?


It only takes about eight minutes for sunlight to reach the earth. If the sun suddenly goes out, the earth will not fall into darkness immediately. But after 8 minutes, the sun will disappear completely, and the earth will be dark at this time, which is quite different from the darkness after we usually turn off the lights.


Our usual darkness, because the sun still exists, the moon and stars in the sky will absorb the sun’s light and shine on the earth, to assist the lighting of the night, so we can see a little light. When the sun goes out completely, the whole world is really dark. We can’t see anything on the road.

It’s not the most despairing thing that people can’t see. What really makes people despairing is that the temperature will drop rapidly. There is no heat energy supplied by the sun on the earth. In a short time, the earth will really become a frozen world. At that time, the loss of the earth’s carbon dioxide will make the last greenhouse gases disappear, and the earth will go straight to the zero degree world.


At this time, life on earth will gradually leave, perhaps in some deep underground or deep sea, there will still be tenacious life still exist. However, human beings are unable to adapt to the dark and cold environment and will eventually leave the earth.


Some people will propose that before human beings really lose the sun, finding the “second sun” can not save the survival of human beings? Scientists believe that this humble white dwarf will save mankind and become the last hope of mankind! What is a white dwarf?

White dwarf is a kind of star with high density, low luminosity and high temperature. Its shape looks very low flat, the volume is also relatively small, will emit white light, so scientists named it white dwarf.


It is the product of the continuous evolution of stars until the later stage. It is mainly composed of carbon and covered with a layer of hydrogen and helium. After the formation of white dwarfs, they will continue to become cold and dark, and their size will continue to shrink.


Recently, three researchers from the Federal University of Southern Rio Grande and Kiel University have made a new discovery. Scientists have detected a white dwarf that they have never seen before. According to research, this white dwarf is different from ordinary white dwarfs. Its surface is full of oxygen.

It’s amazing that there’s no extra gas except oxygen. It can be said that the surface of this white dwarf is composed of pure oxygen, which is unheard of in the history of human astronomy.


Scientists named this special white dwarf as DOX, whose prototype is considered to be a star with a dual structure, and one of them lost energy and became a red dwarf. Fortunately, this white dwarf did not become a red dwarf, but retained a lot of oxygen. So why do scientists think this white dwarf can replace the sun?


This is related to the existence time of white dwarfs. Although white dwarfs are the products of the late evolution of stars, their internal reactions are more stable than before.

And the white dwarf’s interior will also continue to produce nuclear fusion, energy. Although it will eventually become cold and smaller, it is still a very long process, and it will take at least one billion years. If human beings lose the sun, this star made of pure oxygen must be the first choice for the replacement of the sun!


However, no one knows to what extent human science and technology will develop in the future. Maybe in the future, human beings have developed into advanced civilization. Even if the sun really goes out, human beings can give up the solar system and go to other planets to survive. What do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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