If the sun “insists” on becoming a black hole, will the earth be “eaten”? What’s its fate?

It hides in the curved space-time, opens its dark mouth, devours all the matter in the universe, even the light will fall into it and cannot escape. This is the black hole that sounds frightening.


In 1915, Einstein published a series of statements of general relativity, saying that time and space are a continuum, which can be distorted by any matter with mass. As we all know, matter with mass will have gravity, so gravity is the result of space and time distortion.

Since Einstein’s general relativity predicted the existence of black holes, which paved the way for black holes to enter the field of science, scientists began to search for black holes.


In 1916, German astronomer Karl Schwarzenegger obtained a vacuum solution of Einstein’s gravitational field equation by calculation. He thought that if the actual radius of a static spherically symmetric star is less than a fixed value, an extremely strange phenomenon will occur around it, and an interface called “Horizon” will appear, which is just like a prison suddenly appeared in the universe. Once you enter the prison, you will find that there will be a strange phenomenon Prison, even light cannot escape.


This is exactly in line with the famous saying in Dante’s Divine Comedy: those who enter this gate must give up all hope!

Until Hawking put forward the singularity theory and Hawking radiation, which explained the basic theory of black holes, a breakthrough was opened from Cygnus X-1.


In 1970, the US “freedom” satellite discovered Cygnus X-1, which is different from other ray sources. On Cygnus X-1 is a huge blue planet, which is more than 30 times heavier than the sun. The star is being pulled by a mysterious object weighing about 10 suns.


At that time, scientists didn’t know what the mysterious object was, so Hawking and Kip Thorne made a bet on it. Kip Thorne thought it was a black hole, and Hawking certainly didn’t think it was.

Until the 1990s, Cygnus X-1 was recognized as a black hole, and it was the first black hole discovered in human history.


When we talk about black holes, we always have an inexplicable sense of fear. Black holes are so engulfed that all things in the universe can hardly escape from them. So, do you wonder if our sun will become a black hole? If the sun becomes a black hole, what will happen to the earth on which we live?


See this problem, you do not want to blurt out: the end of the earth!

In fact, Hawking tells us in his book the universe in the nut shell that this is not the case.


Even if the sun becomes a black hole, all the planets in the solar system will still keep the original motion around, but the central star sun becomes a black hole. What a surprise! If the sun collapses into a black hole, how can it not devour everything around it?


This is related to the development history of black holes. Black holes are evolved from super massive stars (but not all stars will evolve into black holes). Stars are primitive objects gradually formed by giant molecular clouds under the action of gravity.

At present, the sun is in the main sequence star stage, and in 5 billion years, the sun will become a red giant, and from then on, the volume will begin to expand rapidly, enough to cover the earth, and even devour the earth.


But the time of the sun staying in the red giant stage is just a flash in the pan compared with its lifetime. In a few hundred years, the red giant sun will begin to collapse and become a dense white dwarf stage. Maybe a black dwarf will be formed soon after that, which is the fate of the sun’s “lifetime”. So it’s unlikely that the sun will become a black hole.

If the sun is going to evolve into a black hole, its mass will reach about 30 times that of the present. If the sun reaches the mass condition, the habitable zone of the solar system will change, and the earth will not become a planet that can give birth to life. That will be another scene.

If we abandon all theories and insist on turning the sun into a black hole, then the earth will still exist, but all creatures on the earth will perish. Because there is no heat from the sun, the temperature of the earth may drop to more than – 200 degrees below zero. At this time, human beings and humans can no longer survive on the ground. Unless they migrate underground, maybe the heat inside the earth can allow human beings to regenerate for thousands or tens of thousands of years, but this is not a long-term plan. In the end, the earth will become a death star.

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